Planning a Colorful Kitchen? We Can Help!

Sherwood Forest ModernA colorful kitchen begins with an idea. You’re tired of the same kitchen. You want something different, but you’re worried about being too different. We believe that your home is fully capable of reflecting your unique creativity without being over-the-top. Here are a few great ideas to keep in mind while planning your colorful kitchen.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Add visual interest and contrast with two tone kitchen cabinets. This concept does a few different things while adding color to your kitchen. For example, dark upper cabinets help bring a high ceiling down so that the room doesn’t feel so tall. Darker lower cabinets allow the eye to focus on lighter upper cabinets, making the room feel larger, which works beautifully in a small kitchen.

Varying Finishes

Most paint colors display a slightly different appearance based on the finish and how well they absorb or reflect light. Here are the finishes available for most types of paint:

  • Matte or Flat: Flat finish has absolutely no shine and may help absorb light instead of reflecting it. The use of a flat or matte finish on a wall creates depth when used correctly. Flat paint is not very easy to clean, but very easy to touch up or repaint.
  • Eggshell: Eggshell finish has very little shine. It doesn’t always readily reflect light, but it won’t detract from it. Eggshell finish is not very easy to clean, but very easy to touch up or repaint.
  • Satin: Satin finish could easily be renamed to velvet finish and still be equally correct. This velvety smooth finish is perfect for most rooms in the house and is very durable. Satin finish is easier to clean and easy to touch up.
  • Semi-Gloss: Semi-gloss finish is a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, trim, and other areas that need a glossy finish. It also works well for an accent wall that needs extra shine. Semi-gloss is very easy to clean, but not very easy to touch up. A repaint is often necessary in lieu of touch ups.
  • High Gloss: High gloss is extremely shiny; think nail polish shine. The shiny finish shows every blemish on the surface it covers, so prep work is absolutely necessary. High gloss finish is very easy to clean and likely needs a repaint in lieu of touch ups.

You can create a 3D effect using the same paint color with different finishes. For example, if you were to paint an entire wall gray with a flat finish and paint decorative lines or a chevron pattern with the same gray in a high gloss finish, the lines or chevrons would appear 3D.

Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

The color options available to you are limited only by your personal tastes. Take notes and research kitchen color options and ideas before you get started. We will also help you choose the best colors to fit your kitchen ideas.

Call us at 404-378-6962 and allow us to show you why we have a 97% referral rate on our amazing remodeled kitchens. Our clients love our work as much as we love providing our kitchen remodeling services in Decatur and the surrounding areas. We often design the entire floor plan for the new kitchen based on the needs and desires expressed by the client. We are often asked to help choose colors, fixtures, trim, and other finishing touches to ensure a cohesive and unique finished kitchen.

Make a Serious Style Statement with Your Kitchen Hardware

Homeowners have a lot to think about and plan when they’re undergoing a kitchen remodel. You have to choose the types of cabinets you want, paint colors and finishes, flooring type and color, whether you will use crown molding or modify the ceiling, and the list goes on and on. One of the more difficult choices you will need to make involves the cabinet hardware. We’ve put together a few different things to keep in mind while choosing cabinet hardware for your newly remodeled kitchen.

Just Pick Something

This type of mentality is not the way you want to approach choosing kitchen cabinet hardware. We understand it can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t let that frustrated feeling push you into a just pick something attitude. You really can find the perfect knobs, pulls, and hinges if you put enough research into it.

  • Finishes: Some of the most popular finishes include nickel, chrome, bronze, and the brushed alternatives of each. You may also choose stone, crystal, and glass of all types and colors.
  • Sizes: Multiple sizes are available where hardware is concerned. The size you choose depends entirely on the appearance you want. Do you want small one-inch square or circle knobs, an eight-inch bar in a chrome finish, or a six-inch round knob that really catches the eye?
  • Shapes: You’ll quickly find that you can choose from squares, circles, bars, and everything in between. You can even customize your cabinet hardware by using a decorative silverware set or having a metalworker create something entirely unique.

Think of it as Accessorizing

You wouldn’t head to work or a meeting with your peers in shorts, a t-shirt, and a ball cap, right? You would more than likely wear your usual business attire whether it’s a suit and tie, skirt and blouse, or dressy-casual wear. You may accessorize with a great belt, cufflinks, tie clip, or jewelry to complete the look. Think of your kitchen hardware as the finishing touch; it’s the belt or earrings that complete that perfect outfit.

Call us at 404-378-6962 and allow us to show you why we have a 97% referral rate on our amazing remodeled kitchens. Our clients love our work as much as we love providing our kitchen remodeling services in Decatur and the surrounding areas. We often design the entire floor plan for the new kitchen based on the needs and desires expressed by the client. We are often asked to help choose colors, fixtures, trim, and other finishing touches to ensure a cohesive and unique finished kitchen.

Keep this Number One Secret in Mind and Continue to Love Your Dark Kitchen

Sherwood Forest ModernDark cabinets with a dark palette are very popular in today’s kitchens. Whether you purchased a home with a dark kitchen or you’re remodeling to create a dark kitchen, we have a few different ways to brighten it just enough to be amazing. So if you have your heart set on dark kitchen cabinets with dark flooring, but you’re worried about it being too dungeon-like, we have the solution for you.

Decorative Accent Colors

You can add just enough color or brightness to your dark kitchen with a single accent wall and matching decorative items. For example, a bright green, yellow, or orange are known appetite stimulants. They’re also excellent colors for an accent wall and other decorative accents. Use a wall that can be repainted easily so you can change colors and decor whenever you choose.

Reflective Surfaces

Use countertops, a backsplash, appliances, and furnishings that reflect light and color. Take the time and opportunity to design a backsplash that reflects light so you can use it to take advantage of both installed and natural lighting.

Neutral Accents

Neutral colors like shades of off-white, gray, and almond are excellent choices for the walls in an otherwise-dark kitchen. They’re also excellent for decorative accents throughout the kitchen. But the number-one secret to loving your dark kitchen is…

Perfectly Designed Lighting

Anyone can install a light fixture in the center of the ceiling and call it done. But this isn’t the type of lighting you need in your kitchen. One single light fixture will cast shadow and make the kitchen even darker, effectively creating the dungeon-like feel that you’re trying to avoid. The types of lighting you need in a dark kitchen are:

  • Down Lights: Lights that point straight down from the ceiling. Recessed lighting is perfect for down lighting. This is likely the ambient lighting that you will use for everyday use, so choose LCD bulbs that last longer and provide a more natural light than other types of bulbs.
  • Toe-Kick Lights: Lights that are installed under the lip of the base cabinets. They may resemble runway lights when all other lights in the kitchen are off. They illuminate a good portion of the floor so the primary lights don’t need to be turned on at night if you’re just making a quick trip to the fridge.
  • Under-Cabinet Task Lighting: Lights that are installed behind or underneath the upper cabinets. They illuminate the countertop and provide a good amount of light for performing routine tasks like cutting vegetables or otherwise preparing food.
  • Pendant Lighting: Pendant lighting is perfect over the kitchen island or the bar. Consider using Edison bulbs or hand blown bulbs for pendant lighting to increase the aesthetic appeal.
  • Range Lights: Everyone needs lights over the cook top, but not all range hoods have built-in lighting. Install lighting that perfectly lights the cook top area.
  • Sink Lights: Doing dishes is never fun, but it’s downright frustrating when there’s insufficient lighting. Proper lighting above the sink also helps when you’re washing fruits or vegetables in preparation of a meal.

Call us at 404-378-6962 and allow us to show you why we have a 97% referral rate on our amazing remodeled kitchens. Our clients love our work as much as we love providing our kitchen remodeling services in Decatur and the surrounding areas. We often design the entire floor plan for the new kitchen based on the needs and desires expressed by the client. We are often asked to help choose colors, fixtures, trim, and other finishing touches to ensure a cohesive and unique finished kitchen.

Tips on Where to Save and Where to Splurge on Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

The kitchen is such an important space for remodeling that it is easy to be tempted to spend big on the project. Some parts of the kitchen might very well need a major overhaul, but this is not necessary for every aspect of the space. To be clear, if you can afford it, you can justify almost any big budget change you make to the kitchen. However, you might be spending money needlessly if you target all kitchen features for an expensive makeover.

The Splurge Items

Even if you’re ready to spend big on your kitchen remodeling project, a little thoughtfulness is warranted. Your choices must be guided by the overall them, and you should strive to achieve balance in the space.

  • Countertops and backsplashes. These usually take central focus in the kitchen so it makes sense to choose the highest quality. Fortunately, you can have an attractive backsplash without spending a lot, thanks to the expanding range of material options. Quartz, granite, lava stone and marble are the priciest options.
  • This one usually some debate, because some people spend big on appliances at the expense of the cabinets and other kitchen features. Start with a plan that outlines the features you look for in your appliances. Newer, more energy-efficient products may seem costly at first, but they usually pay off in a few years. It is unwise to spend big on appliances just for the look.
  • You can save money on some cabinet features, but for the most part, you should spend extra for top quality. You should expect to pay more for adequate storage, and features like roll-out trays, and swing-out shelves.
  • Homeowners now have access to many cheaper flooring options, but they are not good for kitchens. This is typically a high traffic area, so you should be willing to spend more on the best materials.

Saving on Kitchens

While you might want a luxury look in your kitchen, some expensive changes will be unnecessary. Here are some of the areas that might be fine just as they are.

  • The lighting. If you have enough lighting in the kitchen, why spend more make changes? Even if there are new lighting fixtures on the market, this does not necessitate an update in your kitchen. If your fixtures make a good visual contribution to the space, just leave them unchanged.
  • The kitchen island. As useful as it is, a kitchen island is not vital to your kitchen. If your layout and meal preparation could benefit from having one, you can keep the design simple.
  • Kitchen hardware. Fancy pulls and knobs can be on the expensive side, but many cheaper products offer the look of luxury as well. Many attractive kitchen accessories are made from pewter or bronze, which offer beauty for less.

If you want a luxury kitchen, do not start the process by looking for the cheapest materials; start by thinking about what you want and then see which products can best meet your needs. Always go for functionality over style, especially in the kitchen. Give us a call at 404-378-6962 if you’re in the Decatur area and would like to design a luxury kitchen with our design team.

Here are the 7 Most Popular Kitchen Trends for 2017

Most people start to think about refreshing the look of their kitchens early in the year. This gives them enough time to start planning their projects and to learn about the hottest trends that can provide some inspiration. Retailers of home improvement products and home contractors are good sources of ideas for kitchen remodeling. To make it easier for you, here are some of the most popular trends for this year.

  1. Wood-look ceramic tiles. The beauty of wood is timeless, but the material and the installation can prove too costly for some. The production of ceramic tiles has become so advanced that many of these products perfectly mimic the look of wood. Now more homeowners are choosing these tiles to save money while getting the look of luxury.
  2. Stainless steel appliances. The sleek finish of stainless steel makes it ideal for kitchens, and for many homeowners it is the best option. It works well with various colors, and all it requires for maintenance is a quick wipe down.
  3. Farmhouse sinks. This underscores the utilitarian nature of the kitchen, while adding some old world charm. They have become so popular that you can now choose from a number of material options including stainless steel, copper, soapstone, slate, granite and vitreous china.
  4. Luxury countertops. Low cost options in countertops are here to stay, but there are good reasons to spend more to get a luxury countertop. The timeless nature of granite and marble make them good investments in the kitchen. Luxury countertops can increase your remodeling budget, but you can keep them in place for many years without worrying that new trends will leave them behind.
  5. Creative storage. This adds to the innovative look of the kitchen, and it gets rids of clutter while making meal preparation easier. Many people are now opting for mini pantries, but storage can also be tucked underneath countertops and in kitchen islands.
  6. Pendant lighting. This is great for drawing attention to particular spots in the kitchen. Antique pendant lighting fixtures are especially attractive, and they will work with different types of kitchen decor.
  7. Darker floors. This is the perfect way to find balance with walls and cabinets that have a light tone. You can choose tiles with darker, earthy tones, but if you have a hardwood floor, try a dark stain.

The kitchen is one of the most valuable spaces in the home, which is why it tends to deliver on investment. Watching the trends can keep your remodeling project on the right creative track, and help you to fine tune your budget. Give us a call at 404-378-6962 if you plan to implement any of these amazing 2017 kitchen trends and would like help with the design, choosing the best materials, or if you’re still looking for the ideal contractor for your project.

Create an Amazing Timeless Kitchen with These Tips

Kitchens are subject to changing trends just like other aspects of the home, and this can pose a difficulty for some homeowners. While you may want a beautiful kitchen, you might not be able to keep up with the hottest designs and products. Some colors, fixtures, and styles are always described as timeless, and your kitchen might benefit from trying out a few of them.


  1. Neutral colors. Finding the right color is one of the most challenging aspects of kitchen decoration. Changing color trends makes things a little more difficult, as some people are not sure when to update. For a timeless look, you can’t go wrong with neutral colors such as light green, grays and off-whites.
  2. Shaker cabinets. A classic touch is always a good idea since it means that you will not feel like you are forced to make changes. Shaker cabinets fulfill that desire for classic status while imparting a look of style and good taste.
  3. Glass doors on cabinets. This is a style that many people have been moving away from, but this does not mean that it is outdated. Glass doors create depth and the illusion of a larger space, plus it makes everything easy to find. If your cabinets already have glass doors, do not be in a rush to make a change.
  4. Get a marble countertop. Marble is highly durable, which makes it cost effective even though it is on the pricey side. If you make every effort to keep it clean, it will continue to add beauty to your kitchen for many years. Marble countertops can stain, so it requires some maintenance.
  5. Keep the farmhouse sink. This is another fixture that is being needlessly replaced even when it is still in good condition. For many, the old world look of the farmhouse sink is a big part of its appeal.
  6. Consider beadboard. This adds attractive detail to the space in an inexpensive way. A good reason for the popularity of this material is that it is easy to install. It can be purchased in sheets that still have the look of vertical planks.
  7. Retro appliances. These aren’t for every kitchen, but they can add a lot of vintage charm and beauty to the space. This does not mean that you will fill your kitchen with old appliances in need of constant maintenance. The trend is hot enough for some companies to manufacture reproductions of old appliances, so you get the old look with modern performance standards.


If your kitchen has one or more of these features, a major remodel might not be necessary. Utilize a few ideas to have a kitchen that you can be happy with for years despite evolving trends. Give us a call at 404-378-6962 if you’re in the market to remodel your kitchen and give it the timeless beauty you’ve always wanted.

Creative Kitchen Backsplash Designs that Make a Statement

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in many homes. We socialize there, create meals for our family and guests, and often enjoy meals there. Though a great kitchen design begins with necessities, creating a space that captures your unique design style is possible. Here are some ideas for creating a creative kitchen backsplash that adds interest and personality.

Using glass as a backsplash in a contemporary kitchen design adds interest and creates a modern feel. Sheets of custom cut ultra-clear glass allow for almost endless possibilities. Custom wallpaper with your favorite recipes, labels from your favorite foods, or nearly anything else can create the perfect backdrop for your backsplash.

Using non-traditional materials is another great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen. If you’re looking for something shimmery, tiling the wall with pennies covered in a layer of epoxy can create a fun visual with a reclaimed vibe.

Perhaps your personality is a little bit more colorful – why not create a one of a kind whimsical backsplash with buttons? Cute, colorful, unique buttons can be found in bulk at garage sales, craft stores, and thrift stores, and attached to the wall with double-sided adhesive. Once in place, they can be grouted just like normal tile for a uniform surface that’s easier to wipe down.

For wine lovers, what better way to customize your kitchen than with a statement backsplash constructed with corks? You can use corks saved from your favorite bottles or favorite wineries to create a unique backsplash your friends are sure to admire.

Even if traditional materials are more your speed, there are lots of ways to create a beautiful, unique design using them. In a contemporary kitchen, one way to add dramatic interest is with texture. For a kitchen backsplash with a wow factor, woven copper can be beautiful and create conversation. Using strips of copper in a basket weave pattern will add shine, kept beautiful with a sealant to prevent patina from developing.

Using tile to create a custom patterned backsplash can be a great way to customize a kitchen. A simple geometric pattern like stripes, diamonds, or chevrons can add interest and with different widths and colors of tile, the options are limitless.

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7 Tips for Remodeling Your Home to Create Spaces You Love

When a person buys a home, it is usually not their dream home and they most likely only love one or two things about the entire house. To be honest, no one ever buys a house and can honestly say that they love every space unless they design it themselves and have it custom built. Usually homeowners move into a new home and then they begin to remodel certain spaces, so that the space turns into a room that they truly love.

Morningside Kitchen Remodel

Here are 7 remodeling tips that homeowners can use to create spaces that they love:

Sometimes certain rooms only need a new coat of paint and new flooring to suddenly look beautiful and this is an easy remodel for any homeowner.

  1. Replacing outdated light fixtures is a good way to change the style of any room.
  2. Kitchens can be completely gutted and redesigned so the new layout is more functional for the homeowner. New cabinets, countertops, appliances and fixtures are another way for homeowners to have the kitchen of their dreams.
  3. There is no reason why a laundry room has to be a dark and dingy place. Adding custom cabinets and counters for storing laundry products and sorting and folding is a wonderful way to spruce up this room and make laundry day exciting.
  4. Updating a fireplace can change the look of a room. Most of the times the fireplace blends in with the rest of the décor, so a few updates can turn it into the main focal point of the room.
  5. Removing built in cabinets from rooms can make the space look and feel larger. This will add usable square footage to any home.
  6. Redoing a bathroom is a lot of work, but the end result is amazing. Updating tile, flooring and fixtures can turn any bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

Every homeowner should be able to create the house of their dreams with the help of their local contractor. Qualified contractors should have the experience necessary to come up with options to completely remodel a house and turn it into a fully functional and beautiful space.

Renewal Design-Build is dedicated to helping homeowners remodel various parts of their home. We specialize in kitchen,bathroom and interior design to add style, flow and functionality to each area. Give us a call at 404-378-6962 if you would like to discuss your next remodeling project with us. You may also use our Contact Us link at the top of the website.

Druid Hills - Classic Transitional Kitchen

Kitchen Storage Ideas that will Make You Reconsider Your Existing Kitchen Layout

Druid Hills - Classic Transitional Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most-used rooms and a hub for family activity. From breakfast time to family dinners, the kitchen sees use daily and often becomes a gathering space for residents and guests alike. These are just a few of the reasons that the kitchen needs custom storage to help you keep the room as neat and tidy as possible. Here are 8 kitchen storage ideas to consider.

  • Group Objects by Purpose – Organizing your kitchen by category can be a big time-saver. Designate specific areas for baking supplies, everyday use, and items for guest or party use creates a flow and sensibility in your space.
  • Store Items by Frequency of Use – Keep the most used items readily available and close to the area where they’re used. Dishes that are used for breakfast every morning should be easily accessible, while serving platters and gravy boats can be stored in high or out of the way cabinets.
  • Use Your Wall Space – Consider using the empty wall space in your kitchen for wall pegs. Larger pegs can hold aprons and small pegs can hold kitchen cloths, potholders, and towels.
  • Create a Cooking Zone – Use the space directly adjacent to the stove to store cooking items for easy access. Pots and pans are often stored in cabinets, but can also often be stored in drawers.
  • Divide Drawers and Cabinets – Customize your drawers and cabinets to maximize their function sometimes requires the use of dividers or wire racks. Use silverware dividers or office supply organizers to organize the insides of larger drawers and keep things tidy.
Cottage Kitchen – Personal Touches
  • Utilize Cabinet Undersides – The undersides of higher cabinets are often unused. With small kitchens in particular, using every available inch will maximize the room’s functionality. Consider mounted lighting, cookbook holders, or paper towel and dish rag hooks.
  • Create a Closet Pantry – Many kitchens have built in pantry space, but especially in smaller or older homes, this storage space may be missing. Why not use a nearby closet to store less-used bakery items and dry goods? If it’s not something you’re using every day, chances are you won’t miss having it in the kitchen.
  • Organize Shelves and Counters – Lazy Susans and installable racks and drawers are great ways to use every inch of space while keeping kitchen items easily accessible.

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5 Reasons You Should Splurge on Custom Kitchen Cabinetry and High End Hardware

If you’re remodeling your house or your kitchen, choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make. The kitchen cabinets are the largest and most visible part of your kitchen; they will determine the look and the feel, and add to or take away from the functionality of the entire room. Kitchen cabinetry isn’t something you change every day so your choices will stick with you for quite a while.  In this post, we will try to reassure you that investing a few extra bucks on custom kitchen cabinetry and high-end hardware will be worth it in the long run.

Poncey-Highland Traditional

  1. Think Long Term – The thing you need to keep in mind is that the decisions you make now are the decisions you will have to live with for quite a while. If you go for an option you’re not very excited about just to save a few dollars, you might regret this choice further on. And your kitchen is the place you’ll be seeing every day.
  2. Consider the Details – The great thing about custom cabinetry is that you can pay attention to all the details, including the materials, dimensions, colors, functionality, number of doors, the handle styles, etc. This is the true customization every kitchen enthusiast dreams of.
    Ansley Park Transitional
  3. Aim for Higher Quality – Another benefit of investing into remodeling your kitchen is that you’ll have the possibility to consider quality and unique hardware choices. Sometimes the little details make the world of difference.
  4. Value Over Time – The next thing to consider is the value you’ll be getting for your money, or cost vs. durability. If you choose the right materials and all the right features, you’ll be getting a beautiful kitchen that won’t be compromised for a long time. If you get lower quality hardware, it might get damaged by the moisture and steam in the kitchen, or you might damage it with a sharp or heavy object.
  5. Not Your Standard Kitchen Cabinets – If you need dimensions that are different from standard cabinet dimensions, including the length or the height, getting custom cabinets is the best and the most economic option. Getting regular sized cabinetry and then adapting it to your specific needs can get a lot more costly, time-consuming, and bottom line – ugly.

Custom kitchen cabinetry is one of the best ways to truly customize the overall design of your new kitchen. Take your time and create cabinets that you are sure you will love for many years to come. Give us a call at 404-378-6962 if you would like to discuss custom kitchen cabinets or potential designs for your new kitchen. We will schedule an appointment for a consultation to go into detail about your kitchen remodeling project.