Consider these Amazing Bathroom Ideas to Create a Stunning Visual Appeal

For many homeowners, the master bath is where every day begins and ends. It’s not just a utilitarian space, it’s a sanctuary in which to relax and unwind. Whether you’re planning the master suite in a new home construction or remodeling your current en-suite, here are some amazing ideas for creating a stunning space you’ll enjoy.

Integrated Vanity Lighting

Mirrors with integrated adjustable LED lighting are a great addition to any bathroom. Adjustable light means saying goodbye to harsh shadows and unflattering angles, creating a perfect space to prepare yourself for the world.

Open Showers

Creating a glass enclosed shower is a great way to open up a bathroom space that’s smaller than you’d hope. Adding a luxury shower head creates a stylish and comfortable space and an open feel in your master bath.

Double Sinks

Luxury and satisfaction can come in the form of side-by-side sinks. There’s something comforting about having your own space. Not only that, but it allows for the bathroom to be used by more people at once, making prep time that much easier.

Heated Towel Rack

What could be more luxurious than stepping out of the shower on a cold day to a warm, cozy towel? Heated towel racks keep towels warm, as well as helping them dry and stay fresh after your bath or shower. Having them wall mounted saves space and creates an upscale vibe.

Walk-in Closet

At first thought, having a walk-in closet in your bathroom may seem unusual. However, having a walk-in that connects your master bedroom and bathroom can be ideal, creating a seamless morning experience.

Deep Soaking Tub

The shower is great for everyday use, but sometimes you need a bit more relaxation and serenity. A deep soaking bathtub is a must-have for creating a spa-like retreat right in your own home. Whether you choose a free-standing bathtub or a sunken tub, a deep model with space on the rim for candles, aromatherapy, or a glass of your favorite wine is the perfect addition.

Sauna or Steam Shower

Even in hot climates, a sauna or steam shower is a wonderful addition to your master bathroom. A sauna creates a relaxing space to detoxify and leave cares behind.

Bathroom Design and Remodeling

Master bath remodeling is one of our specialties here at Renewal Design Build. We’ve helped many Decatur area homeowners create a bathroom fit for a king. Visit us on Facebook or Twitter to see what we’re doing or if we have any specials going for kitchen or bathroom remodeling. Contact us using our contact form, or call us at 404-378-6962 to schedule an appointment for a consultation if you’re in Decatur or the surrounding areas and would like to remodel with us.

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Need More Space? Open Up the Floor Plan!


Once you’ve made the decision to remodel your home, that’s often the only thing you can think about. I’ve been known to be quite obsessive about a project from time to time whether it’s a client project or a personal home improvement project. You’ve probably Googled a thousand times and your computer automatically boots up to a Google search when you walk into the room. Okay, probably not quite that bad, but at least you know that I understand where you’re coming from!

Remodeling is so exciting because it basically transforms your existing home into something completely new. Today’s blog post is obviously going to be about remodeling your home. But I’m not only going to talk about the basics; you already know that moving things around is going to change your space. I’m going to give you a few ideas you may not know are an option.

Non-Supporting Walls

Some of the walls inside your home are actual supporting structures that help support the weight of your roof. Don’t go tearing down walls without a consultation with an architect or a licensed contractor. You don’t want to have the roof come crashing in unexpectedly. You can renovate supporting walls, but you must keep supports in place. Discuss options with your contractor.

Removing non-supporting walls really opens up a home! You can, for example, remove the non-supporting wall between two bedrooms to create a large bedroom suite. Consider building a bathroom and large walk-in closet to turn two smaller bedrooms into a large master suite.

Boxy Kitchen and Dining Room

The two rooms that should flow well together are often separate box-shaped entities. Find out if the wall separating them is a supporting wall. Remove it to open the space if it is not. You can still remove it if it is a supporting wall, but care must be taken to maintain the structural integrity of the ceiling. Again, ask a contractor or an architect to be on the safe side. Open up the area between the kitchen and adjacent rooms by removing non-supporting walls or adding very large open windows, without the glass of course, and open the area from room to room.

More Space

These last two aren’t exactly ways to open up the floor plan, but they are great ways to add more space to your home without building an addition. The attic and basement are often overlooked.

Attic: Most houses have an attic, but some are completely unused. They’re large empty areas that may be used for storage, but most don’t even have actual flooring. They’re just structural 2x4s that support the ceiling below them, and a thick layer of insulation on top. Depending on your roof pitch and the amount of existing space up there, your attic could become a wonderful new area of your home.


Basement: Unfinished basements are often thought of as extra storage. Some homeowners even use a finished basement as climate controlled storage space instead of functional living space. That’s fine if you don’t need the space. But if you’re constantly looking for ways to expand the functional living space in your home, consider the basement!

What Do You Think?

Are you considering remodeling the interior of your home? What are your current plans? I would love to hear from you! Please comment in the comments section and let us know what your future home plans are.

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Increasing the Value of Your Home with the Right Renovations

Apart from making your home look good and making you more comfortable, some renovations can also increase its value. A professional contractor can help you decide what to do to boost the value of your home. Sometimes renovations can be purely cosmetic, and will not make much difference to how much your property is worth. We’ve seen a lot of renovations over the years, and we’ve helped improve the overall value of many Atlanta area homes. Today we want to show you some ways you can increase the value of your home.

Areas that Add Bang for Your Buck

Kitchen: Upgrading your kitchen is a good idea when considering a remodeling project, even if you don’t like cooking. A well appointed kitchen is a great addition to any house. When renovating a kitchen, keep current trends in mind. Keeping it trendy will help ensure that the new kitchen will return almost the full cost of the remodeling cost if you have plans to sell the home in the near future. Ample storage and countertop space are generally prime characteristics of a great kitchen.

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Bathroom: A good looking bathroom is one of the main areas that add value to a house. Not only will remodeling the bathroom or bathrooms add value, you can up the ante by adding another bathroom. Having more than one bathroom is important, especially in houses with children. If you have a master bedroom adding an adjoining bathroom will automatically increase the home’s worth. As with kitchens, follow current trends when considering remodeling ideas.

Decks: One often over-looked feature when remodeling is the addition of a nice deck. However, a deck does more than add a cool outdoor area; it can actually make your home more valuable. Make this addition special by giving it distinctive features and a unique shape. A well-designed deck often brings a return on investment of about 74% of the original build cost.

New Windows: Not only can the right type of windows serve to modernize and make houses look so much better, they can help make rooms lighter and make them seem more spacious. Get design help from professionals as to the best types of windows for the house that you are renovating. Our designers are wonderful at helping choose the perfect windows as accent pieces or simply as a way to view the outdoors and allow natural light to enter the home.

Curb Appeal: Who doesn’t want their house to look good from the outside? Make sure to use attractive colors and that the paint never looks faded. Installing a nice gate, as well as landscaping with plants, can add significant curb appeal to your property.

So the next time you are thinking of giving your house a remodel, keep in mind that there are things you can do to increase the resale value at the same time. However, while remodeling, unless you have specific plans to sell, your main objective should be to make your house into the home you want to live in. We truly believe that there is no reason your home cannot adapt to your lifestyle, and that is what we strive to help homeowners do; create a home around the life they’ve chosen instead of searching for a home that their lifestyle fits into.

For more information about remodeling your home in Atlanta, contact us at Renewal Design-Build.

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Spice Up Your Atlanta Kitchen

Kitchen design trends got really colorful throughout 2014. Some of these trends have made headlines where others are merely a flash in the pan. How do you distinguish between something enduring vs. a fad that will be over by next year? Here are some of the current trends we are seeing in kitchen design.

Colorful Kitchen
Homeowners have really started showing off their personal tastes in the most recent remodeling projects. They are becoming bold with color choices, like a dark blue kitchen wall with bone cabinets and quartz countertops. Many appliances such as dishwashers, ranges and refrigerators are now available in bright hues.

Streamline the Room
Straight lines, muted tones, and a good combination of dark and bright accent pieces really make a kitchen shine. One of the most popular trends in kitchen design for 2014 is the addition of built-in appliances. The refrigerator is hidden behind a door that looks like a closet door and matches the rest of the room. The microwave follows suit and is no longer a stand-alone piece of countertop space hogging furniture. Some homeowners are even going for a built-in area for the coffee maker. When it comes to custom kitchen design, the sky is the limit!

Kitchen by Renewal Design-Build

New Kitchen Lighting Trends
Under-cabinet LED lighting and over-island LED lighting are very popular this year. LED lighting for the kitchen is very cost effective, and bright enough to really allow you to see what you’re doing. Food prep areas need sufficient lighting in order to prevent mistakes while cooking. And let’s face it; over cabinet and under cabinet lighting is just cool!

New Faucets
Everyone loves the convenience of the pull-out faucet, right? No need to have a faucet and sprayer as two separate entities. It saves space and makes the area look so much cleaner. This year some homeowners also included no-touch electronic faucets in their kitchen design. This seems to work better for a secondary sink where most of the food preparation takes place.

The island is a very popular workspace, and working with a variety of foods requires a lot of hand washing to prevent contamination. The knobs or handles catch a lot of germs each time you turn the water on or off. This risks the very thing you’re trying to avoid – contamination of your food. An electronic faucet prevents that altogether.

Grohe Contemporary Touch Faucet

A Place for Pets
Some homeowners block the kitchen with pet gates while others welcome their pet into every part of the home. This section speaks to the latter group of homeowners. You likely have a designated spot for pet food and water bowls. Let’s take that up a notch and think about actually creating a permanent spot in the kitchen that is out of the way and very convenient for your pets.
The end of a row of cabinets, a lower-tier drawer removal, or the end of an island make fantastic spots for pet food bowls. Modify that idea even further by adding a faucet nearby so it’s even easier and more convenient to fill the water bowl.

Built-in Pet Bowls

What Are Your Thoughts?
What would you consider a kitchen trend for 2014? What do you think about the ones we mentioned here, will they last? Would you like to see more about kitchens or would you prefer we cover other areas of the home in next month’s blog posts? Let us know your thoughts and ideas by commenting in the comments section or emailing us through the Contact Us page on the site!

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Renovate Your New Home to Look Older

Do you love the look of historic homes? Do you live in a newer home that lacks the charm and character many older homes have? Don’t worry! There are simple things you can do to transform the look of your new home that make it look more like a historic home.

Druid Hills Traditional

Renovating a new home to look older is a hot trend right now! Some of our favorite ways of transforming a new home include:

  • Aged floors: Using finishes inspired by historic homes you can transform the look of your new home. Staining or whitewashing wood floors gives them a rustic and aged feel.
  • Reclaimed materials: Strategically using reclaimed wood or bricks in your home’s design provides an aged look with a historical feel. Reclaimed bricks can be used in landscaping and pathways and reclaimed wood can serve as a wall hanging or headboard.
  • Vintage fixtures: Our design-build firm in Atlanta can help you find vintage plumbing fixtures that add character and history to your kitchen and bathrooms. There are also fixtures available that are designed for use in modern homes but look like fixtures found in homes of different historical eras.
  • Embellished trim: Many historic homes have intricate and embellished trim. Crown moldings, chair rail, and floor trim are all available in styles that can transform the look of your home. We suggest searching for photos of historical homes and comparing their trim to what is available for purchase.

If you are in need of a design-build firm in Atlanta, contact our team of experienced professionals at Renewal Design-Build today. We are proud to serve the design and construction needs of the Atlanta area and would love to discuss your project with you.

Consider Sophisticated Travertine for Your Remodel

Now that your Atlanta home renovations are coming together, it’s time to start thinking about interior finishes for flooring, walls and countertops. Depending on the extent of the remodel, new exterior finishes may need to be selected as well. Before you fall back on the old standards like ceramic tile or hardwood flooring, why not take a look at gorgeous and versatile travertine tile?

Combining rustic charm with sophisticated style, this type of tile is a fantastic selection no matter what your design preference. It has a chameleon-like quality and blends perfectly with the surrounding decor. With a wide variety of colors and patterns, travertine is a tried and true building material from bath to kitchen, foyer to fireplace. Travertine can be installed with its natural matte finish or polished to a high sheen depending on location.

Travertine is definitely a top choice for both interior and exterior flooring. It brings such an elegant and rich look to any room of your home and is so hardy it stands up well to heavy foot traffic. Travertine is available in sizes from small mosaic pieces to large slabs, does well in inclement weather, and ages beautifully,

Since travertine is a porous material, it’s important to work with a professional design-build firm to help determine what style of travertine works best in certain locations. And because travertine has such a wide variety of natural patterns and shading, it’s the perfect material to use for custom tile art designs. For example, in a master bath, use large slab travertine on the floor and smaller more uniform travertine tiles in a matte finish inside the shower and on the countertops. Then have a fabulous one-of-a-kind tile design created in the surrounding backsplash.

For more tips and ideas for redesigning your home in the Atlanta area, contact us at Renewal Design-Build.

Remember the Details When Planning a Second Story Addition

There are many factors to determine when adding on to your present home, but the number one concern is lot size. Many homes that can benefit from an addition are located in urban areas where space is limited, making building up the most practical solution.

Home Addition by Renewal Design-Build


You will need them even if you plan on installing an elevator. A major consideration is location, since a new staircase will take up existing floor space. Some homeowners enjoy making a gorgeous architecturally detailed staircase the focal point of a room while others prefer it to be out of the normal traffic pattern. Working closely with a design-build firm in Decatur who listens to your needs and expectations can help make this placement decision much easier.


A new roof and walls will all require insulation, and this is the perfect time to increase the amount in other areas of your home. Great strides have been made in insulating materials over the years and, considering many older homes are sorely lacking when it comes to sufficient insulation, installing blown or fiberglass insulation in existing walls and between floor and ceiling joists can definitely increase your home’s energy efficiency.


New windows will have to be installed and just like with your insulation now is a good time to replace existing windows if needed. Is the exterior finish going to match? Over years siding fades and brick color can be hard to match. This is a major consideration and one that needs to be decided early in the design process. And what about that masonry chimney? If you never use your wood burning fireplace then consider removing it and installing a new ventless gas unit.

For more information about remodeling your home in Atlanta, contact us at Renewal Design-Build.

Ranch Curb Appeal

A dynamic new entryway and other interior updates open a Druid Hills home for better light and flow


Architecture, interior design, and more ∨

From Shabby Chic home decor to contemporary furniture and mirrors, browse thousands of decorating ideas to inspire your next home project.
Share photos of the kitchen cabinets and kitchen sinks you like with a top kitchen remodeler in your area.

Ranch Curb Appeal

Deciding Between Brick and Stone Exterior Home Finishes

When discussing exterior home finishes, you’ll soon discover they are as diverse as the homes themselves. Long gone are the days when the most popular siding choices were wood, aluminum, or vinyl. Now homeowners can select from heavy duty brick or stone siding that offers more benefits such as increased insulation.

Concrete Brick Siding

Concrete brick siding is reasonably priced and offers outstanding insulating properties and better resistance against inclement weather like sleet, snow and ice. Since concrete can easily be tinted or dyed, concrete brick siding is available in a wide selection of colors.  State of the art manufacturing techniques now allows the siding to be made in several different sizes and styles.

Clay Brick Siding

For thousands of years clay has been used as an exterior home finish, and clay brick siding is a very popular option because of both sound reduction and extra insulation. Clay brick siding interlocks together and then is permanently secured using mortar. It is available in either a smooth or textured finish and also comes in a wide array of sizes.

Mortarless Brick Siding

In the past this product was usually used for things like retaining walls, but recently it has been revamped as a exterior home finish.  While it is faster to install than the above mentioned options, it does take an experienced professional because of the complex dry fit.


Natural stone has been used for centuries because of its beauty and durability. Adding stone can easily increase a home’s property value, but it is expensive and is often used in combination with another finish such as vinyl siding. Because of the weight, stone requires a good solid foundation and needs to be installed by an experienced stone mason.

For more information on exterior finishes and other renovation ideas, contact us at Renewal Design-Build.

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Creative Materials to Use in Your Fireplace Design

The days of having a fireplace that blends into the surrounding wall space are long gone. Now a home’s fireplace style and design can easily become the focal point of a room and is limited only by your imagination.

Winnona Park

  • If your Atlanta home improvement plans include adding a new fireplace, then take a moment and think outside the box when it comes to location and design. No longer does a fireplace have to be just a boring opening in the wall. Consider installing a poured in place multi-view concrete fireplace as a room divider. Or, for a less expensive option, select a prefabricated freestanding fireplace, perfect for filling in a corner.
  • Speaking of inexpensive, one of the easiest and most affordable ways to change the look of a pre-existing fireplace is to paint the brick surround. Use a bright bold shade for pop or go with that old standby: white. A white brick surround looks so clean and sleek and works well with all decorating styles.
  • Nothing is more dramatic than a solid slab of marble or granite surrounding the complete fireplace. Forgo the mantel and install a slab large enough to reach from floor to ceiling. An entire slab gives the rich marbling and veining maximum exposure.
  • Copper is a very interesting choice for a fireplace surround. As the copper ages, patina forms and the finish will deepen and change color, lending a very eye-catching and elegant look to the entire room.
  • You simply can’t go wrong with stone. From fieldstone to flat rock, stone never looks dated and always complements any color palette. When selecting the stone, work with an experienced installer so enough is purchased to create a repeating pattern.

For more information about renovating a room with a fireplace, feel free to contact us at Renewal Design-Build.