Include a Shower Bench on Your List of Must-Have Bathroom Features

When you’re planning your next bathroom remodeling project, consider easy upgrades that will make your bathroom more usable and comfortable for many years to come.  Universal design features, which are meant to make a home more comfortable and accessible to people of all ages, are something we recommend considering for your renovation.  One easy way to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of your bathroom is by adding an attractive shower bench in your design.

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The shower bench provides comfort and an added way to relax in the shower.  For older users, it can make showering much easier on the joints and can help reduce the chance of slipping in the shower.  A bench can also provide a comfortable spot for rinsing off and shaving.

There are many different ways that you can design a shower bench for your bathroom. You can simply have a separate and movable bench sitting in the shower space or install a folding wood seat into the wall.  We recommend making the entire shower feel unified by building the bench into the wall and by using the same tile pattern or material as the rest of the shower and sloping the design for proper drainage.

You can also choose to make the shower bench into a focal point in the bathroom by providing it with bold colors and patterns that help it stand out from the walls around it. This type of contrast is a great way to draw the eye and add visual order to the bathroom.  In a smaller or more efficiently designed bathroom, you can have your bathtub extend into the shower space so that the porcelain top becomes a bench as it juts into the shower.

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Signs That Your Atlanta Home Could use an Energy Audit

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With the increasing heat of Georgia’s summer, you may be seeing a significant spike in your energy bills. If your most recent power bill caused a brief moment of panic, it might be a good idea to schedule an energy audit.

Older homes, like the majority of homes located in intown Atlanta, will typically benefit the most from an audit, but almost every home is not as efficient as it can be. If you are unsure whether your home would benefit from an energy audit, here are some signs that your home is a good candidate for one:

  • Cold or Hot Spots – Leaky windows or inadequate insulation will allow certain rooms to be more exposed to outside temperatures. The solution to this problem is not space heaters and fans, but better insulation.
  • Increasing Utility Bills – If your utility bills are increasing every year, aspects of your home’s envelope may be deteriorating over time. Insulation gets wet and moldy, doors and windows loosen and appliances lose their efficiency. An audit will help you decide which to fix first.
  • Continually Running Air Conditioning– If your air conditioning seems like it’s running constantly, there may be gaps in your home through which cool air is escaping and warm air is entering, forcing the system to run at a too-frequent rate.

Each of these issues is part of larger energy picture that a home audit can help address. At Renewal Design-Build, we perform full house energy audits as well as the renovations to address any problems.  If you want to see where your home is losing energy, feel free to contact us at 404-378-6962.

Preparing for Your Whole House Renovation

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Renovating your home is often a more affordable and desirable way than moving to increase your personal enjoyment and convenience and to improve the value of your home. However, if you don’t properly plan out your home renovation, the renovation process is going to be needlessly stressful and possibly more costly than it should be. Keep your budget -and your blood pressure- in check with the following tips.

  • Research – Before diving headlong into a remodel, be sure to do some serious research.  Compile a comprehensive list of design features and changes that you want, and prioritize the list into must-haves and things you don’t need but would like to have if possible. This is also the time to compare the different products and materials available to you, from different appliances to considerations like granite versus solid surface countertops, to make educated decisions when the time comes.
  • Budget – Using the information you’ve gathered during your research as well as your own financial information, create a realistic and manageable budget.  The budget should include the labor, the products and materials required and plenty of wiggle room for unexpected expenses, which are an unfortunate reality of nearly every remodeling project. We will be able to help plan around the budget that you have set and give you any pointers or information you need to help plan.
  • Ask Questions – It will help your peace of mind as well as your ability to communicate with your remodeler if you ask plenty of questions.  Learn as much as you can about the process so that you can keep track of progress and understand what to expect.
  • Background Check – Verify the information that your remodeler has given you by checking up on any references, checking the license number, insurance information and any certifications. You can even request to visit a job site at one of the remodeler’s current projects.
  • Contract – Always make sure that everything you have discussed, from the materials to the cost of the renovation, are all included in the contract.

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The Decatur Design Awards Recognize Renewal Design-Build for Excellence in Preservation and Design

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Renewal is proud to announce that we were recently honored with three awards at the 2013 Decatur Design Awards Ceremony. The awards are bestowed upon entries that improve, preserve or add to the architectural environment of both homes and businesses in the city of Decatur. We are grateful for the positive recognition for our design solutions, and we are thankful to our wonderful clients who make winning these awards possible.

One of our recently completed whole house renovations was recognized with a 2013 Historic Preservation Award. This bungalow style home from the 1920’s was in a serious state of disrepair before we were called in to remodel both the interior and exterior of the home. The entire interior was gutted to create an open floor plan with a rustic farmhouse style that includes modern conveniences and industrial details. Significant improvements were made to the exterior siding, porches, windows, doors, foundation, trim and roof, all under the approval of the Decatur Historic Commission to ensure that the renovations and addition were consistent with the character of the neighborhood. View this historic renovation.

We also received a 2013 Addition Award for a home addition designed and built for a family that was outgrowing their home. The value of this highly functional addition is not just in the three extra bedrooms, modern kitchen, and spacious mudroom, but in its added character and absolute seamlessness of the project. Renewal was able to successfully preserve the period of their 1940s home and the Decatur neighborhood. The keeping room features a wood burning fireplace, custom built-ins, and French doors leading out to the backyard. The exterior is a showpiece all on its own. From the charming color choices to the trim detailing, the addition enhances the home in every way. We were able to match the design of the room, both its exterior and interior design, to the rest of the home, which boasted a 1940’s style. View this home addition.

Renewal also received the coveted 2013 Leila Ross Wilburn Award for helping promote preservation in Decatur as members of the Decatur Old House Fair committee.

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