Hands-Free Faucets for a High-Tech Bathroom

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Among the more popular home upgrades today are those that enhance the convenience of daily life at home and those that improve conservation of energy and water. One small yet significant home upgrade that accomplishes both greater convenience and improved water conservation is the hands-free faucet.

You have likely encountered hands-free faucets in nicer public restrooms, where they are used to improve sanitation.  In your own home, a hands-free faucet can be installed in the bathroom or the kitchen as a convenient way to avoid turning on your faucet with soapy or grimy hands, creating a mess on your faucet’s lever or handles.  These faucets have many additional benefits that make them a good choice for your green home renovation:

  • Hands-free faucets can help to significantly reduce the amount of water that you use in your home. The faucet automatically turns on when a user’s hands approach the sensing field. Once the hands are out of range, the faucet turns off the flow of water within seconds. The typical hands-free faucet uses approximately 30 percent less water than traditional faucets.
  • Though hands-free faucets are relatively new to home use, they can accommodate just about any decor style, coming in a variety of designs and finishes.
  • Many hands-free faucets offer a thermostatic valve, which helps control the temperature of the water being released from the faucet to prevent the potential for hot water scalding. For this reason, this intuitive technology is ideal for a home with young children or older adults. This feature also helps to reduce the amount of energy it takes to heat the water.

All and all, a hands-free faucet has a number of environmentally friendly advantages in addition to offering a sleek, intuitive design for your bathroom. To learn more about green home renovations in Atlanta, please contact us at Renewal Design- Build.


What Exactly is Design-Build, Anyway?

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Renovating areas of your home, whether it be your kitchen, bathrooms, entryway or even building an addition to your home has several benefits, including increasing the enjoyment that you get out of your home and improving your home’s value. However, actually going through with a renovation can be a long and stressful process. This process can be made less complicated and less stressful by using a design-build team.

In more typical renovation projects, you will have to go through two separate parties: the designer and the contractor. The designer will help you make the plan for the renovation, and then you’ll hire a contractor to actually do the renovation. The problem is that the designer and contractor are not working directly together and rarely have an established system of communication. You’ll have to work as the go-between if there are problems, which can quickly become a stressful process. A design-build team doesn’t encounter this issue; in a design-build team, a designer and contractor work as one entity and under one contract.

There are a number of benefits to using a design-build team over the more typical renovation process, which is known as design-bid-build. There is much clearer communication between everyone involved, which means you don’t have to act as a go-between. Clearer communication leads to higher quality work, and, according to a study on commercial projects, costs are reduced by as much as 8 percent and the time it takes to complete the renovation is decreased by almost 33 percent. Working with one company helps streamline orders, budgeting and billing as well.

For more information about Atlanta design build, visit Renewal Design-Build online. We would be happy to work with you to make your renovation process run smoothly and quickly!


Carpet: A Lasting Flooring Trend

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If you’re in the process of deciding which type of flooring to install in your Atlanta home, consider using carpet. Carpet has been a popular choice among homeowners for decades, and for good reason. Not only are there a huge variety of carpets to choose from, such as polyester, olefin, nylon, wool and more, but there are  several benefits gained by choosing carpeting over other flooring options such as tile or hardwood.

  • Warmth – Although it may not often snow in the Atlanta area, it does get cold during the winters. Carpet acts as thermal resistance, helping retain warm air in the home, which can help you save on your heating bills.
  • Style – Carpets are aesthetically pleasing and come in a huge variety of colors and styles. This means that no matter what your interior design is, you can find carpeting that will help complement it.
  • Safety – Carpet acts as cushioning, making it more difficult to slip on surfaces that are wet. It also makes any falls that do happen less dangerous. This is a huge advantage if you have children in the home.
  • Noise – Carpet helps to absorb sound. For example, if you are trying to sleep in your bedroom, you won’t hear someone walking past your room outside like you would if you had hardwood floors. Carpeting on the second floor will help absorb sounds from below as well, meaning that you won’t be disturbed by the noises from the TV if you go to bed earlier than other members of your household.
  • Long Lasting – Carpet will last a long time as long as you clean it on a regular basis.  Vacuum it regularly and schedule the occasional professional cleaning in order to keep it in great condition for years.

Consider the benefits that using carpet for your home has over other flooring materials when planning your home renovations.  Contact Renewal Design-Build for more information about Atlanta home improvement.

What's in the Keeping Room?

Although the keeping room was popular in colonial times, it was only recently that modern families began to re-incorporate them into their homes. A keeping room is actually a very basic concept. It is basically a secondary living room that connects to the kitchen area. It was a popular space in colonial times due to the fact that the heat from the kitchen kept the keeping room warm, making it one of the few heated areas in the house.

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These days, the centerpiece of a keeping room is often a fireplace. This helps it to retain the function it had hundreds of years ago – a place where the family can congregate to keep warm. So what’s the point of having one now? When you or any other family members are using the kitchen, you’ll often attract people who wish to keep you company. Having the kitchen open up to a keeping room gives family members and guests more space and comfort.

If you are spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking or preparing meals, then you probably find that you have five to ten minute increments where you don’t have to do anything except keep track of your food. In a home without a keeping room, you’ll probably remain in the kitchen because going across the house to your living room will prevent you from keeping an eye on the kitchen. A keeping room allows you to sit down for a moment without having to take your eye off the kitchen.

Homeowners are finding that having a keeping room in their house provides added convenience and comfort, which is why it’s becoming a popular feature. For information about implementing a keeping room into your home, contact our design build firm in Atlanta, Renewal Design Build.

The Master Bedroom vs. The Master Suite

The master bedroom has long served as a place to relax after a long and stressful day. These days, however, the master suite has evolved into something much more. In fact, a properly designed master suite can serve as an alternate breakfast nook, a second office or even as a private spa-like space.

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Master suites offer a new level of space and comfort traditional bedrooms can’t match

Creating a master suite in an existing structure is not really that difficult or expensive. With a little forethought and planning, a homeowner can easily remodel their existing master bedroom/bath and add some additional space from an existing but unused room. Most importantly, the end result can be tailored to fit the needs, lifestyle and tastes of the homeowner.

For example, a fireplace can be added for romance in the bedroom or a heated floor in the master bath for more comfort on those cold winter mornings. Need just a little more elbow room? Add double sinks or walk-in closets to give both you and your significant other a little more space and convenience. For an even greater comfort, add an entertainment center in a private sitting area. Who knows? If done well, it may even become your favorite spot in the house. The opportunities are endless.

If you are considering creating a master suite out of your existing master bedroom and bath, consider using a reputable design build firm in Atlanta like Renewal Design Build. Our professional team can help you with the entire process from initial planning, through fixture and appliance selection, to final construction. In the long run, you will save money, be less aggravated and be far happier with the final result of your master suite.

You've Got the (Georgia) Power!

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With the right thermostat, you can cut down on energy usage

Energy costs can get quite expensive, especially when heating your home during the winter months and cooling it during the summer months. Not only does this cause your heating and cooling bills to rise, but it’s also not very environmentally friendly. It is for these reasons that you should have a programmable thermostat installed.

Now don’t be fooled – having a programmable thermostat does not automatically equal energy savings. In fact, most models are so complicated that homeowners don’t bother trying to program them, thus paying more for heating and cooling costs.

Have you heard about Nest? What’s cool about this sleek newcomer is that all you have to do is set the temperature for a few days – this will train your Nest thermostat. Nest automatically gets a feel for your home and its temperature needs and it will activate various features on its own without you having to lift a finger. You can even control Nest from your smartphone! Check out more at Nest.com!

In general, programmable thermostats have a number of advantages over using normal thermostats. They help to save energy, save money and of course, increase the level of comfort in your home. A programmable thermostat allows you to program the temperature of your home during any time of the day. When that time comes, the programmable thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature to what you programmed it to be.

This is especially helpful when no one is at home. If no one’s home, what’s the point of running the thermostat so that your home is cool or warm? You can program the thermometer to automatically adjust the temperature to a level that you’ll save the most amount of money once you’ve left home. You’ll even be able to set it to switch back to your desired temperature right before you get back home.

There are a number of different models that allow you different types of flexibility in programming. A 7-day model will allow you to set the temperature schedule on a day to day basis. A 5+2-day model lets you use the same schedule during the week and a different one on the weekend. A 5+1+1 model lets you schedule Saturdays and Sundays separately.

Install a programmable thermostat from Georgia Power and save up to $100 a year on energy costs. Be sure to check out their special $100 rebate as well. For more information about sustainable, cost saving home design, contact a design build firm in Atlanta such as Renewal Design Build.

A Deeper Look at the Pantry

Almost every kitchen has a pantry, no matter what size the kitchen is. It’s what you use to store many of the foods that you use on a regular basis. In fact, like many of us, you probably take your pantry for granted. However, the origin of the pantry is actually quite interesting.

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The space used for food storage (the “pantry” as we know it today) was first used during Medieval times in England as a place to store meat, beer and other provisions. In the 17th and 18th centuries, colonialists in New England used small rooms off of the kitchen for food storage, known as the buttery. It wasn’t until the 1800s that the term pantry came about, which was derived from the Latin word, “panis”, meaning bread. It was during this time that the pantry became a space located between the kitchen and dining room that stored china and silver.

During the 1920s and 1930s the pantry was merged into the kitchen itself. However, during the advent of the refrigerator in the 1950s, the use of pantries dwindled. In the 1960s pantries made their appearance as floor to ceiling cabinets, which is what many of us recognize pantries to be now. Surprisingly enough, the use of the pantry is becoming more important in American homes these days. In fact, they’re beginning to go back to the pantries of yesteryear, with many pantries taking up space adjacent to the kitchen in the form of walk-in pantries. This allows for better use of space, storage and accessibility.

If you’re thinking about Atlanta home renovations, then consider a walk-in pantry for your kitchen. Be sure to visit Renewal Design-Build for any Atlanta home renovations that you need.

The Infamous L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

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When planning to remodel your kitchen layout in Atlanta, there are many kitchen designs that are both efficient and attractive. One of the most effective kitchen plans is the L-shaped kitchen layout, referring to an L-shaped setup where the kitchen cabinets and furniture are mounted on two perpendicular walls and a large open area in the middle. This kitchen style has numerous advantages as compared to other kitchen designs.

Uninterrupted Work Triangle

The best and efficient kitchen layout involves placing the sink, refrigerator and the range in a triangle formation, mainly known as the work triangle, so that they are in close proximity. L-shaped kitchen allows for an uninterrupted work triangle since all the appliances are on two perpendicular walls. This prevents you from walking across the room to access different kitchen zones, which makes meal preparation efficient.

Space for a Breakfast Room

The open L-shaped layout offers room to add an informal dining area. For large kitchens, you can place a standard table and chairs at the center. The bistro style table is an eye-catching option if the space in the kitchen is at a premium.

Island Room

In large L-shaped kitchens, there is usually space for adding an island. The center island would be ideal if you cook often for large groups and you are in need of more working surfaces. It can double as a dining area if you add a few chairs or stools. You may also consider adding a cooktop or sink for flexibility and efficiency.

To learn more about our kitchen remodeling ideas, designs and finishes, check out our finished kitchen projects.  What are your thoughts on the L-shaped kitchen island?  Share with us on our Facebook page; we’d love to hear your input!


Craftsman Style at the Front Door

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Adding a well-crafted front door to your home can make a big difference.

All front doors are not created equally. Although upgrading the entrance to your home will almost always improve its curb appeal, the type of door you choose should never be an afterthought.

Let’s shed some light on Craftsman style doors.

First designed in the late 19th century through to the early 20th century, the Craftsman style door is about more than just good looks. These doors also bring a feeling of strength and durability to the home, making it feel as if it will stand the test of time.

Craftsman style doors are often made up of three or more symmetrical windows sitting over a large ledge with molding and three flat panels. But of course, these doors can be customized with creative placement of windows, panels and colors.

Craftsman doors can be customized to suit your home’s specific needs.  From a classic wood stain to warm and welcoming colors, these doors bring a focal point to the front of your home. You can even welcome guests with a bright red Craftsman style door!

What’s so interesting about Craftsman style doors is that you don’t have to have a Craftsman style home into to make this entry option work. Blending home design styles is always a trendy idea. And Craftsman style is hugely popular here in the Atlanta area, so why not add this type of door to your Colonial or Victorian style home?

Enhancing curb appeal is always a goal for homeowners as the spring season approaches. Renewal Design-Build would love to meet with you to discuss how we can make your Atlanta home even more beautiful. We have a 97% customer referral rate and we will work hard to meet and exceed your needs. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project ideas.