A Brief History of Home Framing

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Ever since early humans began using wood as a building material, we have continued developing better and better techniques to fine tune the ways this renewable resource protects our families and keeps us dry. In particular, the way a house is framed has undergone some significant and much needed improvements. The process used for Atlanta home renovations benefits from this knowledge. Here’s a brief history.

Stacked Framing – The log cabins of the American south and west were built using this technique. The different elements were simply stacked upon each other and interlocked at the corners to create a simple enclosed space.
Balloon Framing – Used from the18th century on, balloon framing was popular because of the ease with which it goes up. Vertical studs from floor to roof were attached to base plates and joists and then stiffened with plywood facing.  This created a completed exterior or “balloon.” The interior, including the various floors, was then completed by hanging it from this framework

Platform Framing – The most recent development, this technique is similar to balloon framing but keeps each level separate.  First the lowest level is completed and then the next is raised to take advantage of the stability of the lower one. In this way, a separate “balloon” is created on each floor. In addition, newer technologies have also allowed builders to use new materials such as light gauge metal studs to make the entire process even easier, safer and more affordable to complete.  

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Glass-Front Cabinets Create an Open and Airy Feel in the Kitchen

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Kitchen cabinets are one of the largest investments you can make in your kitchen, so it’s important that they are visually appealing and of high quality.  If the cabinets in your home are looking dated or if you need a new cabinet layout to make your kitchen more usable, we recommend you consider incorporating glass-front cabinets in your design.

Glass front cabinets allow you to show off your fine china, glassware, and favorite kitchen accessories instead of hiding them behind wooden cabinet doors. Any use of glass within the kitchen is also a fantastic way to increase the perception of space, giving the kitchen a more airy and open feel. Using glass front cabinets for a peninsula is also a great way to open up the kitchen to the adjoining room, not to mention that it helps to let in additional light.

You have some flexibility in the glass you choose for your cabinet front. If you like the look of glass and the extra light and airiness it brings to a kitchen, but don’t want to worry about keeping your cabinets looking untouched all the time, frosted, fluted or reeded glass helps to add a textured look that also obscures the contents.  Stained glass can also make a beautiful front to your cabinets while hiding what you store inside.  You can also opt for clear glass on a particular set of cabinets, like those above the stove or fridge, where you showcase items you love but don’t use very often.

Glass-front cabinetry is also a great way to add light to the kitchen.  Installing recessed lighting in the cabinets will showcase the contents of a clear glass-fronted cabinet and it will allow extra light into the kitchen through any glass cabinet door.  Some homeowners have even opted to put glass front cabinetry in front of picture windows, allowing you to see all the way through the cabinet to the outdoors.

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Determining the Quality of Kitchen Cabinets

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If you’re planning for kitchen remodeling in Atlanta, then you’ll want to make sure that all the different components of your new kitchen will be of good quality. It can be easy to implement low quality components, such as cheaper kitchen cabinets, just because you don’t know what to look for. The following are a few things that you should pay attention to when choosing your kitchen cabinets in order to make sure that they are of high quality:

  • Cabinet Box – The best cabinet boxes tend to be made using furniture-grade plywood between ½ and ¾ inches. Avoid any particleboard materials, although medium density fiberboard is acceptable.
  • Cabinet Doors – There are a huge variety of cabinet doors to choose from. Pick out a solid-wood frame that surrounds plywood or solid wood panels. Avoid Thermofoil or laminate over particleboard.
  • Cabinet Drawers – It’s important you pick drawers that are durable and easy to use, since they will be opened and closed frequently over the years. Avoid stapled particleboard and go with drawers that use dovetail joinery, solid-wood sides, and plywood bottoms.
  • Cabinet Hardware – If you can, use full-extension drawer guides instead of under-mounted double roller designs or integrated side rails. Consider a soft close feature that will prevent your drawers from slamming shot, thereby preventing both loud noises and unneeded wear and tear. Don’t worry too much about the door hinges, since there’s not a very big difference between them.
  • Cabinet Shelves – Once again, avoid particleboard, since shelves made out of this material tend to sag. Instead, go with a ¾ inch plywood or a medium density fiberboard.
  • Cabinet Mounting Strips – Use ¾ inch hardwood or metal strips with bolt holes.

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What to Look for When Replacing an Old Home Roof

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If you are the owner of an older home, there are a number of things that you should be sure to keep your eye on over the years. One of these things is your roof. The last thing you want is serious roof problems, because these can actually pose a danger to not only your home’s possessions but to everyone in your house, too. The following are a few ways that you can find potential problems with your roof.

  • Rot – Check your eaves or climb up into your attic to check for rotten wood. You can also climb up onto the roof for a closer look, although in cases such as these you may want to hire a professional inspector to avoid putting yourself at risk of falling. 
  • Chimney – You’ll have to get on the roof to check the chimney as well. Look for loose bricks or mortar that’s falling out. This is another task best left to a professional inspector. 
  • Leaks – If you see any water stains on the ceiling as well as signs of plaster repair, drywall repair or bubbled paint, then you may have some serious leaks on your hand. Check all of your skylights as well. If there’s sponginess along the corners, it means your roof is probably leaking. 
  • Layers – Some older homes use multiple layers of roofing. While two layers are okay, any more and you’ll want to tear them off and replace them. 

If your roof has any of these issues and they are serious enough to warrant replacing the roof in its entirety, consider using composites, slate, metal or shakes and fakes. If you are in need of a historic renovation in Atlanta, then be sure to contact us online at Renewal Design Build today.

Stop Wasting Your Attic Space: 5 Better Things It Could Be

The attic is one of those spaces, like the basement, that can be described as an “aberration” in the world of home spaces. Often relegated to neglected storage space for items that do little more than collect dust, an unfortunately high percentage of owners fail to realize the awesome potential of the attic.

Also like the basement, the attic is a unique space that, with the help of the right Atlanta home renovation firm, can become one of the best rooms in just about any home. These are five unique ways to use your attic space.

Additional BathroomBathroomAfterlowRes

When you first moved into your home, there is a pretty good chance that you figured that you were stuck with the number of baths already included. However, your attic can indeed make a novel space for an additional, spacious full or half bath. This will add to both the utility and the value of your home.

Master Bedroom

What better place for a master bedroom or suite than above everything else in your home? This will free up your existing master bedroom for another bedroom or office, and increase the number of bedrooms in your home.

Home Office

Whether you use it to work from home full time, as a study, or as a workshop, a finished attic makes an ideal space for the addition of a home office, with the potential for isolation and fantastic natural light from dormer windows.

Walk-in Closet Historic Decatur - Modern Craftsman

Spacious, boutique closets are all the rage in the world of Atlanta home improvement. If you are already using your attic for storage space, this is a way to give that storage space an upgrade to an area you will enjoy spending time.

Art Studio or Entertainment Space

An attic converted into an art studio is reminiscent of an industrial artist’s loft.  Not an artist? You can still enjoy recreational time in your attic by turning it into an entertainment room, complete with a pool table or video gaming system.

These are just a few examples of how your attic can be transformed into more than just dusty storage.  In addition to giving you a better space, attic remodels also rank highly among home improvements that recoup a majority of their costs in resale in Atlanta.

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