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Why Your Current Kitchen May Not Be Enough and What You Can Do About It

Whether you buy a home or build one from the ground up, you may find that as your family grows your need for space increases. One of the areas where this tends to be most apparent is the kitchen. A small kitchen is especially inconvenient if you like to entertain guests now and then. You will find that a lot of bottlenecking occurs, especially if you have to open the fridge door while others are moving around. Sometimes, a compact kitchen looks neat or fits with the design of the house. In more practical terms however, less is definitely not more.

Reworking Your Design

Once you realize that there are space limitations you are off to a good start. Two of the key points to keep in mind are the layout and accessibility. After you come up with a rough plan, you can start to think about lighting. The next big item will be storage and the choice of kitchen cabinets. For a truly modern kitchen, you should consider installing an island. This will give you so much more flexibility and not just in terms of design, but also with your storage and meal preparation. Take some time to think about where you will put all you appliances. You may be surprised to learn how changing the placement can improve the flow of your kitchen space.

Morningside - Transitional Craftsman

Reclaiming Exterior Space

Naturally, designing a better kitchen should not mean sacrificing space inside your home and making other areas feel cramped. So if you want a bigger kitchen, you will have to look to the outdoors. If your home has a porch adjacent to the kitchen, this can make your remodeling plans a bit easier. Convert this space to expand the kitchen, as this might be easier than removing an entire wall and putting in a new foundation. We would, however, need to ensure the structural stability of the new kitchen addition before proceeding with the remodel.

Improving the Features

A kitchen expansion project will call for alterations to the placement of lighting fixtures and the installation of new ones. Adding recessed shelves can make your new kitchen even roomier. Inset cabinets are becoming more popular as they help to create a sleeker look, and make more effective use of space. If you are planning for a bigger kitchen, take the extra step of modernizing the space in the process. We will call in an electrician as needed to ensure all of the work is up to code and properly and efficiently done.

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At Renewal Design-Build, we can assess your kitchen space needs and help you come up with the right plan for a renovation. Small changes are not enough when your kitchen is too small. You need a comprehensive plan for improvement, and a contractor capable of delivering on that plan. Allow us to show you some amazing ways to renovate your kitchen and make the most of the surrounding living areas.

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Modern Sink and Toilet Options for Your Bathroom Remodel

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The modern bathroom remodel is one of the best things that you can do for your home. No matter what the purpose of doing this is, you’re going to find that the finished product can be nothing short of stellar. When done right, you are going to end up with a solution that has a positive impact on the way you view your home. Whether you want to raise the value of your home, or you’re just tired of the bathroom you have, a remodel is just the ticket to revitalize things and get the pieces you want. Consider a few elements of modern sink and toilet options, as you fix things up.

Space Saving Solutions

First and foremost, you will want to gut your bathroom and then look at it from a square footage perspective. Many homes have small bathrooms, and it’s usually function before fashion. However, here’s an opportunity to create an outstanding layout of design and functionality. Consider a few space saving options like mixed purpose storage, hidden storage, and even incorporation of utilities with drawers, counter tops and more. You can easily factor in multi-use storage compartments to elevate the square footage you have. Just think outside of the box here.

Sinks and Toilets

As for the luxury of sinks and toilets, you can easily focus on several options. For instance, the sinks can either be recessed or you could go with a modern bowl design that sits above the counter top. Tie this together with specialized fixtures for an elegant look.

The toilet can be elevated to new standards as well. This is an easy to overlook piece. You can either go with standard white porcelain, or you could have a colored solution. Black toilets are not too out of the ordinary. However, if you want to really change things up, look at the color solutions that come with toilets, you’ll be surprised.

The Bidet

For those that want to use a bidet, it should be noted that in American bathrooms, it’s not the norm. However, if you’re going for luxury, this is a solution you want to add to your space, if you have the square footage to do so. These are hard to put into place with a tiny space, so you’ll have to really work out the puzzle pieces if this is part of your mandatory design flow.

At the end of the day, your modern sink and toilet options need to flow with consideration of your square footage. When you are remodeling, focus on the notion of a blank canvas, and see what set pieces you can put together to complement the overall visual design flow you want for your bathroom.

Ranch Curb Appeal

Creating an Open Floor Plan in a Ranch Home

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The ranch home – a stellar solution for those who are in the market to purchase a home. While this is a great option, there are many people that feel a bit confined with how these are laid out. It’s interesting how they are put together as they are more functional than design heavy. That doesn’t mean that they can’t look elegant, but often, the components are confined to maximizing the square footage, and cutting rooms off to create single use domains. Sectioned off areas can be good, but if you want to expand or at least give the illusion of a bit more space, you’re going to want to pursue the option of opening up the floor plan a little. There are some distinct things you can do to make this happen, and it starts with opening things up.

Creating New Multi-Use Rooms

The first thing that you may want to look at is how to transform certain rooms. In ranch style homes, things can become compartmentalized. That’s not conducive to the modernism that comes with open layouts. One way to ensure that you are able to align the two is to create an open kitchen. Opening things up with a window, counter, secondary island, or multi-use area can really give you an opening. Modern trends such as eat in kitchens and nooks are gaining popularity, and this doesn’t cost a great deal to do. Starting with the kitchen is a great idea, as it gets a lot of traffic, and could definitely become a highlight of the design protocol you want to achieve.

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Changing Design Schemes

Knocking down walls, opening up lighting solutions, adding windows, skylights, and more can usher in new light for your rooms. This opening can also give you a bit of a detracting point if you do not think about changing up the visual design flow. When moving forward with opening up your floor plan, consider new paint, new window treatments, and different accent pieces that play with that new lighting source. You’re going to find that a bit of paint and some new accents can give you a more open ended feel. This doesn’t have to cost a great deal either; it’s just a matter of playing with the pieces and changing up simple color palettes.

Getting Inspired

There is no “one size fits all” answer to opening up ranch home layouts. When in doubt, look for modern interior design and renovations online. You’ll be surprised how you can change out the square footage, use more of the set pieces, and create lasting impressions for your home with just a few changes. Start with the kitchen, open it up for multi-use, and then work throughout the compartments of your home, moving forward. You’ll find that over time, your inspiration can create lasting results here.