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Increasing the Value of Your Home with the Right Renovations

Apart from making your home look good and making you more comfortable, some renovations can also increase its value. A professional contractor can help you decide what to do to boost the value of your home. Sometimes renovations can be purely cosmetic, and will not make much difference to how much your property is worth. We’ve seen a lot of renovations over the years, and we’ve helped improve the overall value of many Atlanta area homes. Today we want to show you some ways you can increase the value of your home.

Areas that Add Bang for Your Buck

Kitchen: Upgrading your kitchen is a good idea when considering a remodeling project, even if you don’t like cooking. A well appointed kitchen is a great addition to any house. When renovating a kitchen, keep current trends in mind. Keeping it trendy will help ensure that the new kitchen will return almost the full cost of the remodeling cost if you have plans to sell the home in the near future. Ample storage and countertop space are generally prime characteristics of a great kitchen.

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Bathroom: A good looking bathroom is one of the main areas that add value to a house. Not only will remodeling the bathroom or bathrooms add value, you can up the ante by adding another bathroom. Having more than one bathroom is important, especially in houses with children. If you have a master bedroom adding an adjoining bathroom will automatically increase the home’s worth. As with kitchens, follow current trends when considering remodeling ideas.

Decks: One often over-looked feature when remodeling is the addition of a nice deck. However, a deck does more than add a cool outdoor area; it can actually make your home more valuable. Make this addition special by giving it distinctive features and a unique shape. A well-designed deck often brings a return on investment of about 74% of the original build cost.

New Windows: Not only can the right type of windows serve to modernize and make houses look so much better, they can help make rooms lighter and make them seem more spacious. Get design help from professionals as to the best types of windows for the house that you are renovating. Our designers are wonderful at helping choose the perfect windows as accent pieces or simply as a way to view the outdoors and allow natural light to enter the home.

Curb Appeal: Who doesn’t want their house to look good from the outside? Make sure to use attractive colors and that the paint never looks faded. Installing a nice gate, as well as landscaping with plants, can add significant curb appeal to your property.

So the next time you are thinking of giving your house a remodel, keep in mind that there are things you can do to increase the resale value at the same time. However, while remodeling, unless you have specific plans to sell, your main objective should be to make your house into the home you want to live in. We truly believe that there is no reason your home cannot adapt to your lifestyle, and that is what we strive to help homeowners do; create a home around the life they’ve chosen instead of searching for a home that their lifestyle fits into.

For more information about remodeling your home in Atlanta, contact us at Renewal Design-Build.

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So You Want to Remodel Your Atlanta Home, But No Idea Where to Start? Let us help!

Home remodeling projects vary greatly from homeowner to homeowner depending on their individual needs. Where one family may need a better kitchen layout and design, another may need more space for a new baby on the way. There really is no right or wrong in general, just right and wrong for the individual. I’m going to go over several of the most popular types of home remodeling projects, and how they can help in your Atlanta home.


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Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the number-one remodeled room in the home according to every major study. It may be our southern roots, but we believe it’s because the kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s where the family gathers for meals, birthday parties, and other events. Maybe it’s just because people love the look and feel of an updated kitchen. Some remodels may be as simple as painting and purchasing all new appliances. Others may include an entirely new kitchen by the time it’s all said and done.


Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is the second-most remodeled room in the home. Some bathroom remodels are as simple as painting and replacing a few pieces of furniture. Others may be as detailed as replacing a tub/shower unit with a tile shower, replacing linoleum with tile, replacing the entire vanity area, and replacing an old toilet with a water saving toilet.

Aging in Place

Aging in place isn’t an entirely new concept, but it is quickly gaining ground in recent years. The aging in place process is one in which Atlanta’s senior citizens are able to live independently in their own home for more years than they were previously able to. I love this one, because our wonderful city has so many elderly people who are perfectly capable of living at home instead of a retirement home; all they need is a few minor modifications to their home.

Adding a Bedroom

Expecting a new arrival to the household? Build an extra bedroom in advance. This needed remodel idea is pretty much a no-brainer, because when you need more space, you need more space! Introducing new family members into the household often requires the addition of a new bedroom.

Adding an Office

The Internet allows more people to work from home or occasionally telecommute. A home office is quickly becoming the standard in new home building. People need a spot to work that is interruption-free and quiet.

Decatur - ClassicAdd Outdoor Space

Let’s face it, Atlanta gets hot, hot, HOT! A covered patio, gazebo, sunroom, or covered deck adds value to your home while providing a great way to enjoy the gorgeous weather without getting sunburned.

What it’s all About

No matter what you choose to do with your home, transform it to match the demands your family puts on it. A healthy, happy life is what it’s all about. If remodeling your home creates more happiness or improves your current lifestyle in any way, it’s already worth it. Call us for a free consultation if you’d like to talk about your options and maybe we can help bounce some ideas with you!


What to Look for When Replacing an Old Home Roof

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If you are the owner of an older home, there are a number of things that you should be sure to keep your eye on over the years. One of these things is your roof. The last thing you want is serious roof problems, because these can actually pose a danger to not only your home’s possessions but to everyone in your house, too. The following are a few ways that you can find potential problems with your roof.

  • Rot – Check your eaves or climb up into your attic to check for rotten wood. You can also climb up onto the roof for a closer look, although in cases such as these you may want to hire a professional inspector to avoid putting yourself at risk of falling. 
  • Chimney – You’ll have to get on the roof to check the chimney as well. Look for loose bricks or mortar that’s falling out. This is another task best left to a professional inspector. 
  • Leaks – If you see any water stains on the ceiling as well as signs of plaster repair, drywall repair or bubbled paint, then you may have some serious leaks on your hand. Check all of your skylights as well. If there’s sponginess along the corners, it means your roof is probably leaking. 
  • Layers – Some older homes use multiple layers of roofing. While two layers are okay, any more and you’ll want to tear them off and replace them. 

If your roof has any of these issues and they are serious enough to warrant replacing the roof in its entirety, consider using composites, slate, metal or shakes and fakes. If you are in need of a historic renovation in Atlanta, then be sure to contact us online at Renewal Design Build today.

Accent Lighting: How to Brighten Up Your Atlanta Home

One of the most important things to consider when designing your home is your lighting scheme. There are three main types of lighting: ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Ambient lighting provides the area’s general lighting. Task lighting is reserved for specific purposes. Accent lighting is often used to emphasize a part of your home’s decor or to add visual interest to a room. The following are a few examples of how accent lighting can be used throughout the home.

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Focal Points
Accent lighting can be used to draw attention to different objects around the home. For example, you can use track lighting in your walk-in closet to showcase different parts of your wardrobe. You can also use wall sconces or even recessed lights to draw attention to a sculpture, a painting on your wall or the fireplace in your living room.

Accent lighting can also be added with no other purpose but to add ambiance. For example, you can install accent lights underneath your kitchen cabinets to help increase your décor’s ambiance. Consider using recessed lighting around your living room to supplement or act as an alternative mood to your ambient lighting. Use different fixtures to add visual interest to architectural areas or smaller spaces, such as a breakfast nook or reading area.

Accent lighting can be used outside of your home as well. You can light up a pathway by adding accent lighting to your sidewalks or you can hang lights from your roof overhang, or place them around your yard to highlight trees, bushes or flowers. Not only does adding accent lighting here make it easier to see where you are going, it also provides your home with added curb appeal.

For additional information about implementing accent lighting into your home renovation, feel free to contact Renewal Design Build.

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Ways to Give Your Ranch Curb Appeal

Many ranch style homes have plain exteriors. We like to call them blank canvasses, ready for renovation! If you’re ready to make your mark on your classic Atlanta ranch and spruce up its curb appeal, consider:
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-A small front porch or stoop – a structure at the front door is always a welcoming feature

-For additional outdoor living space, consider a full-size porch

-A gable can break up your ranches’ classic horizontal lines

-Replacing the front door is an inexpensive way to add curb appeal to any home

-Remove old shutters for a more modern feel

-Add trim, or paint the existing trim


If you’re ready to give your Atlanta ranch curb appeal, call Renewal Design-Build @ 404-378-6962 for a free consultation.


Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Is your home’s exterior seriously lacking in inspiration? When thinking about curb appeal, you may find that you can maximize on your home’s strengths with little work, or that your home may need a major facelift. Ask yourself:

1. What’s your first impression of the home?

2. Is the house clean? Well groomed? Welcoming?

3. What are the best exterior features of the house? Of the lot? How can you enhance them?

4. What are the worst features? What can you do to minimize them or improve them?

Bigger Projects
If you decide your home needs a more comprehensive make over, consider:

  • A new driveway or walkway – stamped concrete
  • Covered entry
  • Adding a front porch
  • Repairing or replacing siding
  • Stone veneer Read more