Transforming Reclaimed Wood into Beautiful New Floors

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Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring

Wood flooring is widely considered to be a timeless design choice regardless of what your preferred design style may be. If you are considering replacing the flooring of your home in Atlanta with wood, consider using reclaimed wood instead of newer wood products. Reclaimed wood is salvaged from previous projects, and it tends to have much more character than new wood.  In addition to character, reclaimed wood offers several benefits to a home design:

  • Reclaimed wood is wonderful for the environment.
    The American Society of Interior Designers urges incorporating it into green design. It’s the most sustainable choice over petroleum-based materials like carpeting and vinyl. Rather than biodegrading in a landfill, it’s resurfaced and gets a second life as a beautiful wood floor.
  • Reclaimed wood is frequently stronger and more durable than fresh wood. That’s because in comparison, old-growthtimber has had time to grow stronger and is therefore harder than first-generation, virgin flooring stock. It’s as much as forty points harder on the Janka scale, which measures how much force it takes to embed a steel ball into a wood sample.
  • Reclaimed wood is beautiful and has unique properties. Sometimes it’s available in extra-long lengths or wide widths. It can be less expensive than virgin wood stock, and it often has special character and aging. After being refinished, some aged woods only require clear coating because the natural vintage tone of the wood is so appealing. And of course, it can be stained to any shade just like any other lumber.

Sixty percent or more remodelers and designers use wood flooring for kitchens and bathrooms, and reclaimed wood like oak and heart pine are durable enough for high traffic patterns. They can be sealed with polyester varnish, though bathrooms that have high humidity are better served with Tung oil, which is absorbed into the wood and maintains flexibility.

If you want to remodel your Atlanta home with reclaimed wood, Renewal Design-Build will be happy to help. Contact us for information or call us at 404-378-6962.

The Wonders of an ENERGY STAR Certified Refrigerator

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When we work with homeowners on green home renovations in Atlanta, one of our first suggestions is to replace old appliances with Energy Star Certified counterparts. Something as simple as replacing your old refrigerator with an Energy Star certified refrigerator can save as much as $1,100 over the refrigerator’s lifetime. This is just one of the wonders of a refrigerator that meets Energy Star certification requirements.

A Positive Return on Your Investment

While Energy Star certified refrigerators may cost more initially, you’re guaranteed to receive a return on your investment. Energy Star promises homeowners will recoup the extra money spent – and then some – within a reasonable amount of time through energy savings.


Out with the Old

Did you know 61% of Atlanta homes were built prior to 1960? Many homes have been passed down to newer generations with well-maintained infrastructures and appliances intact. However, appliances were considerably less energy efficient prior to the 1990’s. If you own a refrigerator that’s more than ten years old, you’re spending a minimum of $200 more on energy than you need to.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Energy Star certified refrigerators are guaranteed to use 15% less energy than models that aren’t certified. They use 20% less energy than standard refrigerator models that meet minimum government requirements for energy efficiency. That is a significant difference in energy usage and therefore energy costs.

To maximize energy savings and minimize your carbon footprint, consider the following:

  • Read the EnergyGuide label carefully to compare energy use with other models.
  • Top-mounted freezer models are 10%-25% more efficient than other models.
  • The biggest savings are gained by refrigerators in the 16-20 cubic feet range, so don’t buy more fridge than you need.
  • Ice makers and door dispensers use 14%-20% more energy.

Green home renovations are a great way to update your home and reduce your carbon footprint. Make an appointment for a Renewal System Solutions energy assessment to learn more ways your home will benefit from energy efficient modifications.


Why Choose Quartz Countertops for Your Atlanta Kitchen Renovation?

Quartz countertops are one of the trendiest kitchen countertop surfaces on the market right now.  They’re gorgeous, ultra-durable, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly. If a kitchen renovation is on the horizon for you in 2013, consider the following qualities of quartz countertops to help you decide on a countertop material for your home.

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One of our many kitchen projects featuring quartz countertops

Quartz is the second most plentiful mineral on the planet. The hexagonal crystals are mixed with an acrylic polymer to create quartz slabs. Depending upon the size of the crystals used, countertops can have a more sporadic “natural” pattern, similar to granite, or it can be finely ground for a more uniform look, like Corian.

Quartz countertops are incredibly durable due to their natural crystal structure and the inherent strength of the binding polymers. In fact, quartz is the most durable of the non-precious gems. Unlike granite, which is porous, requires sealing, and is prone to chipping and cracking, quartz is ultra-durable and will last a lifetime without issue.

With no sealing or special treatments required, quartz countertops are extremely low-maintenance.  This makes them an excellent choice for busy families and professionals on the go.  Because quartz countertops are non-porous, they are easy to clean and will never stain. They are even scorch-resistant.

Most quartz countertop products have a respectable percentage of recycled products included during the manufacturing process. In fact, some quartz countertop lines are even mined and manufactured here in the USA, cutting down on fossil fuel consumption.

For help turning your Atlanta kitchen from drab to fab with quartz countertops, call Renewal Design-Build at 404-378-6962 to discuss your needs.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

Of all the materials that go into a kitchen remodel, cabinetry is one of the most important – and usually the biggest investment. Choosing cabinetry typically begins with deciding on a door style. Below is a list of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles and where they work best.

Flat panel style doors have a recessed center panel, a simple design that works great in most kitchens. Flat panel doors can be enhanced with details like beadboard. Shaker cabinets and arts and crafts style cabinetry fall in this category.

Raised panel doors have a center panel that is just that – “raised.” They offer more detail than other door styles, come in many designs, and work best in more traditional homes.

Slab doors have no frame or panels. Flat pieces of wood, they are great for contemporary or modern kitchens.

Accent cabinets are typically not used throughout the entire kitchen. They can feature glass fronts, aluminum frames, or even stainless steel. Glass front cabinets are ideal for displaying special dishware, cookbooks, or other treasured pieces.

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flat panel, shaker style

raised panel


accent cabinet with glass front

slab door style