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So You Want to Remodel Your Atlanta Home, But No Idea Where to Start? Let us help!

Home remodeling projects vary greatly from homeowner to homeowner depending on their individual needs. Where one family may need a better kitchen layout and design, another may need more space for a new baby on the way. There really is no right or wrong in general, just right and wrong for the individual. I’m going to go over several of the most popular types of home remodeling projects, and how they can help in your Atlanta home.


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Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the number-one remodeled room in the home according to every major study. It may be our southern roots, but we believe it’s because the kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s where the family gathers for meals, birthday parties, and other events. Maybe it’s just because people love the look and feel of an updated kitchen. Some remodels may be as simple as painting and purchasing all new appliances. Others may include an entirely new kitchen by the time it’s all said and done.


Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is the second-most remodeled room in the home. Some bathroom remodels are as simple as painting and replacing a few pieces of furniture. Others may be as detailed as replacing a tub/shower unit with a tile shower, replacing linoleum with tile, replacing the entire vanity area, and replacing an old toilet with a water saving toilet.

Aging in Place

Aging in place isn’t an entirely new concept, but it is quickly gaining ground in recent years. The aging in place process is one in which Atlanta’s senior citizens are able to live independently in their own home for more years than they were previously able to. I love this one, because our wonderful city has so many elderly people who are perfectly capable of living at home instead of a retirement home; all they need is a few minor modifications to their home.

Adding a Bedroom

Expecting a new arrival to the household? Build an extra bedroom in advance. This needed remodel idea is pretty much a no-brainer, because when you need more space, you need more space! Introducing new family members into the household often requires the addition of a new bedroom.

Adding an Office

The Internet allows more people to work from home or occasionally telecommute. A home office is quickly becoming the standard in new home building. People need a spot to work that is interruption-free and quiet.

Decatur - ClassicAdd Outdoor Space

Let’s face it, Atlanta gets hot, hot, HOT! A covered patio, gazebo, sunroom, or covered deck adds value to your home while providing a great way to enjoy the gorgeous weather without getting sunburned.

What it’s all About

No matter what you choose to do with your home, transform it to match the demands your family puts on it. A healthy, happy life is what it’s all about. If remodeling your home creates more happiness or improves your current lifestyle in any way, it’s already worth it. Call us for a free consultation if you’d like to talk about your options and maybe we can help bounce some ideas with you!


Renewal Design-Build’s Personal Renovation Guarantee

Guaranteed-Renovation-300x161I’ll bet you’re thinking, “Everyone offers a money back guarantee, what makes you so special?” One of the many things that makes Renewal Design-Build so special is that we don’t have the fine print that other people have. We guarantee a completed project by a specific date, and if it isn’t done on time and in budget, we refund you $200 per day we are late.

It really is that simple. Our Guaranteed Renovation covers all renovation projects over $50,000. We guarantee, in writing, that we will complete your project by a specific date. If we miss our deadline we pay you $200 per calendar day that we go over. There is no fine print that protects us against our own mistakes.

That isn’t the only way Renewal Design-Build stands above the competition. We proudly house an entire design team, build team, and other experts under the same roof. This provides you the ability to converse with several teams of experts at any given time. Discuss your design ideas with our design team before any demolition or construction begins at your home.

How We Will Help with Your Atlanta Home Renovation

  • We will help you decide whether to purchase and renovate a home. Just call us, and one of our consultants will meet you at the home you’re considering purchasing. Discuss your renovation ideas with him, and he will give you an honest opinion on whether he believes you should buy the house and a rough estimate of about how much your desired renovations may cost.
  • Design – Our designers are available to help you design the perfect renovations to your home. We will provide realistic photos to show you what you can expect before we begin construction.
  • Financing – We do NOT provide in-house financing, but we do work with you to help you find financing for your project if needed.
  • Budgeting – We will help you develop a budget that we can all work with, and we will work within that budget.
  • Materials – We will help you choose the best materials for your home renovation.
  • Single Point of Contact – One of the things we hear most from our previous clients is that it was so convenient working with us because they expressed their concerns to one person instead of several different teams. You will work hand-in-hand with one consultant the entire duration of the project.

We’re standing by waiting to hear from you about renovations to your Atlanta home. Let us hear what you have to say about your existing home and how you’d like to transform it to meet your current needs. Your initial consultation is free.