Master Suite Remodeling Trends that are on the Rise for 2017

The master suite is the third-most remodeled part of the home. It follows just behind the kitchen and the bathroom. This simple fact tells us that you and many other homeowners are probably interested in what’s hot and what’s not for 2017. So let’s start with the bedroom and incorporate other areas of the master suite as we move along.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should feel like your haven away from the rest of the world. This should be your preferred area to relax, unwind, and let go of the stresses of the day. Our goal is to create a master bedroom that fulfills that requirement in a very stylish and upscale manner. Here are a few trends that we find impressive:

  • Dramatic Walls – Metallic paint designs and faux finishes on the walls provide a unique style that homeowners love. Take this idea a step further and use gold accents to give the room a beautiful, warm, rich appeal.
  • Serenity – Soothing and well-blended colors are the talk of the town. Soft greens, cream, and light purples are very popular among today’s homeowners.
  • Convenience – A small coffee bar with an espresso machine and small sink will facilitate those late mornings when you want coffee, but don’t want to emerge from your sanctuary.

The Master Suite

The master suite should serve multiple purposes. It should be a child-free zone that only the parents enjoy. Every parent deserves some time to themselves from time to time, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Here are a few things your master suite needs:

  • Seating Area – Create a plush seating area with comfortable and stylish seats. This area may be near windows if you have a great view that you can enjoy. You may even choose to create a library nook for your private seating area.
  • Stacked Stone Fireplace – Stacked stone has taken the place of brick as the material of choice for a fireplace, hearth, backsplashes, and even exterior foundation work.
  • Walk-in Closet – The walk-in closet is an absolute must in the master suite. Take the opportunity to create an entire room dedicated to closet and storage.

The Master Bathroom

The master bathroom doesn’t need to cater to anyone else in the house but you. This isn’t the area to bathe the children or for the teenagers to fight over mirror space. This is your space and it needs to be all about you. Here are a few great trends for the bathroom:

  • Pendant Lights – Pendant lights are making their way out of the kitchen and into the master bathroom. They look pretty amazing above the vanity.
  • Lighted Mirrors – Mirrors are a must, anyway, so improve their functionality by installing lighted mirrors. You’ll love the convenience when it comes to preparing for work.
  • Textured Tile – We recently shared another post about creative uses for tile. Textured tile is available in a variety of styles and designs. Mix and match them with other tile to create something amazing.

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Hot Exterior Trends for Atlanta Area Homes in 2017

Spring is the best time of year to start exterior home improvement projects. Many homeowners are beginning to notice that the backyard is made up of highly underutilized space. They’re taking the initiative to create outdoor living areas that not only improve the aesthetic of the exterior of their property but the monetary value as well. Here are several hot trends for the exterior of your home that you may want to consider for 2017.

Stacked Stone Fireplace and Foundation

Stacked stone is taking its rightful place front-and-center in many areas from interior fireplaces to exterior fireplaces, interior and exterior accent walls, and even the foundation. The world has fallen in love with the aesthetic appeal of stacked stone, and we can easily see why!

Create an Outdoor Living Area

Build a structure with open walls or optional mosquito netting walls, and highlight it with an amazing outdoor fireplace. Take this idea a step further and create an entire area to cook food, eat, and relax in the great outdoors. Many homeowners love the idea of outdoor living areas because it helps them reconnect with nature after fighting in the concrete jungle all day.

Multi-Tier Deck

A deck is a great way to spend outside time with family. No one ever said that your deck had to be a boring rectangle stuck to the back of your home. Let us show you how we can design an amazing multi-tier deck to help facilitate all of your barbecues and other outdoor gatherings with family and friends.

New Siding

You can never go wrong with new siding to give your home a facelift. Vinyl siding needs to be replaced about every 15 years because it begins to lose its color due to oxidation. Take the initiative to replace your existing siding with a different color. Discuss colors with your HOA (Homeowner’s Association) before taking the plunge so you can make sure your chosen color is approved.

Paint the Exterior Accents

New siding means new accent colors for the porch rails, window and door trim, and the privacy fence. Be prepared to choose a new, unique accent color for your entry door as well. The new siding color may overshadow the existing color. Besides, the door needs to be updated from time to time anyway.

Exterior Home Improvement in Atlanta

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Benefits of an Open Floor Plan in Your Home



Your floor plan plays a vital role not just in the look of your home’s interior, but also your comfort. It requires some forethought as it will cost you more to change some aspects of the design. In the past many homes had compartments which became designated spaces. These days, more homeowners are showing a preference for fewer walls and dividers. Here are some good reasons for this.

Better interaction

A warmer, more inviting atmosphere is an immediate benefit of having this type of layout. Even in a large room, family members can interact more freely. Essentially, everyone can be in the same room, but still have plenty of personal space, so it will not feel crowded.

More natural lighting

An open layout allows a lot of natural light to fill the space. It will not be hindered by shadows, and the room can feel like a direct connection to the outdoors. This can be enhanced with the installation of a large window or a window wall.

More suitable for entertainment

If you are one of those people who enjoy entertaining guests, this is probably the best setting for different types of gatherings. A large room free of impediments allows guests to move around and mingle as much as they want to. The guests will not be crowded into one area as the traffic will flow easily.

It makes the interior seem larger

You might not have a home that is as large as you want it to be, but with an open layout it will seem more spacious. This is one of the techniques designers use to give homes a more airy feel. Some contractors remove walls for just this reason.

Safer environment

It is easier keep an eye on children if there are no walls in the way. This type of floor plan leads to a safer environment as there is always a clear line of sight. You can watch the kids even when you are doing something else.

Home Interior Remodeling in Atlanta

An open layout is not the right fit for every home. It is impossible to achieve this effect to a great extent in some homes due to the presence of load bearing walls. If you want to open up your home’s interior, your contractor will tell you if this possible, and which walls can be removed safely.

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Amazing Master Bathroom Trends to Keep Your Eyes on through 2017

If building a new bathroom or renovating an existing one is on your schedule for 2017, you want to know the trends that are expected to be hot this year. Many are spillovers from last year. So what are the experts saying about bathrooms?

A Mixture of Material

Combining material for an eclectic blend of old and new is quite trendy. Wood and faux wood will be used to create a warm look. Wooden bench or cabinets complement that natural look that modern bathrooms are aiming for design-wise.

A Touch of Nature

Taking a bit of the outdoors inside is still expected to be a popular trend for bathroom makeovers in 2017. A plant or flower is almost a requirement for the modern bathroom.

Dark Colors

Black and other dark colors will play a big role in design. However, the move towards a combination of black and white is expected to make a big combat. Shades of gray and similar shades will also be popular. For a modern palette, combining black, white and gray is also on the horizon. Bronze and gold for fixtures will take the color scheme up a notch.

The Tub and Vanity

The use of freestanding tub was a big hit for the last few years and is showing no sign of slowing down. Expect to see the tub taking center stage in the bathroom without any distracting elements such a step or other piece of furniture close to it. The style, of course, is as wide as the taste of homeowners. Some freestanding tubs are simple, while others are elaborate with heated back rest.

The same free flowing design will be used for vanities. This design will not only create a look of an airy, more spacious bathroom, but also a modern one. The use of floating vanities will give even the smallest bathroom an illusion o size.


The organization is the buzz word for busy people in today’s constantly on the go generation. This means that bathroom cabinets and storage units are designed so that everything is close at hand and easy to locate. Some storage units for the bathroom include shelves that allow the storage of appliances such as blow-dryers right where there are electrical outlets. No need to move anything, just use and replace.

Decorative Tiles

The use of tiles for the focus wall or just to create a look of elegance will also remain. Dimensional tiles will be especially popular due to their ability to give a room a look of style.

Bathroom Remodeling in Atlanta

Of course, functionality will continue to be a major deciding factor when it comes to bathroom design. Of course, you can incorporate your own ideas with these trends for your own stamp of approval. We can work with you to design and build a bathroom that is chic, trendy, and still have your own personal style.

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