Home Remodeling with Teens

Teenagers are often difficult to understand, but as parents, I don’t think we’re supposed to understand them. Think back to when you were a teenager; did everyone understand you and your needs? Of course not. Children grow into teenagers before we realize it, and their needs and tastes grow along with them. All too often parents are suddenly faced with the fact that their four bedroom two bath home just doesn’t cut it with so many people trying to get ready for work, school, hanging out with friends, and study dates.

Add a Bathroom
Adding a bathroom to your existing home may sound a bit tricky, but it can be done. Your contractor may have to get quite creative depending on the layout of your home, but imagine the convenience the addition of a single small bathroom would add to your family’s lifestyle.
Be careful when adding a full bathroom because you may overstress the hot water heater. No one will want to use the third bathroom shower if everyone is going to finish in cold water. Consider the possibility of installing a tankless hot water heater if you’re going to add a new full bath to your existing home.


Add a Home Addition
A home addition expands the physical size of your home, making space for nearly any type of room you need. Many first-time homeowners purchase a small house and work to pay the mortgage down so they have a good amount of equity in the home. They decide to add additional rooms as their family grows, and they can take out a second mortgage to cover the costs of expansion.

Teens Need Space
Teenagers need space to store all of their stuff. And they need space to invite friends over, play video games without commanding the use of the entire living room, and computer time without fussing with siblings who also need the computer for homework.

The ability to provide teens with the space they need to enjoy life (and make life easier on you) doesn’t necessarily mean you need to build onto the home. Remodeling bedrooms to include built-in storage for things like game consoles, game controllers, and a hide-away desk makes a big difference. Simply creating hidden or multi-operational storage spaces is often all that’s required in order for a teen to feel that they have increased space for stuff.

Ask Around
Discuss your home’s issues with a contractor. A properly designed home should flow easily from room to room and be comfortable enough to easily accommodate its occupants. Call us to discuss your home addition or remodeling options if you feel that your home isn’t adequately addressing the demands placed on it by your family.

Renewal Design + Build is a full service home design and build company located in the Decatur area. We service the Decatur, Intown Atlanta, Dunwoody, and Sandy Springs areas. Our designers work closely with our project managers and construction teams to ensure that your home addition or remodel is perfect and exactly what you expect. Call us to schedule a free consultation with regards to remodeling your home during its transition from being a home to children to accommodating teenagers.

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A High End Kitchen Renovation that Won’t Leave You Feeling Burned

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I could talk for days about how incredible our designers and builders are here at Renewal Design-Build, but I believe our work speaks for itself. Many of our kitchen remodels have received the Chrysalis Award (2013), the 2012 Silver OBIE Award for Residential Remodeling Best Addition, among other prestigious awards. Our designs have been featured on television shows, and our clients are always thrilled with the completed project. Please view our portfolio to see before and after photos of the amazing remodeling projects we’ve previously done.

Designing an award-winning kitchen takes time, patience, and no small amount of expertise. Our design team is absolutely incredible, and they leave no avenue unexplored. They work with you to ensure that your every wish is fulfilled regarding your new kitchen.

Our kitchen designs wouldn’t be as amazing without our expert team of builders. Our builders take their time to review the 3D renderings and study the plans for each kitchen build before any work begins. They make sure to get all questions and concerns out of the way before the beginning of the project, that way there are no surprises along the way.

Our teams work so well together that the entire project feels seamless. The homeowners we work with report that their experience with us was like no other they’ve ever experienced. They feel as if they are our only client, even when they know they aren’t. Our overall client care approach is designed to put the client first in everything we do.

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Allow us the opportunity to work with you to design your new custom kitchen. You will be responsible for choosing the basic design that our designers will embellish on, the materials that our builders will use, and the finishing touches that will make your kitchen shine. In the end, your kitchen will be award-worthy just as many of the other kitchens in our online portfolio.

We’re very proud to have been able to work with some amazing clients in the Decatur and greater Atlanta area. We’ve met people who know exactly what they want and give us the creative freedom to perfect on their vision. We’ve also met people who have several great ideas, but aren’t quite sure if those ideas can be made into a usable kitchen. We do everything within our power to make sure their kitchen exceeds their expectations.

We enjoy working with homeowners to bring their kitchen dreams to life. If you’re remodeling your existing home, or building a new home, and are interested in hiring us to design and build your custom kitchen, please give us call. We will set up an appointment that works with your schedule and discuss your design and build needs.

Thinking about Remodeling Your Home? Let’s Talk Whole House Redesign!

Before you panic or click away for fear of sticker shock, let me explain that a whole house redesign doesn’t necessarily mean knocking down all walls and starting from scratch. The basic structure of your home will remain intact, but we will redesign certain rooms, remodel the kitchen and bathrooms if you wish, and make whatever other changes you want. Some rooms, the family room for instance, may only require new paint, new windows, or updated flooring. Other rooms may only require paint, or nothing at all.

Build a New Home vs. Redesign and Remodel
One of the primary questions you need to ask your self is – should you remodel your existing home or build a new custom home? That choice is, of course, entirely yours. Several key factors need to be taken into consideration. Let’s take a look at a few of the big ones:
Building a new home requires the acquisition of land, footers to be dug, foundation to be poured, and every stage of construction leading up to the completed home. Remodeling your existing home requires none of those additional costs. Your basic structure, the foundation, plumbing, and electric wires are already in place.


Plan for Now and Later
Planning your whole house remodel will take time. You will likely need to consult an architect as well as a contractor. Your existing home has specific support beams and support walls that simply cannot be removed and replaced without ensuring that the support remains in place. Removing areas of support without replacing them all but guarantees that your home will become structurally unsafe.

While planning your remodel, keep in mind that you’re planning for now and for the future as well. Many people live in their homes through their retirement years, and well into their 80s. Mobility issues will likely arise in your later years, so plan ahead and include handrails, grab bars, wide hallways and doorways, and accessible showers and tubs.
Planning your remodel to include your senior years will increase the value of your home and make life much easier on you in the future. Adding a doorway to adjoin your bedroom to your baby’s bedroom may be a great idea for now, but think about what the teen years are going to bring.

Up to Code
This would be the perfect time to make sure all of the wiring and plumbing in your home is up to code. Replace any damaged or worn wiring with new, and replace all light switches and electrical sockets while you’re into it.

Go Solar
The Federal Tax Credit for installing solar panels expires at the end of 2016. Why not take advantage of it before it’s too late? Solar panels are a great investment for the future because they effectively reduce energy bills. The initial investment will be offset by tax credits and they will continue to pay for themselves through reduced energy costs.

Need More Ideas? Ask Us.
Contractors and architects are always full of great remodeling ideas! Feel free to ask questions like, “If it were your house, and you needed this functionality, what would you do?” You may be surprised at some of the answers you receive once you ask the architect, designer, or contractor to use their imagination.