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Balancing Your Remodeling Budget to Get the Best Results

Lenox ParkNow that you’ve made the decision to begin your Atlanta home renovations, you probably have a general idea of what you want and how much you can afford to spend. But how do you know where to skimp and where to splurge?

By being upfront and honest concerning both your budget and expectations, your design-build firm can advise you on where money can be saved and where quality is most important.

If there are certain custom features that are “must haves,” it’s important to let your designer know that these are non-negotiable. This will make those decisions on where to cut corners in the future much easier. For example, if radiant floor heating is a “must have,” consider installing less expensive tile or hardwoods on top to balance out the cost.

Consider renovating and reusing rather than replacing. If the kitchen cabinets are still in good shape, refinishing or repainting will give them new life while freeing up dollars for top of the line appliances. Also, don’t discount using remnants and recycled materials for things like countertops, flooring, interior doors and light fixtures.

Make sure you invest in quality systems and materials that need to last, such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing and insulation. These are all areas that are both expensive and difficult to replace. Plus, in many cases if a substandard heating system is installed or sub-par insulation used, the initial savings will quickly be lost.

If the renovation includes extensive exterior work, don’t forget to discuss future landscaping plans. It really isn’t cost effective to rework certain areas of the exterior if it is eventually going to be hidden by wide bushes or towering shrubs.

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Check Your Historical Home for These Must-Repair Problems

Anyone planning a historic renovation in Atlanta knows there will be challenges, but they also know that the end result is worth it.  While you’re doing many remodeling projects simply because of added aesthetics and functionality, there are other projects on the table not open for discussion.

  • a3-289x300Start at the top and work your way down. Roof discoloration and staining or shingles or tiles which are lifting or missing are all signs that the roof needs some attention. Then look carefully inside in the attic. Check to see if there is wet insulation and if the space around vent piping and near the chimney is damp. Any areas where the roof has been breached needs to have close attention paid for signs of moisture.
  • Next have a professional electrician or licensed home inspector investigate the power situation. Chances are the entire system will have to be upgraded simply because older homes don’t have the necessary electrical requirements to meet the needs of today’s homeowner. Not only will the entire electrical panel or breaker box not handle the load of new appliances and electronics, but switches, outlets and fixtures can deteriorate with age.
  • Head down to the basement or crawl space and thoroughly scrutinize the foundation both inside and out, the insulation, any HVAC ductwork and the exposed beams and framing. All homes settle with age, but if there are cracks in the foundation larger than the diameter of a pencil, this usually signals a larger problem. Termite damage is often first discovered under the house and even if you don’t see destruction in the wood, check carefully where the wood meets the ground for piles of sawdust which can indicate damage is occurring internally.

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