5 Reasons You Should Splurge on Custom Kitchen Cabinetry and High End Hardware

If you’re remodeling your house or your kitchen, choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make. The kitchen cabinets are the largest and most visible part of your kitchen; they will determine the look and the feel, and add to or take away from the functionality of the entire room. Kitchen cabinetry isn’t something you change every day so your choices will stick with you for quite a while.  In this post, we will try to reassure you that investing a few extra bucks on custom kitchen cabinetry and high-end hardware will be worth it in the long run.

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  1. Think Long Term – The thing you need to keep in mind is that the decisions you make now are the decisions you will have to live with for quite a while. If you go for an option you’re not very excited about just to save a few dollars, you might regret this choice further on. And your kitchen is the place you’ll be seeing every day.
  2. Consider the Details – The great thing about custom cabinetry is that you can pay attention to all the details, including the materials, dimensions, colors, functionality, number of doors, the handle styles, etc. This is the true customization every kitchen enthusiast dreams of.
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  3. Aim for Higher Quality – Another benefit of investing into remodeling your kitchen is that you’ll have the possibility to consider quality and unique hardware choices. Sometimes the little details make the world of difference.
  4. Value Over Time – The next thing to consider is the value you’ll be getting for your money, or cost vs. durability. If you choose the right materials and all the right features, you’ll be getting a beautiful kitchen that won’t be compromised for a long time. If you get lower quality hardware, it might get damaged by the moisture and steam in the kitchen, or you might damage it with a sharp or heavy object.
  5. Not Your Standard Kitchen Cabinets – If you need dimensions that are different from standard cabinet dimensions, including the length or the height, getting custom cabinets is the best and the most economic option. Getting regular sized cabinetry and then adapting it to your specific needs can get a lot more costly, time-consuming, and bottom line – ugly.

Custom kitchen cabinetry is one of the best ways to truly customize the overall design of your new kitchen. Take your time and create cabinets that you are sure you will love for many years to come. Give us a call at 404-378-6962 if you would like to discuss custom kitchen cabinets or potential designs for your new kitchen. We will schedule an appointment for a consultation to go into detail about your kitchen remodeling project.