Tile Trends that Create a Visual Impact without Destroying the Budget

Whether you’re building a home or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom space, tile can be used in a myriad of ways to create a unique, personalized space. Here are 6 tile trends to create stunning visual impact without destroying your budget.

Brick Design

Like many other industries, certain tile shapes come to the forefront of popular design each season. Brick shaped tiles are modern and timeless, and even with this simple shape the options are exponential. From macro to micro, vintage or clean and modern, polished to rustic, brick tiles are available in almost any color and finish you can imagine.


Chevrons and herringbone are a timeless pattern that never goes out of style. Herringbone and chevron designs are available on scales from thin lines to inches wide allowing you to create the pattern you desire.

Limitless Lines

Endless variations exist on another of the most basic elements of design: the line. Straight lines, intersecting lines, flat or three-dimensional, linear designs can run from the most simple to elaborate, modern to classic. Lines can add movement and depth to any tiled surface.


Tile can be a great place to add a pop of color, but designing in grayscale can add endless sophistication to your space. From cool late tones to blends of grey and beige, there is an entire spectrum of grey available in different shapes and finishes.

Soft Meets Hard

There is something magical about creating a soft design with something hard like tile. Distressed tile that has been sandblasted, tile with the look of fabric, warm and cool shades in soft tones can all create a reprieve from the hard lines often found in tiled surfaces. If your aesthetic is less modern and more classic and homey, the watercolor and velvety textures found in some tiles can bring warmth to your home.

Play with Size

Fragmented patterns on square and rectangle tiles combined to produce large, stunning compositions can create a statement piece in your bath or kitchen.  For something completely modern and new, supersized tiles bring new design possibilities to any home. Large, thin porcelain slabs can be used to cover countertops or to create smooth, stunning wall spaces and backsplashes.

Fun with Tile

The sheer number of options we have with tile allows us to create nearly anything we can imagine. Tile doesn’t have to be terribly expensive to create a truly unique appearance everywhere it is used. Many of the kitchens and bathrooms we’ve remodeled have included intricate and creative tile work. Take a look at the examples of our work in those links and let us know what you think.

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2016 Home Design Trends That Can Influence Your Remodeling Decisions

When homeowners start to think about remodeling projects, one of the first things they will do is scour the Internet looking for ideas. That is where many home construction or remodeling starts, no matter how small the project is. Everything is determined based on the look you want, so it pays to know what the upcoming trends are likely to be. So we want to share some upcoming 2016 home design trends that may influence your remodeling decisions for the coming year.
Master Bathroom Design Trends
Master Bathrooms
More homeowners are expected to either add master bathrooms or improve their existing bedroom suite. A master bathroom may sound expensive, but it does not have to be. Getting a spa setting is one of the more costly options, but this is an investment that will increase the value of your home. One thing to remember is that most bathroom improvements will likely require an expansion of the space.


Some interesting changes are ahead for kitchens in the coming year and beyond. One of the most surprising is the continuing emergence of black and white or gray and white color schemes. Subtle designs and color schemes will gain more ground among homeowners as well. We expect to see more requests for metallics, reclaimed wood and mixed textures in the kitchen.

Kitchen Home Design Trends

Personalized Spaces
If there is one thing more people want when it comes to design, it is more control. Despite the prevailing trends, insiders expect homeowners to add touches that are unique to their tastes or needs. Many of these improvements will give a home improved functionality in addition to better aesthetics. Examples include personal work spaces or play areas for children.

With the boom in portable devices and entertainment options, contractors and electricians will be working overtime to make their clients happy. Homeowners will demand more of the options that allow them to take their entertainment to any room. They may also need additional electrical work to accommodate some of the latest technology available.

More Amenities
One big home design trend for 2016 will be an increased focus on amenities, especially for those living in older homes. These changes will be most apparent in bathrooms and kitchens with the additions of new appliances and fixtures. Even pets will not be left out, as more pet lovers will be making improvements such as doggie doors, feeders and designated spaces for their furry friends.

If you are thinking about remodeling it is wise to keep an eye on trends that catch your eye throughout the year. Even if you don’t follow them precisely they provide good starting points for your remodeling projects. We encourage the examination of trends even though many trends come and go; and some should simply go away and never return, but that’s a different topic altogether!

Are you planning to remodel your Decatur or Atlanta area home in 2016? Give us a call at 404-378-6962 if you’re interested in discussing home design trends or scheduling a free consultation with our renovation consultants.

Should You Move or Renovate?

Buckhead - TransitionalIs your home bursting at the seams? Need more space for the kids, an aging relative, or a home office? Before making a decision, we recommend determining your overall budget and making a pros and cons list for both options. Make sure to consider these details while making your decision:

Reasons to Renovate

  • Established life – You love your neighborhood, the local schools, your neighbors and your commute to work, but you want to update or expand your home.
  • Good Bones – Your house has good bones but you want to modernize and customize your interior to best suit your family’s needs and wants.
  • Customization – Customize your home to reflect your family’s style by renovating. You may want to add extra work areas and storage space, open up the kitchen to an adjacent living space, or create a better kitchen layout for cooking and entertaining. Our designers will work with you to create a space that meets your needs, while helping you to select finishes and materials that represent your individual tastes.
  • Room to expand – If you believe your home has room to expand upwards or outwards, consult with a design-build expert to check your city’s latest zoning restrictions (height, distance to property line, yard dimensions, etc…) to ensure you have adequate space for an addition.
  • Empty Nesters – Your children have grown and left the home and you are ready to update your home to fit your new lifestyle.  Consider hiring a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) design-build firm to make your home accessible for the long term.
  • Greener home –  Renovating your home to improve its energy and water efficiency can help you save on energy bills, increase personal comfort, and minimize your home’s impact on the environment.  Also, tax incentives and rebates are often available for these upgrades.
  • Avoid stress and expense of moving – the inconveniences of having a house on the market and the expenses you might incur such as repairs, staging to sell, realtor fees, home inspections, movers and utility startup fees.
  • Boost home value – if you plan to stay in your home for a few years, you may recoup a good percentage of your renovation costs.  Remodeling Magazine’s 2015 Cost Vs. Value report for Atlanta puts recoup rates at 67% for a major kitchen renovation (mid-range) or 59% for an upscale version, 64% for a mid-range bathroom remodel or 60% for an more upscale bath renovation, 69% for two-story additions (mid-range project), and 70% for basement remodels (mid-range project).

Reasons to Move

  • Existing house does not have room to expand and you will gain more space by moving.
  • You’d like a bigger yard or outdoor area.
  • You want to move closer to family or friends.
  • Relocating to a neighborhood with better schools, home values, commute and/or property taxes.
  • Prefer not to live through a home renovation (noise, dust, etc…).
  • Downsizing to a smaller home.
  • When adding square footage, the existing HVAC, electrical, insulation, roofing, and foundation may be affected and can add up quickly.
  • By remodeling you may price yourself out of your neighborhood and not get your investment back.

Before making the decision to move or remodel you should consult a lender, realtor, and remodeler as they might have creative solutions that can save you time and effort. Renovations can range in cost, depending on the affected parts of your home. However, multiple financing options are available for home improvements.

If you decide to renovate, do your homework and select a reputable remodeler carefully.  Renewal Design-Build is a full-service design-build firm.  Our team of designers and builders are with you from conceptual design to completed construction.  For more information about remodeling your home in Atlanta, contact us at Renewal Design-Build.

Why Should You Choose Renewal Design-Build for Your Atlanta Home Remodeling Project?


Remodeling your home can be a very tedious project. You have to take so many factors into consideration. You’ve probably heard several horror stories as well; stories of muddy Georgia clay boots tracking across clean floors, of contractors disappearing in the middle of a project, and many more.

Renewal Design-Build is not like those other companies. We take pride in providing a professional atmosphere for all of our clients, regardless of the size of the job. Take a look at our design-build process and how it will benefit you.

Communication: It all begins with a phone call. Our initial consultation is the foundation for the entire project. We will meet with you at your home to discuss your project in detail. The renovation consultant who meets with you will serve as your point of contact for the duration of the project. We believe that communication is of equal importance as quality. Without good communication, we don’t feel that the quality of the overall job has been met.

Quality: True quality is met as a direct result of the hard work our designers and builders put forth and the quality of communication between the homeowner and designer. Our builders use only the highest quality materials during the building or remodeling phase of the project. High quality materials plus high quality work equals a high quality finished product.

Save Time and Money: The traditional design and build process required that you first speak with a designer to design your project. Then you’d speak with an architect to make sure the home would be structurally sound. Finally you’d coordinate between a general contractor, a plumber, and an electrician to have the home built. That isn’t how we do it here. We house the design and build teams and arrange everything for you. All you have to do is wait for updates, or call anytime to discuss the project with the project manager.

3D Designs: One of the most unique things we offer is 3D designs of your project. We want to make absolutely sure that you know what the end project will look like, so we provide 3D images. This gives you a glimpse of what life will be like in your newly designed home. We can make any changes you wish until the time construction begins.

Easy Home Design and Renovation

It doesn’t get much easier than building or remodeling your home with Renewal Design-Build. Our firm is dedicated to the improvement efforts put forth by all homeowners in the Atlanta metro area. We have had the opportunity to work with homeowners on both large and small projects. We give the same amount of attention to a $35,000 bathroom as we do a $600,000 full home renovation, because the size of the project doesn’t matter.

Give us a call at 404-378-6962 or contact us via our website any time to discuss your project in detail. We would love to make your home renovation dreams come true.

Historic Decatur - Modern Craftsman

Renovating a Historic Home Doesn’t Mean Tearing it up and Starting Over

Historic Decatur - Modern Craftsman

There’s a major difference between renovating and rebuilding. Renovating a historic home takes a lot of time and involves keeping the historic appeal while updating the necessities. I’m going to thoroughly compare the two throughout this blog post. Please remember that my opinions are my own, and we may disagree. But that’s perfectly okay, I’d still love to discuss your project with you and bounce ideas, regardless of your methods.


When you renovate a historic home, the goal is to maintain the historic appeal of the home while improving the efficiency, and lightly updating the home itself. Most people who renovate do their best to find period pieces to replace broken or damaged pieces. The architecture of decades past is so very multifaceted that it is often very difficult to find pieces that work well without having them crafted.

Which brings me to the next topic of conversation: finding qualified crafters and tradesmen. Some people in the Atlanta area still practice old woodworking and metalworking techniques and can custom make pieces you need.


Maybe rebuilding is a strong word for this, but a lot of people go into a historic renovation and end up with a completely different structure with just a few of the historic elements left intact. This is more of a renovation extreme, or maybe a renovation/modification process. You still end up with a very nice home with some historic elements when the project is complete, but it isn’t exactly a renovation.

The Bottom Line

Historic home renovation involves a bit of something old, something new. The basic structure of the home should stay intact as much as possible. Replace rotted or damaged wood, but try to make it a seamless transition from old to new. Everything you replace with a modernized look and feel transitions the home into an entirely new entity. Try to stay as close to the original as possible if you’re going for a true renovation or preservation.

If you need any help or advice about renovating your Atlanta area historic home, please feel free to call us. We’ll discuss your project with you and offer advice based on our expertise and experience. If you feel overwhelmed with your renovation project, please don’t hesitate to call us for help. Hire us to help with one part of the job that has you scratching your head, or the entire home. It’s your call!

Renewal Design-Build’s Personal Renovation Guarantee

Guaranteed-Renovation-300x161I’ll bet you’re thinking, “Everyone offers a money back guarantee, what makes you so special?” One of the many things that makes Renewal Design-Build so special is that we don’t have the fine print that other people have. We guarantee a completed project by a specific date, and if it isn’t done on time and in budget, we refund you $200 per day we are late.

It really is that simple. Our Guaranteed Renovation covers all renovation projects over $50,000. We guarantee, in writing, that we will complete your project by a specific date. If we miss our deadline we pay you $200 per calendar day that we go over. There is no fine print that protects us against our own mistakes.

That isn’t the only way Renewal Design-Build stands above the competition. We proudly house an entire design team, build team, and other experts under the same roof. This provides you the ability to converse with several teams of experts at any given time. Discuss your design ideas with our design team before any demolition or construction begins at your home.

How We Will Help with Your Atlanta Home Renovation

  • We will help you decide whether to purchase and renovate a home. Just call us, and one of our consultants will meet you at the home you’re considering purchasing. Discuss your renovation ideas with him, and he will give you an honest opinion on whether he believes you should buy the house and a rough estimate of about how much your desired renovations may cost.
  • Design – Our designers are available to help you design the perfect renovations to your home. We will provide realistic photos to show you what you can expect before we begin construction.
  • Financing – We do NOT provide in-house financing, but we do work with you to help you find financing for your project if needed.
  • Budgeting – We will help you develop a budget that we can all work with, and we will work within that budget.
  • Materials – We will help you choose the best materials for your home renovation.
  • Single Point of Contact – One of the things we hear most from our previous clients is that it was so convenient working with us because they expressed their concerns to one person instead of several different teams. You will work hand-in-hand with one consultant the entire duration of the project.

We’re standing by waiting to hear from you about renovations to your Atlanta home. Let us hear what you have to say about your existing home and how you’d like to transform it to meet your current needs. Your initial consultation is free.

Buckhead - Transitional

How to Prioritize Old Home Remodeling Needs

Are you ready to undergo a renovation on your home? Understanding the unique needs of your home is vital to a successful renovation and the first step that we recommend is to make a list of necessary repairs. What work needs to be done? This list will be an initial guide for your decision making process. Since each house is different you will need to create this list of repairs based on your home’s specific needs.

Buckhead - Transitional

Turning this personalized list into a prioritized renovation plan will help direct the work at your home. We suggest that your historic renovation in Decatur begin with:

  • Electrical: If your older home has electrical issues this should be the first priority on your list. Wiring problems can lead to fires or electrocution and may put your family at risk.
  • Structural: Cracks, split beams, and rotted posts are all signs that there are structural issues in your home. These problems can quickly worsen, causing extensive damage that can be difficult to repair.
  • Roofing and gutters: A failing roof and gutter system may cause water damage to your home. Ensuring the roof and gutters create a barrier against water, mold, and mildew is essential to a healthy home.
  • HVAC equipment: Modernizing your home’s HVAC system is important for home comfort and energy efficiency. Choose models that curb energy consumption and are properly fitted to the size of your home.

Our dedicated team of professionals at Renewal Design-Build can help with your historic renovation in Atlanta. We are ready to answer your questions, detail our extensive portfolio, and share the thoughts of our satisfied clients.

Ranch Curb Appeal

A dynamic new entryway and other interior updates open a Druid Hills home for better light and flow


Architecture, interior design, and more ∨

From Shabby Chic home decor to contemporary furniture and mirrors, browse thousands of decorating ideas to inspire your next home project.
Share photos of the kitchen cabinets and kitchen sinks you like with a top kitchen remodeler in your area.

Adding on to Your Atlanta Home: Successfully Blending the Old with the New

home addition and renovation

Renewal Design Build

There are a lot of benefits to building an addition to your home. In addition to enjoying more space, which can be quite helpful if your family is growing, you can also reap the rewards of added value to your home if you decide to sell. However, one thing that you should keep in mind when planning your home addition in Atlanta is successfully blending it with the rest of your house.

If your addition stands out from the original house because the style and materials of the addition are completely different than the rest of the house, then it won’t add as much value and it can hurt your curb appeal.  A well-designed addition should look like it’s always been part of the home; for example, if you have an Arts and Crafts style home, then the last thing you want to do is build a contemporary add on. You should use similar windows, roofing, siding and paint color as the rest of the home, and the same goes for the interior of the addition. Using a cohesive interior design in the new part of your home will provide continuity throughout the house.  For example, if you use wood flooring in your original home, your addition should use the same wood flooring with the same stain to look like it was designed at the same time.

You still have plenty of freedom with the design of your home addition. Trying to exactly replicate the rest of your house could result in missing some of the modern-day features that are available. There can be differences between the addition and the home, it’s just important to tie things together using light fixtures, paint and cosmetic details in order to make it look like an addition that has been there for years.

To plan a home addition that blends with your home in Atlanta, contact us at Renewal Design-Build.

Keeping Comfortable with Foam Board Insulation

design build firm Atlanta home remodeling

Renewal Design Build

Georgia’s weather is once again working its way up to the extreme heat we are known for in summer.  Whether it’s warm or cold outside, good insulation is vital to keeping your home a comfortable temperature without spending a fortune on your utility bills.  In winter, good insulation in your walls keeps heat from escaping from your home, and in summer it keeps the heat from entering, allowing your heating and air conditioning to work more efficiently.

One of the most efficient forms of insulation available is foam board insulation, which provides incredible insulation with far less thickness than other types. Rigid foam board can be used in nearly every part of the home, from the foundation to the attic. There are some great reasons to use this type of insulation:

  • Foam board is easy to install. Unlike fiberglass batting, it’s simple to cut the rigid sheets with a small handsaw or utility knife. It’s also safer to your health; there are no irritating fibers to cause sinus congestion and itching. It can be easily cut to any size or shape, and nailed or glued rather than stapled, which makes installation a lot quicker and easier.
  • Foam board comes in a variety of R-values and thicknesses. It can be installed on the exterior of the building under new siding, over concrete basement walls, ceilings, and between studs on interior walls. The extremely dense, extruded-expanded polystyrene foam board is more resistant to moisture and can be used for low walls and roofs where other types of insulation won’t suffice.
  • Foam board insulation serves year-around: In hot and humid Atlanta summers, it’s the most cost-effective way to provide excellent thermal resistance, preventing heat conduction through the structural elements like wood or steel studs. Rigid foam board is also much more resistant to mildew and mold growth than fiberglass.
  • Less material goes a lot further: Polyisocyanurate foam board (polyiso) Is used for both residential and commercial construction applications. It has a reflective foil facing and a high insulating R-value of 7.0 to 8.0 per inch of thickness. It’s also easy to seal with foil-faced tapes.

If you want to renovate your Atlanta home with insulating foam board, we can help.  Just contact Renewal Design-Build by calling 404-378-6962.