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Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Spice Up Your Atlanta Kitchen

Kitchen design trends got really colorful throughout 2014. Some of these trends have made headlines where others are merely a flash in the pan. How do you distinguish between something enduring vs. a fad that will be over by next year? Here are some of the current trends we are seeing in kitchen design.

Colorful Kitchen
Homeowners have really started showing off their personal tastes in the most recent remodeling projects. They are becoming bold with color choices, like a dark blue kitchen wall with bone cabinets and quartz countertops. Many appliances such as dishwashers, ranges and refrigerators are now available in bright hues.

Streamline the Room
Straight lines, muted tones, and a good combination of dark and bright accent pieces really make a kitchen shine. One of the most popular trends in kitchen design for 2014 is the addition of built-in appliances. The refrigerator is hidden behind a door that looks like a closet door and matches the rest of the room. The microwave follows suit and is no longer a stand-alone piece of countertop space hogging furniture. Some homeowners are even going for a built-in area for the coffee maker. When it comes to custom kitchen design, the sky is the limit!

Kitchen by Renewal Design-Build

New Kitchen Lighting Trends
Under-cabinet LED lighting and over-island LED lighting are very popular this year. LED lighting for the kitchen is very cost effective, and bright enough to really allow you to see what you’re doing. Food prep areas need sufficient lighting in order to prevent mistakes while cooking. And let’s face it; over cabinet and under cabinet lighting is just cool!

New Faucets
Everyone loves the convenience of the pull-out faucet, right? No need to have a faucet and sprayer as two separate entities. It saves space and makes the area look so much cleaner. This year some homeowners also included no-touch electronic faucets in their kitchen design. This seems to work better for a secondary sink where most of the food preparation takes place.

The island is a very popular workspace, and working with a variety of foods requires a lot of hand washing to prevent contamination. The knobs or handles catch a lot of germs each time you turn the water on or off. This risks the very thing you’re trying to avoid – contamination of your food. An electronic faucet prevents that altogether.

Grohe Contemporary Touch Faucet

A Place for Pets
Some homeowners block the kitchen with pet gates while others welcome their pet into every part of the home. This section speaks to the latter group of homeowners. You likely have a designated spot for pet food and water bowls. Let’s take that up a notch and think about actually creating a permanent spot in the kitchen that is out of the way and very convenient for your pets.
The end of a row of cabinets, a lower-tier drawer removal, or the end of an island make fantastic spots for pet food bowls. Modify that idea even further by adding a faucet nearby so it’s even easier and more convenient to fill the water bowl.

Built-in Pet Bowls

What Are Your Thoughts?
What would you consider a kitchen trend for 2014? What do you think about the ones we mentioned here, will they last? Would you like to see more about kitchens or would you prefer we cover other areas of the home in next month’s blog posts? Let us know your thoughts and ideas by commenting in the comments section or emailing us through the Contact Us page on the site!

Why Should You Choose Renewal Design-Build for Your Atlanta Home Remodeling Project?


Remodeling your home can be a very tedious project. You have to take so many factors into consideration. You’ve probably heard several horror stories as well; stories of muddy Georgia clay boots tracking across clean floors, of contractors disappearing in the middle of a project, and many more.

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Communication: It all begins with a phone call. Our initial consultation is the foundation for the entire project. We will meet with you at your home to discuss your project in detail. The renovation consultant who meets with you will serve as your point of contact for the duration of the project. We believe that communication is of equal importance as quality. Without good communication, we don’t feel that the quality of the overall job has been met.

Quality: True quality is met as a direct result of the hard work our designers and builders put forth and the quality of communication between the homeowner and designer. Our builders use only the highest quality materials during the building or remodeling phase of the project. High quality materials plus high quality work equals a high quality finished product.

Save Time and Money: The traditional design and build process required that you first speak with a designer to design your project. Then you’d speak with an architect to make sure the home would be structurally sound. Finally you’d coordinate between a general contractor, a plumber, and an electrician to have the home built. That isn’t how we do it here. We house the design and build teams and arrange everything for you. All you have to do is wait for updates, or call anytime to discuss the project with the project manager.

3D Designs: One of the most unique things we offer is 3D designs of your project. We want to make absolutely sure that you know what the end project will look like, so we provide 3D images. This gives you a glimpse of what life will be like in your newly designed home. We can make any changes you wish until the time construction begins.

Easy Home Design and Renovation

It doesn’t get much easier than building or remodeling your home with Renewal Design-Build. Our firm is dedicated to the improvement efforts put forth by all homeowners in the Atlanta metro area. We have had the opportunity to work with homeowners on both large and small projects. We give the same amount of attention to a $35,000 bathroom as we do a $600,000 full home renovation, because the size of the project doesn’t matter.

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