2016 Home Design Trends That Can Influence Your Remodeling Decisions

When homeowners start to think about remodeling projects, one of the first things they will do is scour the Internet looking for ideas. That is where many home construction or remodeling starts, no matter how small the project is. Everything is determined based on the look you want, so it pays to know what the upcoming trends are likely to be. So we want to share some upcoming 2016 home design trends that may influence your remodeling decisions for the coming year.
Master Bathroom Design Trends
Master Bathrooms
More homeowners are expected to either add master bathrooms or improve their existing bedroom suite. A master bathroom may sound expensive, but it does not have to be. Getting a spa setting is one of the more costly options, but this is an investment that will increase the value of your home. One thing to remember is that most bathroom improvements will likely require an expansion of the space.


Some interesting changes are ahead for kitchens in the coming year and beyond. One of the most surprising is the continuing emergence of black and white or gray and white color schemes. Subtle designs and color schemes will gain more ground among homeowners as well. We expect to see more requests for metallics, reclaimed wood and mixed textures in the kitchen.

Kitchen Home Design Trends

Personalized Spaces
If there is one thing more people want when it comes to design, it is more control. Despite the prevailing trends, insiders expect homeowners to add touches that are unique to their tastes or needs. Many of these improvements will give a home improved functionality in addition to better aesthetics. Examples include personal work spaces or play areas for children.

With the boom in portable devices and entertainment options, contractors and electricians will be working overtime to make their clients happy. Homeowners will demand more of the options that allow them to take their entertainment to any room. They may also need additional electrical work to accommodate some of the latest technology available.

More Amenities
One big home design trend for 2016 will be an increased focus on amenities, especially for those living in older homes. These changes will be most apparent in bathrooms and kitchens with the additions of new appliances and fixtures. Even pets will not be left out, as more pet lovers will be making improvements such as doggie doors, feeders and designated spaces for their furry friends.

If you are thinking about remodeling it is wise to keep an eye on trends that catch your eye throughout the year. Even if you don’t follow them precisely they provide good starting points for your remodeling projects. We encourage the examination of trends even though many trends come and go; and some should simply go away and never return, but that’s a different topic altogether!

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