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Is Your Attic Providing All of the Functionality it Can?

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Sometimes, when you realize that you need more living space, the basement is the first spot that comes to mind. Instead of working your way down, why not look upwards to provide the additional room you need. Your attic space is capable of so much more than humble storage. In fact, in design terms, your options are limited only by the square footage you have to work with. Aside from added space, there is the bonus of increased value of the home if you should decide to sell it at some point.

Before Getting Started

Like any other home renovation, a loft conversion requires realistic goals and some planning. Some loft conversion ideas are not workable due to the ceiling height. Plus, there might be a few structural obstacles that will cramp your style. An initial assessment will tell you just what you will be able to achieve. You may have to factor in a roof adjustment, provided it is within the reach of your budget. You can also consider lowering the ceiling in the room underneath the loft to give you the space you need.

Important Considerations

No matter what type of conversion you are going for, you will have to plan carefully.  First, the plans must be compliant with local building codes. Then you must think about the changes that will make the space comfortable. Insulation will be a key factor, as what is suitable for a storage area might not work as well for a bedroom or a comfortable room for personal space.Morningside Transitional Modern

The converted loft space must have adequate lighting and ventilation. While you will be installing lighting fixtures, some natural light is always a good idea. If possible, install a skylight so that the space will always have a warm, inviting feel. We also recommend dormers in some attics because they increase valuable, usable space as well as providing an excellent natural light source and a window for ventilation.

Installing stairs for loft makeovers can be challenging in some homes because of limited space, but with the right contractor, you will end up with a creative staircase that works in the available space. Let us show you some of the ways we can design your attic and the access point to it without resorting to an attic door and potentially-dangerous ladder.

Design Ideas

Ultimately, your changes depend on your needs, and the needs of your household. Bedrooms are probably the most common attic makeovers. If you have enough room, you can put in a bedroom with a small bath. You can also convert the space into an entertainment area, or a playroom for kids. You may simply need space to organize storage for items that you want to keep in a climate controlled storage area. Search the Internet for design ideas and color schemes that may work for you.

Give us a call if you unsure about your lofty goals. We can tell you what will work, and whether your ideas are too far outside your budget range. We are experts at home remodeling, and we will transform your attic into a beautiful space you can enjoy for many years.

Redesigning the Master Bathroom in Your Home

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when you want to upgrade the interior of your house. You may not want a complete overhaul, but there are points of distress that need a change… now. Oftentimes, people want to upgrade their bathrooms to include some of the newest technology in bathroom design. There’s something grand about changing out the bathroom, especially when you have a great deal of square footage like that of a master bath. If you aren’t thrilled with your master bathroom right now, there are several things that you can do to get things a bit better. Finding the balance here is not too difficult, if you look at several specific ideas.

Changing the Paint Colors and Style

The first step to redesign here is to look at changing the paint. Don’t just settle for a coat of a new color. Think about expert techniques that can stripe, align, or completely change the depth of the room. Contrasting colors in a very specific manner, with a creative brush stroke could very well give your home a whole new look and feel. This goes beyond color, so don’t settle.

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Sliding Doors

Does your existing bathroom door swing into the bathroom and hit whatever is behind it? Choosing a sliding pocket door can change the way you look at the entrance to your bathroom. Pocket doors are often seen in space-saving attempts, or perhaps the opening of a walk in closet, but you can paint, and put these up in a very interesting framework. Adding a pocket door or other type of sliding door such as Japanese doors could very well change the way that you enter, and leave the bathroom.


The Luminous Skylight

Natural lighting can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. The luminous skylight solution can add natural lighting and even additional ventilation if you’d like it to open up at an angle. Done right, this can definitely add a nice touch to the interior of your bathroom, and save money on lighting solutions overall.

Smarter Storage

Another grand solution to consider is that of storage. Mixed use cabinets, fixtures, and even countertops can all be used here. You can definitely change things up if you’re short on space, utilizing multipurpose storage solutions. However, if you have the square footage, you could always add additional space, or even a closet solution. Smart storage is definitely one of the many elements that you should not miss out on here. Let us show you how we can help you make the most of vertical storage options that you may not consider while planning your bathroom remodeling project.

Luxury Elements

Consider a new tub, a new steam shower, a sauna, heated flooring, and even lighting options that are sure to wow. This includes warming floor tiles, and under cabinet lighting as to not disturb anyone if you go to the bathroom late into the night. Luxury elements can tie together the master bath in a visual manner, but also allow for a bit of practical relaxation.

Don’t limit your bathroom remodeling ideas to the normal changing of walls and furniture. Let us show you some amazing ideas for remodeling the bathroom to suit your lifestyle while providing some much-needed luxury. Contact us today!