Which Remodeling Trends are on the Way Out in 2017?

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Following remodeling trends can be a bit of a roller coaster for the average homeowner, due to the amount of information, and the fact that tastes change so quickly. Contractors frequently look to trends to help clients make decisions on the kinds of changes they want to make. Homeowners who are looking for a little inspiration know that finding current trends is the best way to start.

Here are a few trends which are expected to be big this year.

  1. More tech. You can’t go wrong by taking advantage of the increasing availability of high-tech products made for the home. Homeowners are snapping up products that allow them to monitor their homes, and to control everything from the lights to the ovens. Voice-activated assistants are a relatively new entry, but they are expected to show a lot of growth in demand for 2017.
  2. This material has always been considered timeless, but it is getting renewed interest from homeowners and contractors alike. For a bolder look, more people are choosing to combine it with metal or wood.
  3. Hidden storage. In an effort to free up usable space, and in keeping with demand for open space layouts, more people are opting for hidden storage. This can be incorporated into walls in almost any room. Double duty furniture provides the same function.
  4. Laundry rooms. These are a fixture in almost every home, but they will be getting special attention over the next few years. It will no longer be a simple space for a washer and dryer. Rather, it will be better lit with improved storage features.
  5. Cerused wood. Wood is as popular as ever, and this technique is used to bring out more of its natural grain for a more stunning visual impact.
  6. Nature themed bathrooms. Natural stone, rain shower heads and the right color pallets contribute to an outdoor feel in bathrooms that make them more relaxing.

Current trends can help with decision making, but so can knowledge of trends that are showing signs of fading. Here are a few trends that are currently on the way out.

  • Large furniture. Adequate space is always important, and large furniture pieces can cramp your style. They are generally unsuitable for anyone desiring an open layout.
  • Period design. Antique pieces will always have some appeal, but fewer people will be designing entire rooms with decades old themes. Blending old and new is expected to be the ongoing trend.
  • Shiny metals. Shiny, brushed metals provide a sleek look, but for some people there are too passive and almost clinical. Matte finishes are seen to be the better choice for adding more warmth to the kitchen.

Despite the changing trends, remodeling your home should not create confusion. Take it one room at a time, and remember that you don’t have to follow the trends to the letter. They’re better used as a baseline so you can customize them to match your individuality. We’ve helped many homeowners in the Decatur area implement popular trends throughout the years. Call us at 404-378-6962 to discuss remodeling trends for your home and how we can help make your home amazing.

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets that Rock

The design for your kitchen cabinets is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during your kitchen remodeling project. The number of choices and variations in style is astounding. We understand how overwhelming this particular decision can become, so we’ve put together several tips for helping you choose the design that best suits your vision for your new kitchen.

  1. High Quality Construction

Don’t skimp on the quality of the cabinets. High quality wood plus high quality workmanship means you’ve chosen a high quality cabinet that will stand the test of time. Most people remodel the kitchen about every 5-7 years. You don’t want low-quality 3-year cabinets.

  1. The Type of Wood

The type of wood you choose will help determine the overall quality of the cabinets. Pine is a soft wood that will show dings and bumps easily where oak is a dense wood that will look amazing for years to come. Those are not the only two types of wood, of course. The ultimate decision is yours.

  1. Your Specific Storage Needs

Semi-custom and custom cabinets are your best bet when it comes to matching your specific storage needs. Take a good look at how you use your kitchen to determine the size, shape, and location of the cabinets you need. You need extra-wide or extra-tall cabinets if you need to store things like large crock pots, canners, or the large espresso machine you use a couple of times a week, but don’t want it on the countertop all the time.

  1. Explore Features and Finishes

Explore a variety of cabinet features and finishes such as:

  • Artwork and customized etching
  • Dove-tail drawers
  • Soft close drawers and doors
  • Notched cabinet doors
  • Wood stains and finishes
  • Hardware options
  1. Complement Your Home’s Style

Every home has some unique architectural style that should flow throughout the rest of the home. You would expect rustic or rustic-chic cabinets in a cabin, for example.

Remodeling Your Kitchen in Decatur

Take a look at some of the kitchens we’ve improved in the Decatur area, and give us a call at 404-378-6962 if we can help you design your ideal kitchen. We will schedule an onsite consultation so we can see your home and ask some detailed questions about how you use your kitchen. Collect images of kitchens that you love before the consultation so you can show us exactly what you want.

Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal as Spring 2017 Approaches

Days are getting longer and hotter here in the Decatur area. We’re looking forward to all of the lovely colors of spring and summer. We’ve been working on our own curb appeal lately so we decided that would be a good break in blog posts from our usual kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Let us know what you think!

Start with Objectivity

Look at your home like you’ve never seen it before. This is a bit difficult to do because we all want to think our home looks pretty amazing because it’s ours. But look at your home through a stranger’s eyes while you objectively decide what needs to be done to improve curb appeal. Be brutally honest when you ask yourself the following questions:

Is the Siding Faded or Warped? Unsightly siding makes the house look older and less attractive. Wood plank siding needs to be painted about every 3-5 years. If you’re approaching that timeframe, it may be time to paint. Vinyl siding needs to be replaced roughly every 15-20 years.

Does the Entry Door Pop? A bland entry door does nothing for your home. Consider painting it or adding sidelights or transom windows. Add planters, decorative lighting, and change the door hardware as well.

Are the Windows Attractive? Windows need attention year after year. They catch a lot of pollen and dust throughout the year, so multiple cleanings are often required. New windows are like a mini facelift for your home.

Do the Shutters Match or Complement? Many homeowners are opting to remove shutters entirely. Shutters should complement the overall appearance of the home. Consider removing the shutters to repaint them; you may like the way your home looks without them.

Does the Porch Need Paint? The front porch or deck needs to be cleaned and prepared for spring. There are so many things you can do to improve the appearance of your porch and deck while you’re improving curb appeal. Think about new paint, new decorative items, planters, and new porch furniture.

Does My Landscaping Add to or Subtract from My Curb Appeal? Brown and dead plants do nothing to improve the appearance of your home. Remove dead plants promptly and replace them with plants that add color and texture to your landscaping. Add mulch as needed and consider planting trees or other plants while your hands are dirty.

Does My Home Look Inviting? If you were a stranger passing by, would you think your home looks inviting? You don’t want to literally invite every stranger into your home, but you don’t want them to be put off by the appearance of your home either.

How Can I Improve My Home’s Curb Appeal?

You can do several things to improve your home’s curb appeal. Wash, paint, or replace the siding, windows, and porch. Add plants and other attractive elements to the outside of your home. Create a small pond or fountain for ambiance. Take a look at some of the homes we’ve helped improve in the Decatur area, and give us a call at 404-378-6962 if we can help you with your curb appeal for spring 2017.

Remodel Your Master Bathroom to Match Your Lifestyle

Bathroom remodeling is interesting because there’s so much functionality that has to fit into a relatively small space. We all love the idea of a stylish bathroom, but don’t ever sacrifice functionality for style. The bathroom must first be functional and then you consider style. But even more important than style, the bathroom absolutely has to fit your lifestyle. Here are a few great questions that will help you customize and personalize your master bathroom.

  1. Why Remodel?

Many people remodel the master suite to add square footage, implement a soaking tub or a tile shower, to build a separate toilet area, or to increase the amount of natural light in the room. Why do you want to remodel? Be as specific as possible when answering that question.

  1. Who Uses the Master Bathroom?

The master bathroom is generally used by the person or people who sleep in the master suite. Additional bathrooms throughout the home are used by other occupants. But if you have multiple people who use the master bath, keep them in mind during the remodeling process as well.

  1. Will Guests Ever Use this Bathroom?

Whether you keep your master suite private or allow guests to use it is entirely up to you. Entertaining large groups of people may require the ability to use multiple bathrooms in the home. You always want to make sure your master bathroom is fully stocked with toilet paper, hand soap, and other things your guests may need.

  1. What Additional Purposes does Your Master Bathroom Serve?

Many people use their bathroom as a place to shower, get ready for work, and use the toilet. Those three primary functions are a given; now tell us what additional purposes your bathroom will serve. Is this also the room where you will soak and relax in a hot tub with a glass of wine? Your master bathroom can serve as a way to turn up the romance with the right lighting and a nice bubble bath or shower for two.

Consider also adding a steam shower or a sauna so you can fully relax and detox your skin. A nice sitting area will allow you to take a break from the rigors of everyday life. Heated bathroom floors are a wonderful addition, especially if you opt for tile, stone, or marble flooring. Sensor-activated faucets will give your new bathroom a sleek, modern feel.

Make Notes!

Make note of the answers to the previous questions. Your answers will help us customize your master bathroom to match your lifestyle. We’ve helped many homeowners in the Decatur area remodel the master bath throughout the years. Call us at 404-378-6962 to discuss remodeling trends for your master bathroom and let us show you how we can help make your home amazing.