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Ideas to Consider When Remodeling Your Ranch Home in Atlanta

A lot of homebuyers in Atlanta are looking at ranch style homes for the simplistic beauty and curb appeal they offer. They are trying to fit the idea of their dream home into a reality that is going to allow them to get very specific details. Often times, however, you will find that your dream home is not so simple to connect with the existing sales options. If you have settled into a home and over time grow to dislike certain aspects, you’re not alone.

Many people come to the realization that they’ve settled. Don’t panic, however, look at a few ideas that can completely change your home’s overall layout, use of square footage, and more. Focus on several ideas that are going to help you gain the upper hand. The following are some ideas that are going to pay off dividends when you consider how to use the set pieces to your advantage.

Druid Hills - Modern


Open Up the Floor Plan

The first major thing that you have to look at is the floor plan. Use the square footage that you have to the fullest by remodeling the most-used areas of the home. Break down non essential walls, allow for more foot traffic areas, and maximize your square footage by opening things up. Too often, living spaces in ranch style homes are closed in and compartmentalized to try and shoehorn more bedrooms or bathrooms, and that could proof stifling. Instead, open things up, have free flowing lighting and windows so that you can create natural spaces for entertaining, living, and more.

Expand the Kitchen

The kitchen in a ranch style home can feel claustrophobic at times because it is surrounded by four walls and maybe a couple of doorways. If you are dealing with a limited amount of space, consider changing the area by opening things up. Change the flooring, the cabinets, get new appliances, and even add accent pieces to the backdrops. Change the counter tops, the sink, and even build a bar or island if space allows. Reconsider the space so that you have more work areas, and easier access to storage and more.

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Paint That Changes Visual Design Flow

Another way that you can focus on remodeling without going overboard is to look at paint options. Step outside of the traditional, and focus on complementing your flooring design. If you are truly going to make changes, change the flooring as well. Go from carpet to hardwood or hardwood to a nicer carpet, and contrast the colors with your walls and accents. Look at precision paint that works with the window treatments, shade, and natural light that can be blended together.

Overall, you have a lot of choices to consider when remodeling a ranch home in Georgia. Don’t just settle for simple elements; focus on larger options within your budget. You’ll be surprised with what you can achieve if you look at the aforementioned elements, and get a helping hand in regards to design. Sometimes the changes you need to make your home more compelling, starts with remodeling the square footage you have.