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7 Ways to Fully Customize Your Mudroom

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Many homeowners we work with who require a whole home remodel request the addition of a mudroom. We feel that the mudroom should be just as incredible as the rest of your home, so no detail is left to chance. Mudrooms are often a catch all for everything, including coats, shoes, bags and sporting equipment. There is the potential for any mudroom to look cluttered and a mess, but there are ways that every mudroom can be designed so that it doesn’t look that way. Adding cushions, pillows and other decorative items can help make the room feel comfortable and cozy.
Decatur - Craftsman

Here are 7 ideas that everyone can use to customize their mudroom:

  1. Storage is a necessity in any mudroom, so built in cabinets are helpful. The cabinets can be built specifically for a family’s needs and the size of the space. A cheerful coat of paint on the cabinets can keep the room from looking dreary.
  2. Benches are nice to have in a mudroom, so people have a place to sit when they are taking of their shoes or putting them on. Many benches can be built to have storage inside or add baskets underneath the bench for additional storage options.
  3. Individual locker storage is a nice way to give each family member their own space. The lockers can either have doors or they can be open in the front. The ideal locker will have a shelf on top, a long middle shelf and another shelf on the bottom. The middle shelf is perfect for coats and backpacks, while the bottom shelf can store shoes and boots.
  4. Message boards are a good way for everyone in the family to know what is going on. A calendar can be hung on the wall that lists everyone’s activities for the week or month, plus important notices can be hung up. Everyone will be able to look at it as they are entering or leaving the house.
  5. Having a laundry room inside the mudroom is nice, because dirty clothing can be removed immediately and placed directly in the washing machine.
  6. A sink is another nice feature to have, because it means that hands can be washed off before going into the house. No more fingerprints and mud along all of the walls, creating a trail to the nearest bathroom. Add a shower or a dog bath for even more convenience.
  7. Using easy to clean flooring and materials is a good goal, when planning a mudroom. Keep the cleaning products that will be needed inside the mudroom, so that spills, mud and anything else can be cleaned up quickly.

With a little creativity and help from our expert design team, everyone should be able to create an amazing mudroom that is perfect for their family. We’re conveniently located in Decatur, just minutes from Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Call us at 404-378-6962 to schedule a design consultation with our designers and to discuss the details to customize your amazing mudroom.