What You Need to Know About Creating a Luxury Kitchen


Setting up a luxury kitchen does not mean that you will simply go splurging on every item you need. On the contrary, even a luxurious space requires some amount of constraint. There is no point in springing for a marble countertop if it does not work with the rest of the kitchen. There are undoubtedly some areas where you will spend big to get the right look but for the space, and these are:

  • The cabinets. No luxury kitchen is complete without custom cabinets. As soon as you have a layout and know how much space you will need, you will have to hire a cabinet maker. Every detail is important, from the height and the accessories to the color and design. Homeowners generally enjoy this stage of the process as it allows them to create a space that reflects their tastes.
  • The countertops. There are a number of durable countertop options, so look for the ones that are the most attractive and that suit the look of the rest of the space. Quartz, marble and granite are some of the most sought after options for luxury countertops. You can also consider options like travertine and onyx for durable and beautiful workspaces.
  • If you want a luxury kitchen, you must be highly selective when it comes to getting the right appliances. Unfortunately, looks alone are not enough. Top of the line brands with the most advanced technological features will reflect your emphasis on class and luxury.

Understanding the Cost

A high end kitchen does not come cheap, but it is a good investment. Typical the cost ranges between $45,000 to $100,000, depending on the features you choose. A big chunk of that will go to the materials, with the custom cabinets accounting for much of this. Keep in mind that the cost of materials is sometimes influenced by your location.

Included in the budget will be designer hardware and accessories. With a luxury kitchen remodel you can forget about big-box items in this category.


In many luxury kitchens, the natural look of wood is a powerful and sometimes dominant visual. You are not bound by any particular color schemes, but contrasts work effectively in these spaces. A white wall against dark wood is a good example of a lovely contrast. Consider the rich look of red-toned wood and grays for your luxury kitchen as well.

One of the main things to know about luxury kitchens is that there are contractors like ours who specialize in high end remodeling projects. For a successful outcome talk to one of our contractors about the various options open to you. Call us at 404-378-6962 if you’re in Decatur or the surrounding areas and would like to discuss remodeling your kitchen with us.

Updating Your Bathroom for 2017 and Beyond


Anyone who wants a new bathroom has to think beyond the next few months. After spending the money on paints, fixtures, flooring and cabinets, there should be no need for changes for a few years. Functionality is always important, but you can balance this with a fashionable look. Newer, more attractive fixtures are always hitting the market. No homeowner wants to be second-guessing after seeing new products right after a remodeling project is done. In 2017 some existing bathroom trends will continue to take hold, and a few new ones will emerge.

  • Combining colors and materials is a bold way to tackle one of the toughest choices for bathrooms; the design. One appealing style is a blend of modern and organic features. While wood is often not the first choice for flooring, it creates an interesting contrast with stone or metal.
  • Organic flourishes. What is better than the look and feel of stone and wood? Mask the functionality of the space in a spa like setting. The natural look gives you just as many options as metals and ceramics, so you will not be struggling to find the right pieces.
  • If you want a modern bathroom, new technology should be at the top of your list of considerations. Adding greater functionality is one reason for this, but this adds a bit more fun to the space as well. Think about smart mirrors, smart bathroom scales and smart lighting. Bathtubs, showers, sinks and toilets have also gone high tech. Control the temperature, shower spray and water flow, and add play music using a LCD panel.
  • Darker tones. Light cool tones have long been the go-to option for bathroom décor, but you will have other choices in the coming years. Do not be afraid to experiment with darker tones. Use different hues to complement each other, and juxtapose them with lighter colors and accents.
  • Play with geometry. Geometric lines add a strong design element that works with a variety of fixtures, layouts and color choices. A variety of bathroom tile collections offer dynamic geometric patterns that will shake the look of any space.

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom you have the advantage of having access to some of the hottest trends at your fingertips. Even with a small bathroom that allows only a minimalist approach you can cloak functionality in interesting styles.

Call us at 404-378-6962 if you’re in Decatur or the surrounding areas and would like to discuss bathroom remodeling with one of our designers. We will schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for your busy schedule. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to working with you to remodel your kitchen in 2017.

Equipping a High End Kitchen the Right Way

Poncey-Highland Traditional

Building a luxury kitchen is a labor of love. This project is one that calls for attention to detail, and every choice will be important. The colors, cabinets, flooring, and lighting all play key roles. After the layout and the all the fixtures are in place, your appliance selections will help to tie the space both functionally and visually.

The Dishwasher

These appliances have come a long way, and anyone who appreciates new technology will be happy with the newest types on the market. Some brands offer a handle free option that you can tap to open. Modern dishwashers use less water and electricity and still get your dishes clean and sanitized.

High Tech Refrigerator

No kitchen is complete without a nice refrigerator, but for a luxury kitchen you will need some extra features. Large, three or four door fridges are usually the standard, but in larger kitchens it is not unusual to see two refrigerators. Look for features like temperature control, digital controls and LED lighting. To go really high tech, there are fridges with built-it TVs, LCD message screens, and weather and temperature information so you’re sure to start every day just right.

Smart Oven

You can now connect remotely with your oven using your smartphone, and monitor the controls and settings. Helpful digital displays help to speed up cook times and generally be more organized in the kitchen.

Crock Pot

This has been a mainstay for busy families for years, but modern types are easier and more fun to use. Wi-Fi enabled crock pots can be controlled remotely, allowing you to set the temperature, and start or stop the cooking process.

Smart Stoves

How about a stove that can be connected to other smart devices in the home? A stove with a screen that has full tablet functions will make meal preparation a breeze. Do some research before choosing your next range so you can make sure to get the perfect one for your individual needs.

Coffee Maker

Even coffee making has gone high tech, and if you like coffee you will need one of these devices in your luxury kitchen. Many of the best brands are programmable, with features like timers and warmers. You can always have a hot brew at hand at any time of day.

Your Lifestyle, Your Choices

Your lifestyle and the size of your family will influence the kinds of equipment you use in your kitchen. Stick to similar finishes throughout to maintain uniformity and to balance the visual style. We would be happy to help you design, build, and furnish your new kitchen with the best materials and appliances available. Call us at 404-378-6962 to start the planning process so you can enjoy your new kitchen throughout 2017.

Complementing Your Luxury Kitchen with the Best Lighting

kitchen 4

In any room, the right lighting is vital to your ability to enjoy the space. Lighting can make a good interior great. When you are setting up a luxury kitchen, you can find plenty of attractive fixtures in different styles. Here are some of the best types for a new kitchen with high end features.

  • Pedestal lighting: the unending appeal of pendant lighting has much to do with the intricate designs available. It helps to add balance to a kitchen area that has other types of lighting. They hang low, but they will not obstruct your line of sight. It adds visual interest and ambience, making it perfect for dining and for use over kitchen islands.
  • Recessed lighting: in a luxury kitchen shadows can detract from the look of the space. The use of recessed lights allows improved coverage and helps to eliminate shadows and dark areas. You can put them in any spot where they are needed, and you can control them to illuminate specific areas of the kitchen.
  • Under cabinet lighting: this is an attractive design element, but it is also a functional lighting choice. Adding lighting under the cabinets puts all items on the countertops in full view. This helps with meal preparation as well. Use LED lights since they are cooler and brighter than other types.
  • Task lighting: this is essential for any type of kitchen. You will have an easier time finding exactly what you need and working in the kitchen will go smoothly. Task lighting can take different forms. The important thing is to place it in the areas where you will be working.

Even in a large kitchen, a central light source is still widely used. Many homeowners and interior designers prefer to avoid them due to the shadows they can cast. You can balance this out with other, strategically placed lighting fixtures.

For a luxury kitchen, you should be aware of not just the attractiveness of the fixtures. Durability and quality are important features as well, and will ensure that you get value for your investment. Be consistent with brightness to illuminate effectively and prevent eye fatigue, especially you and your family members spend a lot of time in this space. If you have a large kitchen, make sure that it is adequately covered to make the space inviting.

Call us at 404-378-6962 if you’re in Decatur or the surrounding areas and would like to discuss remodeling your kitchen in 2017. Our designers will schedule an appointment with you to start hashing out the details based on your desires.

Start Here to Begin Your Quest for Kitchen Cabinets


Poncey-Highland TraditionalNo matter what type of kitchen cabinets homeowners choose, one thing that most of them can agree on is that the decision is rarely an easy one. In fact, for some people it can be downright problematic. The wrong choice can throw off the look of the whole kitchen. It is not unusual for a little regret after the completion of the kitchen or a renovation. You can avoid this by following the advice provided below.

Make Notes

Start with a list of everything that you don’t like about your cabinets. Are they old and falling apart? Are they not modern enough for your tastes? Is it that you just don’t like the style? All of these are among the reasons why you might start looking around for new kitchen cabinets.

Think About Your Kitchen’s Decor

The look and layout of your kitchen will influence the final cabinet decision, but cabinets can also act as a kitchen decor guide. If you want to renovate your kitchen, this may force you to make some cabinet changes. Take some time to think about the style of kitchen you want. If you want a modern look for example, you can try a metal finish, but wood is till great for many different styles of kitchen.

What is Your Ultimate Goal?

Your plans for the home play a big role in any remodeling decisions. This is even more relevant when you are remodeling to sell or rent. You will have to attempt to anticipate the needs of the persons who will be living in the home. To make this relatively simple, take note of industry trends. This will be a good guide for kitchen cabinet decisions. If you are doing it for yourself, you may want to spend more.

Consider Environmentally Friendly Options

Reclaimed wood is currently a big trend in kitchen cabinet making, even for people who are not focused on going green. In some cases reclaimed wood is actually cheaper, so you might be saving money in the bargain. Wheat board and bamboo are other options for the environmentally conscious.

Assess Your Storage Space

If your cabinets are not meeting your storage needs, this will influence the design of new cabinets. With enough storage you can keep your countertops clear and make meal preparation easier. For an updated look, consider space saving options like fold-out shelves.

While some types of cabinets are expensive, you can find various types that will suit your budget. You may have to spend a bit more for if you hope to avoid remodeling or purchasing new cabinets in the immediate future. Call us at 404-378-6962 to discuss your kitchen cabinetry or the overall design of your kitchen with one of our expert designers. We will schedule an appointment to help you design the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle and your home’s current layout.

Designing Your Kitchen: How to Choose the Perfect Countertop


We all know and understand branding and the brand names of countertop options that abound. Once you cut through all of the hype surrounding a brand name, you can see the materials more clearly and make your decision more easily. Let’s take a look at the base materials you have to choose from and some pros and cons for each. We hope this will help you choose the perfect countertop for your new kitchen.

Solid Surfaces

All countertops have a solid surface, right? Not necessarily, some are quite porous. Solid surfacing materials include acrylic, polyester, or a combination of the two. The design possibilities of solid surface countertops are nearly endless. You can effectively have the appearance of marble without the cost. However, it’s also without the durability. Burns and other imperfections can be sanded out and repaired over time, making this type of countertop very nice under certain conditions.


Concrete is one of the best ways to truly customize your countertop. You’re sure to find a concrete countertop maker in the vicinity if you do a few quick and easy searches on the Internet. You can request nearly any design, color, or thickness for a fully custom made concrete countertop. As with anything truly custom created, you will pay more for a fully custom countertop.

Don’t let this idea worry you; countertop makers today don’t use the same methods we all saw and hated in the 1980s. Today’s builders use precast molded slabs that create a very smooth shape instead of trawling the concrete onto existing countertops.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile countertops aren’t as popular as they once were because more homeowners want a seamless, easy to clean surface instead of tile with tiny areas for food particles to hide. It is, however, still a very valid material for countertops. Make sure you choose a tile that is designed to work on countertops, not a wall or floor tile.

Natural Stone

We know; the term natural stone can mean a wide variety of materials. Most natural stone countertops are made of marble, granite, or quartz. You may also want to look at soapstone or slate for something a little different.


Hardwoods such as maple, teak, walnut, cherry, or oak are widely used as a countertop material because of their natural appearance and durability. They do make a beautiful addition to a traditional or eclectic kitchen.


Plastic laminate is still a very popular, low-cost option for countertops. Laminate is available from several companies and in a variety of colors and designs. You can opt to have the appearance of nearly any other material but the surprising resilience of laminate.

Some countertops are expensive, but you can find many that will suit your budget. You may have to spend a bit more for if you hope to avoid remodeling or purchasing a new one in the near future. Call us at 404-378-6962 to discuss your kitchen design with one of our expert designers. We will schedule an appointment to help you design the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle and your home’s current layout.

5 Amazing Ideas for Kitchen Flooring


The flooring in your kitchen should be as incredible as the rest of the room. There aren’t many things less attractive than a perfectly remodeled kitchen with the same old flooring as before. We’ve put together five great ideas for your kitchen flooring. Let us know what you think about these ideas.

  1. Tile – Porcelain tile is the most durable tile type for the kitchen floor. It’s fired at higher temperatures than other types of tile, making it more durable. It can be used in nearly any climate and works very well here in the greater Atlanta area. It can take on the appearance of natural stone, wood, or nearly any other material.
  2. Hardwood – Hardwood flooring is a traditional favorite for a variety of reasons. It can be stained to match nearly any kitchen decor, and it continues to look amazing year after year. The typical hardwood floor needs to be refinished roughly every 10 to 15 years, but some hardwood flooring can stand the test of time for 20 or more years depending on how well it is maintained.
  3. Cork – Cork flooring is made from tree bark harvested every 10 years, so it is a very sustainable material. Regulation prevents the trees from being harmed and overharvested to ensure future supplies are available. Cork flooring is a type of wood flooring obviously, but it is softer than hardwood and much more slip-resistant.
  4. Vinyl – Vinyl flooring is available in very large sheets. The only maintenance required for vinyl flooring is sweeping and mopping, you never have to wax, buff, or refinish it. High quality vinyl flooring can last between 15 and 20 years with good maintenance. Vinyl is a very tough plastic that can take on the rigors of daily use, children and pets, and still look amazing at the end of the day. It’s ideal if you have a busy kitchen, you cook a lot, want an easy-to-maintain floor, or you’re on a tight budget, because it’s also the least expensive flooring option.
  5. Existing – We know; we said earlier that you should go with new flooring instead of keeping your existing flooring. However, there is a way to use your existing flooring if you have amazing hardwood or concrete flooring that you love. Refinish it. To refinish hardwood floor, sand it down to a flat even surface, stain it to match your new kitchen design, and apply new polyurethane to seal it. To refinish amazing concrete flooring, repair all damage and reseal it. You could also take this opportunity to paint your concrete flooring to create the appearance of wood, marble, or simply to act as a nice piece of artwork for your kitchen.

Call us at 404-378-6962 to discuss your kitchen design with one of our expert designers. We will schedule an appointment to help you design the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle and your home’s current layout.

3 Lighting Options that You Should Not Overlook for Your New Kitchen


Kitchen design isn’t necessarily an easy task. You have to understand the basic layout of the room vs. the types of cabinetry available and keep in mind the specific storage needs of each individual client. At least that’s what we do here at Renewal Design and Build, because we want you to fall in love with your kitchen all over again. Today we want to tackle lighting, especially the three primary types that you don’t want to overlook in your new kitchen.

Task Lighting

The very first thing to consider is task lighting – not ambient lighting. You know how you use your kitchen, so you know where the task lighting should be installed. You probably want nice, bright lighting over the range, so a range hood with lighting will do great there. You also need proper lighting over the areas where you prepare food. If you prepare most of your food on the island, choose pendant lighting that will bring the light down to you instead of recessed lighting that will cast harsh shadows from your hands. Also consider under-cabinet lighting for tasks you normally perform on the countertop.

Ambient Lighting

Recessed lighting or nice fixtures are generally used as ambient lighting in the kitchen. These are great ideas, but consider adding windows, track lighting, or pendants as well. Track lighting is available in several great shapes and sizes to fit nearly any kitchen, and the lights are usually movable so you can direct the light toward cabinetry or artwork. As for adding windows to the kitchen, consider these incredible ideas:

  • Top-lights around the tops of the cabinets. This works perfectly if you have as little as eight inches between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling.
  • Side-lights or top-lights around existing windows or doors. This is a wonderful idea if you have existing windows or doors in the kitchen. Consider creating a unique visual by using blocks of glass or some other type of decorative glass.
  • Add a window by the sink. Enjoy watching the world outside while you do your dishes – and allow extra natural light into your home.
  • Install a glass door or French doors. If you currently have a solid door that serves as an exit for your kitchen to the deck, consider installing solid glass doors to allow more natural light.

Accent Lighting

Accentuate artwork or other decorative items in the kitchen with glass-front cabinetry and lighting. Install lights inside upper cabinets and use those cabinets to showcase your prized China or other decorative items. Install a spotlight to showcase an amazing piece of artwork.

Choosing lighting options for your kitchen shouldn’t take up a significant portion of the budget, but don’t go super-cheap or you’ll regret it for several reasons. Lighting is very important in every room, especially in the kitchen, because this is where you prepare food. Call us at 404-378-6962 to discuss your kitchen design with one of our expert designers. We will schedule an appointment to help you design the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle and your home’s current layout.

8 Ideas for Your Luxurious Bathroom Transformation

Virginia-Highland Craftsman/Bungalow

Is the bathroom your favorite place in your home? Then why not make it the perfect getaway by turning it into a luxurious retreat. It’s possible! And you don’t have to break the bank to do it. You can upgrade your bathroom and add luxury and style by focusing on three simple design elements. Follow our tips below to add some glamorous touches to your favorite room.

What makes a bathroom luxurious?

  1. Available Space: More square footage is certainly one of the defining characteristics of a luxurious bathroom. A larger area allows better placement of furnishings and decor, and freedom to build the bathroom the way you want it.
  2. The Importance of Light: Having large windows with beautiful views is certainly a coveted feature. So too are skylights and lights on dimmer switches. Choose your lighting very carefully, because it does make a very big difference in how the bathroom functions for a variety of activities. You want to have the ability to dim the lights for a nice quiet bath, brighten the room while you’re getting ready for work, and enjoy ambient lighting during all hours of the day.
  3. The Details: These are the elements that make your bathroom elegant and stylish. Choose decor that fits your lifestyle and gives the appearance you want. Really splurge on the small things, and make your bathroom amazing.
  4. Smoky Glass: Smoky glass is perfect for your walk-in shower. Natural stone tiles and a teak folding shower seat with smoky glass shower doors provide a very sophisticated look.
  5. Wall-to-Wall Mirrors: Mirrors are the perfect way to add depth and give the illusion of even more space, especially for a modest sized bathroom.
  6. Storage: Decorative storage including a sleek and trendy vanity that is big on value, but has the space to keep your bathroom clutter free. Floating shelves are a beautiful way to combine storage and decor. Remember to keep a lookout for great areas to make use of vertical storage spaces as well – like the back of the door, the inside of the vanity doors, and even the walls themselves.
  7. Texture: Linen weave towels, plush rugs, and sheer blinds add well-needed texture. Vases with large feathers and flowers also help add texture to the bathroom.
  8. Flooring and Walls: Custom tile on the walls and floors is a wonderful way to truly customize your bathroom and make it as luxurious as you want. We realize we’re talking about the Atlanta, GA area, but consider the idea of heated flooring for the bathroom anyway. Tile gets cold, even on warm days.

Are you ready to transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis where you can get away from it all? A simple design with clean forms and lines is all it takes. We are ready to work with you to make creative additions to your bathroom so you can get lost in luxury and forget about the rough day you had at work.

Renewal Design Build has been assisting homeowners with their bathroom remodeling needs for more than 15 years. We focus primarily on amazing kitchens, luxurious bathrooms, and large whole-home remodeling projects. Our talented designers will help transform any part of your home into something you can truly be proud of.

Never compromise on quality when you remodel your master bathroom. Let our designers show you how they can help make the most of your bathroom and turn it into an amazingly luxurious space. Give us a call at 404-378-6962 if you’re in Decatur or the surrounding areas, and we’ll help you cook up a great renovation for your master bathroom.

8 Ideas for a Shabby Chic Bathroom that You Will Fall in Love With


It’s time to remodel your bathroom and you want those modern updates and perks, but which would be the best for your home and situation? Allow us to show you a few of the most popular bathroom upgrades to help you make a wise decision.

  • DIY Project – if you are handy in any way go find an old antique dresser at a yard sale or second hand store, bring it home and refinish it. Antique dressers are becoming more popular to use as sink stands than traditional sink cupboards that you purchase as the home improvement store. Add a unique touch to your bathroom along with a classic elegance.
  • Faucets – don’t forget to pick out a faucet that matches your new sink cabinet to provide that finishing touch to your sink and or tub area.
  • Tile Shower – avoid the fiberglass molded tub surround and choose a more elegant option with tile. There are many colors and styles to choose from, so you are sure to be able to find something to fit your personality and decor of your bathroom. Remember when having tile installed also have a soap dish installed right along with the tiles, that way you never lose your soap.
  • Standalone Tub – step outside the norm with a standalone tub. A lot of homeowners have removed the tub in lieu of the more convenient shower. A freestanding tub adds a lot of character to the bathroom.
  • Medicine Cabinets – if you are running low on storage, opt to have a medicine cabinet instead of just a sink mirror, this will allow for more storage as well as hidden storage so everyone entering your bathroom isn’t seeing your personal items.
  • Make a towel rack – keep things unique by making your own towel rack, you can be as traditional or creative as you want and the bonus perk here is you have a one of a kind towel rack that is unique to your personal style. You can also pick up the materials to make this towel rack pretty inexpensively.
  • Vent Fans – keep moisture at bay and help avoid common issues when it comes to moisture in the bathroom by installing a vent fan.
  • The Floor – tile has become a popular option when it comes to bathroom flooring, it’s easy to clean and care for and comes in so many varieties and options you can mix and match and create a totally custom design and it lasts a long time.

Renewal Design Build has been assisting homeowners with their bathroom remodeling needs for more than 15 years. We focus primarily on amazing kitchens, luxurious bathrooms, and large whole-home remodeling projects. Our talented designers will help transform any part of your home into something you can truly be proud of.

Never compromise on quality when you remodel your master bathroom. Let our designers show you how they can help make the most of your bathroom and turn it into the relaxing space you deserve. Give us a call at 404-378-6962 if you’re in Decatur or the surrounding areas, and we’ll help you design an amazing renovation for your master bathroom.