Aging in Place in Atlanta – Is your home ready for a lifestyle change?

Many Georgians are living longer, healthier lives. Here in Atlanta, we’re seeing a large increase in the number of senior citizens who live independently at home well into their 80s. Living independently of other people doesn’t necessarily mean there is no extra help at all. In fact, we’ve been helping people live independently for several years by simply modifying their home to be more senior citizen-friendly. Here are several ways we help the Atlanta area’s seniors maintain their independence.


  • Grab Bars – These are quite simply metal bars that give the homeowner something to grab onto in case they feel off balance or afraid that they will fall. Grab bars may be installed in the tub, shower, or near the toilet.
  • Walk-in Tubs – Bath tubs have come a long way in terms of design. We’ve installed a wide variety of tubs for people with mobility issues.
  • Shower Seats – A shower seat may take several forms, but the overall function is to provide a place for one to sit to attend their personal hygiene needs. This is very helpful to people with mobility or balance problems.
  • Widen Doorways and Hallways – The average hallway is 36 to 38 inches wide, and the average doorway is 32 to 36 inches wide. A wheelchair or walker need a space that is about 42 inches wide. This is usually a pretty quick and easy fix, especially for people who are already planning to remodel the inside of their home to fit their new senior lifestyle.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Sink and Vanity – Several companies now offer wheelchair accessible sink designs to fit most any decor.
  • Raised Dishwasher – The dishwasher is something no senior citizen should be without. We’ve found that simply raising the dishwasher so it is easily accessible from a wheelchair height immensely helps Atlanta’s seniors live independently.
  • Easy Access Storage – Everyone needs easy access to storage, especially in the bedroom, closets, bathrooms, and kitchen. We work to ensure that our senior citizens have access to the storage areas they use the most.
  • Kitchen Modifications – Removal of kitchen islands, modification of kitchen sinks, cabinets, and counter tops are all part of our aging in place model.

We proudly support Atlanta’s senior citizens, because they have helped mold our great city into what it is today. We feel that they have earned the right to live independently as long as possible instead of being pushed into a retirement home simply because their home didn’t adapt to their new lifestyle. We are a proud member of the National Aging in Place Council and we are Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS).

Call Renewal Design-Build any time to discuss your aging in place ideas or concerns. We would love to work with you to make sure that your home grows and adapts to meet your changing needs.

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Remodel a Bit at a Time or Take Care of the Whole Project at Once?

Undergoing an Atlanta home improvement or renovation project involves a lot of decisions. What work needs to be done? How will my family’s life be affected? How much can I spend? Should I do the work all at once or complete it one project at a time? Understanding the scope of your project can help you determine the best decisions for you and your family.

Renewal Design-Build, Atlanta RemodelerDeciding between one large renovation project or several smaller projects should be based on your family’s current lifestyle and needs. There are benefits to completing the renovation project all at once, including:

  • You are only inconvenienced once and you won’t have to put up with ongoing work on your home.
  • The work will be approached as a whole and the encompassing project will benefit from consistent materials, labor, and attention to detail.
  • You may save money by doing the project all at once. Instead of paying over time for similar projects you can align the work to maximize your investment.

If you decide to break the work up into smaller projects, there are certain guidelines we recommend:

  • Have a plan. Work with your design-build firm to map out a long-term strategy for completing the work.
  • Start with the most urgent needs. Take care of any repairs or renovations that have an immediate impact on your home comfort and safety.
  • Group similar projects together. For example, if you’re planning to tile floors in several rooms, you should do this work at one time to reduce labor costs and the impact on your daily life.

Renewal Design Build is proud to serve as a premier provider of Atlanta home improvement and renovation projects. Contact us today to view our portfolio, meet our talented team, and learn more about the services we provide.

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Renovate Your New Home to Look Older

Do you love the look of historic homes? Do you live in a newer home that lacks the charm and character many older homes have? Don’t worry! There are simple things you can do to transform the look of your new home that make it look more like a historic home.

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Renovating a new home to look older is a hot trend right now! Some of our favorite ways of transforming a new home include:

  • Aged floors: Using finishes inspired by historic homes you can transform the look of your new home. Staining or whitewashing wood floors gives them a rustic and aged feel.
  • Reclaimed materials: Strategically using reclaimed wood or bricks in your home’s design provides an aged look with a historical feel. Reclaimed bricks can be used in landscaping and pathways and reclaimed wood can serve as a wall hanging or headboard.
  • Vintage fixtures: Our design-build firm in Atlanta can help you find vintage plumbing fixtures that add character and history to your kitchen and bathrooms. There are also fixtures available that are designed for use in modern homes but look like fixtures found in homes of different historical eras.
  • Embellished trim: Many historic homes have intricate and embellished trim. Crown moldings, chair rail, and floor trim are all available in styles that can transform the look of your home. We suggest searching for photos of historical homes and comparing their trim to what is available for purchase.

If you are in need of a design-build firm in Atlanta, contact our team of experienced professionals at Renewal Design-Build today. We are proud to serve the design and construction needs of the Atlanta area and would love to discuss your project with you.

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Why Keeping the Design and Build Processes Under One Roof is Beneficial to You

A lot of homeowners put off major home renovations because they don’t really know where to start. They will need a designer, an architect, an electrician, a plumber, a carpenter, and the list goes on. It really does feel daunting when you think of it that way. But, my fellow Atlantans, you have another option.

Here at Renewal Design Build, we take care of everything for you. That’s right. Everything you need under one roof. You have a single point of contact. Many of our previous clients have told us that we truly helped simplify the home remodeling process for them.

We love the Atlanta area, and we care about each person we help. We feel that our dedication to the people of Atlanta is evident in our craftsmanship. We want our city to continue to be the best in the country. The more incredible, homes we renovate, the more we are contributing to that goal.

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How Our Business Model Helps You

  • Convenience – No need to deal with multiple companies or multiple points of contact. We assist in every minute detail, and you’ll have a single point of contact for the entire process.
  • Communication – Obviously it’s more efficient for you to discuss your concerns with one person who relays your information to a team instead of having to make sure you’ve spoken with four different people at different times.
  • Quality – No work is actually begun until we make sure everyone is on the same page. Exceptional communication leads to exceptional quality of workmanship.
  • Save Time – Again, communicating with one person saves a lot of time and confusion. We will work together for the entire duration of the project to make sure your home is completed in a timely manner.
  • Save Money – Hiring one single company with everything in-house is not only more convenient, it saves money. You don’t have to pay three different companies to produce the same results.

We feel that we offer a wonderful home remodeling service to all of our Atlanta area clients. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you design your dream home. Our expert designers will help you design the structure and layout, and help choose the best materials for the job. A high quality finished product relies heavily on the use of high quality materials. We can help you get those materials at the best cost.

Call any time to discuss your ideas. We look forward to being your chosen design-build company.

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Organizing Tips to Get Your Remodel in Order

Undergoing a home remodel is incredibly exciting. When the project is over, your home will be transformed into a new space better able to meet your family’s needs. However, before that can happen you must ensure that you are thoughtful, careful, and organized.

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You should always:

  • Become inspired first. If you are having troubles envisioning what you want out of your remodel it is a good idea to start collecting ideas. Search online for inspiration, look at design magazines for ideas, or find house walks or home tours that can help you generate a vision.
  • Set a budget. No project should start without a budget. Atlanta home renovations are often big projects that may take on a life of their own. Establishing a budget will help keep your work on track and the project within the desired scope.
  • Establish your team. Hiring the right design and build firm is essential for your remodel. Choose a firm that aligns with your design aesthetic, understands your wants and needs, and can commit to completing your project in a timely manner.
  • Keep track of the details. Work with your design firm to plan the details of the remodeling project. Set a timeline for when individual parts of the project will be completed and when to expect the remodel to end. Consider using an online scheduler and calendar that all parties can collaborate with. Keep accurate records of the work that was agreed to, the established budget, and when the work was completed.

We are proud of the work that we have done in the Atlanta area. Our clients are incredibly happy with their Atlanta home renovations and we’re always thrilled to share our portfolio of work.

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How to Prioritize Old Home Remodeling Needs

Are you ready to undergo a renovation on your home? Understanding the unique needs of your home is vital to a successful renovation and the first step that we recommend is to make a list of necessary repairs. What work needs to be done? This list will be an initial guide for your decision making process. Since each house is different you will need to create this list of repairs based on your home’s specific needs.

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Turning this personalized list into a prioritized renovation plan will help direct the work at your home. We suggest that your historic renovation in Decatur begin with:

  • Electrical: If your older home has electrical issues this should be the first priority on your list. Wiring problems can lead to fires or electrocution and may put your family at risk.
  • Structural: Cracks, split beams, and rotted posts are all signs that there are structural issues in your home. These problems can quickly worsen, causing extensive damage that can be difficult to repair.
  • Roofing and gutters: A failing roof and gutter system may cause water damage to your home. Ensuring the roof and gutters create a barrier against water, mold, and mildew is essential to a healthy home.
  • HVAC equipment: Modernizing your home’s HVAC system is important for home comfort and energy efficiency. Choose models that curb energy consumption and are properly fitted to the size of your home.

Our dedicated team of professionals at Renewal Design-Build can help with your historic renovation in Atlanta. We are ready to answer your questions, detail our extensive portfolio, and share the thoughts of our satisfied clients.