A Touch of Furniture in the Bathroom with a Classic Vanity

When designing your home, be sure not to ignore your bathroom. Many homeowners mistakenly think that there’s no need to design such a small area that only serves as a function of cleaning. The bathroom should feel like an extension of the rest of your home, not just a space for cleaning oneself. Consider adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom space by using one of the following vanity designs.

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Adding pilaster-style legs to the vanity cabinets to lift them off of the ground gives your vanity the look of a classic piece of furniture. Add other elements such as detailed feet and varying heights to create a unique-looking vanity that looks like it would be at home in the living room. If you don’t like the idea of lifting the vanity off the ground, use furniture base molding to provide a similar effect.

Use Actual Furniture
Instead of styling your vanities to look like furniture, you can also use actual furniture pieces or antiques, such as an old desk. Not only does furniture like a desk help your vanity stand apart from the more standard designs, it will also provide you with a helpful desk drawers that can be used to hold toiletries and the other small necessities that clutter the more common vanity cabinets. If you prefer a more open look, you can also use a small table with a deep apron that will hide the plumbing of a drop-in sink.  Another piece of furniture that you could put to use as a vanity is a dresser. A dresser will fit a smaller space better than a desk, but will also provide more storage space then a table.

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What Does It Mean to Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

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Renovating your Atlanta home doesn’t always have to mean completely gutting the structure and starting from scratch. Sometimes you have a perfectly sound foundation that just needs a pick me up. One such place is often the kitchen, particularly the cabinets. This super important space, after all, does provide the most return on your investment when it comes to updating your home. And if your cabinet boxes are still in decent shape, you might opt for refacing instead of replacing.

Refacing the kitchen cabinets? What does that mean?

Refacing is simply the process of changing out the cabinet doors, but the original cabinet structure remains in place. But why would anyone choose to reface over replacing with custom kitchen cabinets?

  • Refacing takes less time – It takes much longer to have your cabinets replaced than to have them refaced. In addition to having to actually pick out new cabinets, you’ll also have to wait for the materials to arrive, have your old cabinets torn out and then have the new cabinets installed. Refacing your cabinets can generally take a week or less.
  • Refacing isn’t as disruptive –  When replacing your cabinets, you won’t be able to use your kitchen until the construction is finished. You can still use the kitchen during a refacing project, which will make things for your family a lot easier.
  • Comparable Quality – You can completely redo your cabinets by refacing them. You can add a thin veneer of plastic laminate or authentic wood to the surface of your cabinets in addition to adding new knobs, molding, pulls and hinges, thereby making your old cabinets look brand new. Custom cabinets really are necessary for an amazing makeover.
  • It’s green –  When cabinet boxes are gutted, they’re often sent to a local landfill. By refacing, you’ve saved materials and the energy/fuel it would have required to send those scraps to a landfill. It’s the ultimate way to use what you’ve got!

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Keeping Comfortable with Foam Board Insulation

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Georgia’s weather is once again working its way up to the extreme heat we are known for in summer.  Whether it’s warm or cold outside, good insulation is vital to keeping your home a comfortable temperature without spending a fortune on your utility bills.  In winter, good insulation in your walls keeps heat from escaping from your home, and in summer it keeps the heat from entering, allowing your heating and air conditioning to work more efficiently.

One of the most efficient forms of insulation available is foam board insulation, which provides incredible insulation with far less thickness than other types. Rigid foam board can be used in nearly every part of the home, from the foundation to the attic. There are some great reasons to use this type of insulation:

  • Foam board is easy to install. Unlike fiberglass batting, it’s simple to cut the rigid sheets with a small handsaw or utility knife. It’s also safer to your health; there are no irritating fibers to cause sinus congestion and itching. It can be easily cut to any size or shape, and nailed or glued rather than stapled, which makes installation a lot quicker and easier.
  • Foam board comes in a variety of R-values and thicknesses. It can be installed on the exterior of the building under new siding, over concrete basement walls, ceilings, and between studs on interior walls. The extremely dense, extruded-expanded polystyrene foam board is more resistant to moisture and can be used for low walls and roofs where other types of insulation won’t suffice.
  • Foam board insulation serves year-around: In hot and humid Atlanta summers, it’s the most cost-effective way to provide excellent thermal resistance, preventing heat conduction through the structural elements like wood or steel studs. Rigid foam board is also much more resistant to mildew and mold growth than fiberglass.
  • Less material goes a lot further: Polyisocyanurate foam board (polyiso) Is used for both residential and commercial construction applications. It has a reflective foil facing and a high insulating R-value of 7.0 to 8.0 per inch of thickness. It’s also easy to seal with foil-faced tapes.

If you want to renovate your Atlanta home with insulating foam board, we can help.  Just contact Renewal Design-Build by calling 404-378-6962.

What to Expect When Buying and Renovating a Fixer Upper

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The prospect of purchasing a fixer-upper can seem like the greatest DIY project that anyone could ever take on. Besides being a bargain buy, it is also a wide-open opportunity to draft the home of your dreams. However, when proper planning is not in place, renovations often end in overextended budgets, frustration, disenchantment and even regret.

Being prepared for what a home renovation really entails is the key to avoiding those pitfalls — and bringing that property back to life. So, what can you (and should you) expect when embarking on taking your fixer-upper from drab to fab?

Get Ready for a Ride

When you buy a fixer upper, you make different types of investments. In addition to monetary commitments, you will also spend time and energy on the forthcoming project. Materials might not come in on time or bad weather may delay an installation. Prepare yourself that when opening up the walls of an older home you might find plumbing issues, old wiring, or mold.

Prepare for Replacements

Fixer-upper homes are properties that need a little TLC, if not a lot of it. You should be ready to repair or replace appliances and other mainstay fixtures, such as furnaces and water heaters. Right off the top, incorporate these reparative possibilities into your preliminary budget. Take care to inspect the home’s infrastructure by evaluating the property’s electrical wiring, plumbing and foundation. Depending on how extensive the repairs or replacements are means the difference between landing safely within your spending parameters — or way outside of your budgetary means.

Build a Team

Renovating is by no means a one-person project. You will need a team. This is the part where choosing the right design-build firm comes in handy. At Renewal Design-Build, it’s our job to take the pressure off of you – the homeowner – and spearhead your renovation from start to finish. From repairing the home’s foundation to hanging window treatments, you won’t have to worry about a single thing when you’re working with us. Sure, there are plenty of small projects around the house that are fitting for you to handle yourself. But when it comes to your entire home – when comfort and even resale value are at stake – you’ll want to enlist the help of professionals who know exactly what to do.

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Transforming Reclaimed Wood into Beautiful New Floors

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Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring

Wood flooring is widely considered to be a timeless design choice regardless of what your preferred design style may be. If you are considering replacing the flooring of your home in Atlanta with wood, consider using reclaimed wood instead of newer wood products. Reclaimed wood is salvaged from previous projects, and it tends to have much more character than new wood.  In addition to character, reclaimed wood offers several benefits to a home design:

  • Reclaimed wood is wonderful for the environment.
    The American Society of Interior Designers urges incorporating it into green design. It’s the most sustainable choice over petroleum-based materials like carpeting and vinyl. Rather than biodegrading in a landfill, it’s resurfaced and gets a second life as a beautiful wood floor.
  • Reclaimed wood is frequently stronger and more durable than fresh wood. That’s because in comparison, old-growthtimber has had time to grow stronger and is therefore harder than first-generation, virgin flooring stock. It’s as much as forty points harder on the Janka scale, which measures how much force it takes to embed a steel ball into a wood sample.
  • Reclaimed wood is beautiful and has unique properties. Sometimes it’s available in extra-long lengths or wide widths. It can be less expensive than virgin wood stock, and it often has special character and aging. After being refinished, some aged woods only require clear coating because the natural vintage tone of the wood is so appealing. And of course, it can be stained to any shade just like any other lumber.

Sixty percent or more remodelers and designers use wood flooring for kitchens and bathrooms, and reclaimed wood like oak and heart pine are durable enough for high traffic patterns. They can be sealed with polyester varnish, though bathrooms that have high humidity are better served with Tung oil, which is absorbed into the wood and maintains flexibility.

If you want to remodel your Atlanta home with reclaimed wood, Renewal Design-Build will be happy to help. Contact us for information or call us at 404-378-6962.