Opting for a Peninsula Instead of a Traditional Kitchen Island

In this day and age, it’s quite rare to encounter a kitchen design that does not include an island. But depending on your specific needs in the kitchen, a traditional island may not be the most ideal design solution.

That’s where a peninsula might be of interest.

If you remember anything from geography class, then the concept of a peninsula might be somewhat familiar. Specifically, a peninsula is a piece of land that’s bordered by water on three sides but is still connected to a mainland. Can you see how this applies in contrast to a kitchen island?

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A peninsula offers the same advantages of a kitchen island without being free-floating. Instead, one end of the four sides is connected to a wall. And it can be quite advantageous in a number of ways if a traditional island isn’t for you.

Ideal for smaller kitchens
Homeowners that have smaller kitchen spaces to work with should consider a peninsula instead. This is because there’s no need to plan for walking room around all four sides of an island since only three sides are open to the kitchen.

Speaking of an open kitchen…
A peninsula is the perfect option for an open kitchen design. Instead of having a fourth wall, you can introduce the use of a peninsula. By using a peninsula, you’ll be visually and physically separating the kitchen area from the room it opens up to without sacrificing the feeling of an open layout.

Extra Counter and Storage Space  
No matter how you incorporate a peninsula, you’ll be providing the kitchen with more storage and counter space, in some cases even more than a kitchen island could provide. Even a tiny peninsula that juts out in the middle of your kitchen will provide that extra storage and counter space that you need.

Peninsulas will especially benefit smaller kitchens that would otherwise have no space for seating. Even a small peninsula provides space to pull chairs up to for a quick informal meal, or simply space to sit while working in the kitchen.

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A Touch of Style in the Kitchen: Beadboard Details

From Decatur to Dunwoody to Sandy Springs, there are many homes around Atlanta that have been around for decades. And while certain architectural styles, such as Arts and Crafts are rather ubiquitous in the area, it’s possible to update your charming Atlanta home with something refreshing.

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A touch of architectural detail in the kitchen can give the room that final touch that makes it look completely finished and put-together. Beadboard wainscoting is a feature often seen in hallways, bathrooms and main living rooms, but it can also have a place in the kitchen.

Beadboard is a durable and detailed material that can be painted or stained to fit any design scheme. It is easy to install and can fit in a wide variety of design applications.  Often, beadboard is used in the bathroom area and painted with a water-resistant high-gloss paint as an alternative to tile.  The same features of durability and water-resistance that make it an ideal bathroom material also help it to perform well in the kitchen.

There are two main types of beadboard from which to choose. You can install individual boards that fit together with tongue and groove joints or you can opt for entire sheets of pre-manufactured beadboard, where the characteristic joints are simply carved into the wood. Tongue in groove beadboard panels do take longer to install, but they tend to be of a higher quality and many people feel they look much better.  They also have plenty of space to allow for the natural expansion and contraction that occur throughout the seasons.  Panels are more affordable and much easier to install, but its quality is also lower than tongue and groove.

Beadboard has many potential uses in a kitchen.  It can be applied as a backsplash in place of tile, or you can use it on cabinet doors for a more unique look than the popular slab or recessed style doors.  Beadboard can also be used on the kitchen island to create contrast with the other cabinetry, which is currently a very popular kitchen design decision.

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Adding on to Your Atlanta Home: Successfully Blending the Old with the New

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There are a lot of benefits to building an addition to your home. In addition to enjoying more space, which can be quite helpful if your family is growing, you can also reap the rewards of added value to your home if you decide to sell. However, one thing that you should keep in mind when planning your home addition in Atlanta is successfully blending it with the rest of your house.

If your addition stands out from the original house because the style and materials of the addition are completely different than the rest of the house, then it won’t add as much value and it can hurt your curb appeal.  A well-designed addition should look like it’s always been part of the home; for example, if you have an Arts and Crafts style home, then the last thing you want to do is build a contemporary add on. You should use similar windows, roofing, siding and paint color as the rest of the home, and the same goes for the interior of the addition. Using a cohesive interior design in the new part of your home will provide continuity throughout the house.  For example, if you use wood flooring in your original home, your addition should use the same wood flooring with the same stain to look like it was designed at the same time.

You still have plenty of freedom with the design of your home addition. Trying to exactly replicate the rest of your house could result in missing some of the modern-day features that are available. There can be differences between the addition and the home, it’s just important to tie things together using light fixtures, paint and cosmetic details in order to make it look like an addition that has been there for years.

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