Ranch Curb Appeal

Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Older Ranch Style Home

Today we’re going to talk about several ways we can help you update the exterior of your older ranch style home and increase the curb appeal.

  • Front Porch – Everyone needs a great front porch! It adds so much character to the home and makes it feel so inviting. It also gives us an amazing starting point for a decorative entry door with surrounds.
  • Gables – Add character and a craftsman style appeal to your ranch home by slightly remodeling the attic to install gables. They don’t necessarily need to be in a useful area, although we can generally make the attic useful if we add gables to expand the wall height.
  • Gable Roof on the Front Porch – A gable roof on the front porch adds a lot of appeal to any style home. We love using angles that help add interest to the entryway of a home.
  • Wooden Safety Rail on the Front Porch – If your current safety rail is metal, opt for wood for a softer, more appealing appearance.
  • Decorative Entry Door with Surrounds – A new entry door can do wonders for the exterior of your home. Traditional entry doors for a ranch style home were solid panels of either wood or fiberglass and covered with a glass storm door with a screen at the bottom. Sound familiar? Let us show you some amazing door options that will truly make a big difference in the appearance of your home.
  • New Windows – Windows are one of the best things you can do for the appearance of your home. Not only can new windows make a dramatic visual difference, they can also increase the energy efficiency of your home saving you money on your power bills.

Ranch style homes are very popular throughout many Decatur and Atlanta area neighborhoods. We want to make it our mission to help as many homeowners realize their home’s full potential as possible. We truly see the diamond in the rough when we see a lot of local ranch style homes.

In addition to the great ideas listed above, we would like to mention the landscaping. We don’t do the landscaping, but we can offer some great ideas. If you’re ready to remodel the exterior of your ranch style home to improve the curb appeal, or if you would like to talk about a whole home remodeling project, give us a call at Renewal Design-Build at 404-378-6962 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.