Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets that Rock

The design for your kitchen cabinets is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during your kitchen remodeling project. The number of choices and variations in style is astounding. We understand how overwhelming this particular decision can become, so we’ve put together several tips for helping you choose the design that best suits your vision for your new kitchen.

  1. High Quality Construction

Don’t skimp on the quality of the cabinets. High quality wood plus high quality workmanship means you’ve chosen a high quality cabinet that will stand the test of time. Most people remodel the kitchen about every 5-7 years. You don’t want low-quality 3-year cabinets.

  1. The Type of Wood

The type of wood you choose will help determine the overall quality of the cabinets. Pine is a soft wood that will show dings and bumps easily where oak is a dense wood that will look amazing for years to come. Those are not the only two types of wood, of course. The ultimate decision is yours.

  1. Your Specific Storage Needs

Semi-custom and custom cabinets are your best bet when it comes to matching your specific storage needs. Take a good look at how you use your kitchen to determine the size, shape, and location of the cabinets you need. You need extra-wide or extra-tall cabinets if you need to store things like large crock pots, canners, or the large espresso machine you use a couple of times a week, but don’t want it on the countertop all the time.

  1. Explore Features and Finishes

Explore a variety of cabinet features and finishes such as:

  • Artwork and customized etching
  • Dove-tail drawers
  • Soft close drawers and doors
  • Notched cabinet doors
  • Wood stains and finishes
  • Hardware options
  1. Complement Your Home’s Style

Every home has some unique architectural style that should flow throughout the rest of the home. You would expect rustic or rustic-chic cabinets in a cabin, for example.

Remodeling Your Kitchen in Decatur

Take a look at some of the kitchens we’ve improved in the Decatur area, and give us a call at 404-378-6962 if we can help you design your ideal kitchen. We will schedule an onsite consultation so we can see your home and ask some detailed questions about how you use your kitchen. Collect images of kitchens that you love before the consultation so you can show us exactly what you want.