Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal as Spring 2017 Approaches

Days are getting longer and hotter here in the Decatur area. We’re looking forward to all of the lovely colors of spring and summer. We’ve been working on our own curb appeal lately so we decided that would be a good break in blog posts from our usual kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Let us know what you think!

Start with Objectivity

Look at your home like you’ve never seen it before. This is a bit difficult to do because we all want to think our home looks pretty amazing because it’s ours. But look at your home through a stranger’s eyes while you objectively decide what needs to be done to improve curb appeal. Be brutally honest when you ask yourself the following questions:

Is the Siding Faded or Warped? Unsightly siding makes the house look older and less attractive. Wood plank siding needs to be painted about every 3-5 years. If you’re approaching that timeframe, it may be time to paint. Vinyl siding needs to be replaced roughly every 15-20 years.

Does the Entry Door Pop? A bland entry door does nothing for your home. Consider painting it or adding sidelights or transom windows. Add planters, decorative lighting, and change the door hardware as well.

Are the Windows Attractive? Windows need attention year after year. They catch a lot of pollen and dust throughout the year, so multiple cleanings are often required. New windows are like a mini facelift for your home.

Do the Shutters Match or Complement? Many homeowners are opting to remove shutters entirely. Shutters should complement the overall appearance of the home. Consider removing the shutters to repaint them; you may like the way your home looks without them.

Does the Porch Need Paint? The front porch or deck needs to be cleaned and prepared for spring. There are so many things you can do to improve the appearance of your porch and deck while you’re improving curb appeal. Think about new paint, new decorative items, planters, and new porch furniture.

Does My Landscaping Add to or Subtract from My Curb Appeal? Brown and dead plants do nothing to improve the appearance of your home. Remove dead plants promptly and replace them with plants that add color and texture to your landscaping. Add mulch as needed and consider planting trees or other plants while your hands are dirty.

Does My Home Look Inviting? If you were a stranger passing by, would you think your home looks inviting? You don’t want to literally invite every stranger into your home, but you don’t want them to be put off by the appearance of your home either.

How Can I Improve My Home’s Curb Appeal?

You can do several things to improve your home’s curb appeal. Wash, paint, or replace the siding, windows, and porch. Add plants and other attractive elements to the outside of your home. Create a small pond or fountain for ambiance. Take a look at some of the homes we’ve helped improve in the Decatur area, and give us a call at 404-378-6962 if we can help you with your curb appeal for spring 2017.