Benefits of an Open Floor Plan in Your Home



Your floor plan plays a vital role not just in the look of your home’s interior, but also your comfort. It requires some forethought as it will cost you more to change some aspects of the design. In the past many homes had compartments which became designated spaces. These days, more homeowners are showing a preference for fewer walls and dividers. Here are some good reasons for this.

Better interaction

A warmer, more inviting atmosphere is an immediate benefit of having this type of layout. Even in a large room, family members can interact more freely. Essentially, everyone can be in the same room, but still have plenty of personal space, so it will not feel crowded.

More natural lighting

An open layout allows a lot of natural light to fill the space. It will not be hindered by shadows, and the room can feel like a direct connection to the outdoors. This can be enhanced with the installation of a large window or a window wall.

More suitable for entertainment

If you are one of those people who enjoy entertaining guests, this is probably the best setting for different types of gatherings. A large room free of impediments allows guests to move around and mingle as much as they want to. The guests will not be crowded into one area as the traffic will flow easily.

It makes the interior seem larger

You might not have a home that is as large as you want it to be, but with an open layout it will seem more spacious. This is one of the techniques designers use to give homes a more airy feel. Some contractors remove walls for just this reason.

Safer environment

It is easier keep an eye on children if there are no walls in the way. This type of floor plan leads to a safer environment as there is always a clear line of sight. You can watch the kids even when you are doing something else.

Home Interior Remodeling in Atlanta

An open layout is not the right fit for every home. It is impossible to achieve this effect to a great extent in some homes due to the presence of load bearing walls. If you want to open up your home’s interior, your contractor will tell you if this possible, and which walls can be removed safely.

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Amazing Master Bathroom Trends to Keep Your Eyes on through 2017

If building a new bathroom or renovating an existing one is on your schedule for 2017, you want to know the trends that are expected to be hot this year. Many are spillovers from last year. So what are the experts saying about bathrooms?

A Mixture of Material

Combining material for an eclectic blend of old and new is quite trendy. Wood and faux wood will be used to create a warm look. Wooden bench or cabinets complement that natural look that modern bathrooms are aiming for design-wise.

A Touch of Nature

Taking a bit of the outdoors inside is still expected to be a popular trend for bathroom makeovers in 2017. A plant or flower is almost a requirement for the modern bathroom.

Dark Colors

Black and other dark colors will play a big role in design. However, the move towards a combination of black and white is expected to make a big combat. Shades of gray and similar shades will also be popular. For a modern palette, combining black, white and gray is also on the horizon. Bronze and gold for fixtures will take the color scheme up a notch.

The Tub and Vanity

The use of freestanding tub was a big hit for the last few years and is showing no sign of slowing down. Expect to see the tub taking center stage in the bathroom without any distracting elements such a step or other piece of furniture close to it. The style, of course, is as wide as the taste of homeowners. Some freestanding tubs are simple, while others are elaborate with heated back rest.

The same free flowing design will be used for vanities. This design will not only create a look of an airy, more spacious bathroom, but also a modern one. The use of floating vanities will give even the smallest bathroom an illusion o size.


The organization is the buzz word for busy people in today’s constantly on the go generation. This means that bathroom cabinets and storage units are designed so that everything is close at hand and easy to locate. Some storage units for the bathroom include shelves that allow the storage of appliances such as blow-dryers right where there are electrical outlets. No need to move anything, just use and replace.

Decorative Tiles

The use of tiles for the focus wall or just to create a look of elegance will also remain. Dimensional tiles will be especially popular due to their ability to give a room a look of style.

Bathroom Remodeling in Atlanta

Of course, functionality will continue to be a major deciding factor when it comes to bathroom design. Of course, you can incorporate your own ideas with these trends for your own stamp of approval. We can work with you to design and build a bathroom that is chic, trendy, and still have your own personal style.

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Tile Trends that Create a Visual Impact without Destroying the Budget

Whether you’re building a home or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom space, tile can be used in a myriad of ways to create a unique, personalized space. Here are 6 tile trends to create stunning visual impact without destroying your budget.

Brick Design

Like many other industries, certain tile shapes come to the forefront of popular design each season. Brick shaped tiles are modern and timeless, and even with this simple shape the options are exponential. From macro to micro, vintage or clean and modern, polished to rustic, brick tiles are available in almost any color and finish you can imagine.


Chevrons and herringbone are a timeless pattern that never goes out of style. Herringbone and chevron designs are available on scales from thin lines to inches wide allowing you to create the pattern you desire.

Limitless Lines

Endless variations exist on another of the most basic elements of design: the line. Straight lines, intersecting lines, flat or three-dimensional, linear designs can run from the most simple to elaborate, modern to classic. Lines can add movement and depth to any tiled surface.


Tile can be a great place to add a pop of color, but designing in grayscale can add endless sophistication to your space. From cool late tones to blends of grey and beige, there is an entire spectrum of grey available in different shapes and finishes.

Soft Meets Hard

There is something magical about creating a soft design with something hard like tile. Distressed tile that has been sandblasted, tile with the look of fabric, warm and cool shades in soft tones can all create a reprieve from the hard lines often found in tiled surfaces. If your aesthetic is less modern and more classic and homey, the watercolor and velvety textures found in some tiles can bring warmth to your home.

Play with Size

Fragmented patterns on square and rectangle tiles combined to produce large, stunning compositions can create a statement piece in your bath or kitchen.  For something completely modern and new, supersized tiles bring new design possibilities to any home. Large, thin porcelain slabs can be used to cover countertops or to create smooth, stunning wall spaces and backsplashes.

Fun with Tile

The sheer number of options we have with tile allows us to create nearly anything we can imagine. Tile doesn’t have to be terribly expensive to create a truly unique appearance everywhere it is used. Many of the kitchens and bathrooms we’ve remodeled have included intricate and creative tile work. Take a look at the examples of our work in those links and let us know what you think.

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Take these Bathroom Design Ideas to Heart when Designing Your New Master Suite

Your master bedroom is your retreat, and for many people, one of the most important rooms in their home. Making the most of your space and creating a sanctuary that fits your needs is especially important in such a personal space. Here are some great ideas for making your master bedroom divine.

Earthy and Natural

Creating a green, earth-friendly space in your home is easier than ever. Begin with a low VOC paint and decorate the space with a mixture of organic fabrics and recycled carpeting or reclaimed wood floors. You can create a peaceful vibe by bringing in lots of natural light and adding potted or hanging plants.

Island Breezy

Why not create a serene space for yourself inspired by luxury spas and island breezes? Light, flowing draperies allow for an airy feel.  Keep the palate light and soft, and add candles and a white noise machine for ultimate relaxation. If you’ve got space, the addition of a beautiful, high end soaking tub can take a spa-like bedroom to the next level.

Shimmer & Shine

If you’re looking for something a bit more decadent, bring some shimmer to your room by incorporating metallic elements. Choose a comforter with shimmer or shine that picks up the light, and accent it with pillows with metallic thread woven in. Bring in mirrors to bounce the light, and add metallic accents with dresser pulls and other hardware.

Timeless Taste

Some master bedrooms have more space than we can figure out what to do with. Why not create a tasteful space that meets whatever needs you have? Adding a sitting area or a desk to your master suite can be the perfect way to utilize the space to the maximum potential. Add custom cabinetry and trim, or a loveseat to curl up and read.

International Inspiration

Get inspired by travel or family heritage and create a space that reflects your international roots. Hand carved wood floors, moldings, and art from the country you’re reminiscing about can create a charming Old World space for you to enjoy.

Master Suite Remodeling in Atlanta

The master suite should flow effortlessly from area to area regardless of the number of individual areas. You may decide you need a library nook for all of those hardback books, a seating area for lounging alone or with your partner, and of course the bedroom, bathroom, and spacious walk-in closet. Let our design experts show you how we can remodel your master suite to create your personal sanctuary.

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Creative Kitchen Backsplash Designs that Make a Statement

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in many homes. We socialize there, create meals for our family and guests, and often enjoy meals there. Though a great kitchen design begins with necessities, creating a space that captures your unique design style is possible. Here are some ideas for creating a creative kitchen backsplash that adds interest and personality.

Using glass as a backsplash in a contemporary kitchen design adds interest and creates a modern feel. Sheets of custom cut ultra-clear glass allow for almost endless possibilities. Custom wallpaper with your favorite recipes, labels from your favorite foods, or nearly anything else can create the perfect backdrop for your backsplash.

Using non-traditional materials is another great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen. If you’re looking for something shimmery, tiling the wall with pennies covered in a layer of epoxy can create a fun visual with a reclaimed vibe.

Perhaps your personality is a little bit more colorful – why not create a one of a kind whimsical backsplash with buttons? Cute, colorful, unique buttons can be found in bulk at garage sales, craft stores, and thrift stores, and attached to the wall with double-sided adhesive. Once in place, they can be grouted just like normal tile for a uniform surface that’s easier to wipe down.

For wine lovers, what better way to customize your kitchen than with a statement backsplash constructed with corks? You can use corks saved from your favorite bottles or favorite wineries to create a unique backsplash your friends are sure to admire.

Even if traditional materials are more your speed, there are lots of ways to create a beautiful, unique design using them. In a contemporary kitchen, one way to add dramatic interest is with texture. For a kitchen backsplash with a wow factor, woven copper can be beautiful and create conversation. Using strips of copper in a basket weave pattern will add shine, kept beautiful with a sealant to prevent patina from developing.

Using tile to create a custom patterned backsplash can be a great way to customize a kitchen. A simple geometric pattern like stripes, diamonds, or chevrons can add interest and with different widths and colors of tile, the options are limitless.

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Consider these Amazing Bathroom Ideas to Create a Stunning Visual Appeal

For many homeowners, the master bath is where every day begins and ends. It’s not just a utilitarian space, it’s a sanctuary in which to relax and unwind. Whether you’re planning the master suite in a new home construction or remodeling your current en-suite, here are some amazing ideas for creating a stunning space you’ll enjoy.

Integrated Vanity Lighting

Mirrors with integrated adjustable LED lighting are a great addition to any bathroom. Adjustable light means saying goodbye to harsh shadows and unflattering angles, creating a perfect space to prepare yourself for the world.

Open Showers

Creating a glass enclosed shower is a great way to open up a bathroom space that’s smaller than you’d hope. Adding a luxury shower head creates a stylish and comfortable space and an open feel in your master bath.

Double Sinks

Luxury and satisfaction can come in the form of side-by-side sinks. There’s something comforting about having your own space. Not only that, but it allows for the bathroom to be used by more people at once, making prep time that much easier.

Heated Towel Rack

What could be more luxurious than stepping out of the shower on a cold day to a warm, cozy towel? Heated towel racks keep towels warm, as well as helping them dry and stay fresh after your bath or shower. Having them wall mounted saves space and creates an upscale vibe.

Walk-in Closet

At first thought, having a walk-in closet in your bathroom may seem unusual. However, having a walk-in that connects your master bedroom and bathroom can be ideal, creating a seamless morning experience.

Deep Soaking Tub

The shower is great for everyday use, but sometimes you need a bit more relaxation and serenity. A deep soaking bathtub is a must-have for creating a spa-like retreat right in your own home. Whether you choose a free-standing bathtub or a sunken tub, a deep model with space on the rim for candles, aromatherapy, or a glass of your favorite wine is the perfect addition.

Sauna or Steam Shower

Even in hot climates, a sauna or steam shower is a wonderful addition to your master bathroom. A sauna creates a relaxing space to detoxify and leave cares behind.

Bathroom Design and Remodeling

Master bath remodeling is one of our specialties here at Renewal Design Build. We’ve helped many Decatur area homeowners create a bathroom fit for a king. Visit us on Facebook or Twitter to see what we’re doing or if we have any specials going for kitchen or bathroom remodeling. Contact us using our contact form, or call us at 404-378-6962 to schedule an appointment for a consultation if you’re in Decatur or the surrounding areas and would like to remodel with us.

Renewal Design-Build, Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q and Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q Teaming Up to Feed 1,000+ Homeless in Atlanta


On Wednesday, November 23 starting at 11 am, over 1,000 homeless people in Atlanta will enjoy a pre-Thanksgiving day feast at an event called The Day Before. The meals will be served at the Our House shelter located at 173 Boulevard NE, Atlanta, GA 30312 and at the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless located at 477 Peachtree Street, NE, Atlanta, GA 30308.

Three local companies have teamed up to create and coordinate this event including: Renewal Design-Build of Decatur, Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q of Atlanta and Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q of Atlanta who will be cooking and serving traditional Thanksgiving meals. Sysco Atlanta generously donated all 80 turkeys for the event. Additional funds raised will be used to purchase socks, hats and clothing for the homeless.

“It’s a great feeling to help those in need,” says David Michelson, President of Renewal Design-Build. “We are passionate about our commitment to our community, and we welcome opportunities to pitch in and help. It’s been gratifying to see other companies so eager to join in and make this a bigger and better event. We also hope to raise awareness so more individuals and companies get involved and make a difference in our community.”


Event History:

Two years ago, Anthony Hamilton, Jobsite Ambassador with Renewal Design-Build, organized an event to feed 500 people in Atlanta. He collected donations from employees and clients. When he started to organize the event again this year, he mentioned it to Mike Hufler, a partner with Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q. Hufler got excited and reached out to Jeremy Chambers, owner of the Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q in Atlanta, and Jonathan Fox, owner of Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q, who both readily agreed to help.

Here is a link to an 11 Alive feature about Anthony Hamilton and the 2014 event he coordinated:

Hamilton created the family tradition of feeding the homeless the day before Thanksgiving years ago. “My inspiration for the event came from memories of my own childhood and knowing what it was like to be hungry and in need,” said Hamilton. “I was helped by many good people along the way, and I wanted to instill the value of caring for others in my two sons. You never know when you may be on the other end and need a helping hand.”

ABOUT Fox Bros. BAR-B-Q:

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q is an award-winning barbecue restaurant located just south of Little Five Points in Atlanta. They are known for their unique Southern-style barbecue with a Texas flair. The Fox brothers developed a sauce that mixes the flavors of Texas with the heat of the South. It’s a tomato-based sauce with a hefty splash of vinegar and a southern sweetness, with a subtle blast of Texas heat. We call it “Sweet with Heat.” Today Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q has become an Atlanta staple, with favorites like the renowned Beef Brisket and the Smoked Wing Basket. Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q has been featured on Good Day Atlanta, CBS Better Mornings, The Weather Channel, TLC and Fox News. For more information and reservations please call 404-577-4030 or visit Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q is located at 1238 DeKalb Ave. Atlanta Ga. 30307. Connect with Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q on Facebook at or on Twitter @FoxBrosBarBQ.

ABOUT Jim ‘N Nick’s Community Bar-B-Q:

Jim ‘N Nick’s started cooking pork “low and slow” in 1985 when Nick, along with his dad Jim, reclaimed an old pizza parlour on Clairmont Avenue in Birmingham, AL where they opened the first Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q. Thirty years later, with 34 restaurants in 7 states, Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q has become a Southern institution.

Jim ‘N Nick’s specializes in Hickory Smoked BBQ and Southern Food in a made-from-scratch, fresh daily kitchen.  We are proud to say we don’t have freezers. For us it’s about great food and technique rooted in tradition and hospitality that reflects our care for our staff and our guests with friendly service and Southern Hospitality. Local owners are taught the recipes and techniques, which they then pass on to the cooks and pitmasters in each location. Jim ‘N Nick’s has been supporting its local communities since 1985.  Jim ‘N Nick’s Atlanta is located at 4574 S Cobb Dr, Smyrna, GA 30082.  Connect with Jim ‘N Nick’s on Facebook at or on Twitter @JimNNicksBBQ.

About Renewal Design-Build: 

Celebrating 15 years of service to Atlanta, Renewal Design-Build is a full-service design-build firm specializing in the renovation of older homes. Renewal delivers Atlanta’s best home renovation experience with inspiring design and excellent craftsmanship that exceeds expectations. They renew homes and lives with concierge service and an on-time, on-budget guarantee. Renewal offers a wide variety of remodeling services – from kitchens and master baths, to additions and whole-house renovations.

Founded in 2001, Renewal Design-Build has earned more than 80 prestigious national and local design, construction and customer service awards. What they value even more are the accolades they earn every day from their clients. To learn more about why Renewal’s clients consistently rate them as market leaders in customer satisfaction, please call 404-378-6962 or visit them online at

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Twitter: @renewaldb

Creating the Luxurious Kitchen of Your Dreams


Everyone deserves to have a luxurious kitchen and if your kitchen space is too small, cramped or outdated, we can help you change it into the space of your dreams. It may be as simple as a remodel or it may take a little more time with a complete renovation, but in the end, you will be amazed with the results.

Here are 8 ideas for your new luxurious kitchen:

  1. We can create a layout that will work perfectly with your current and future needs. You will be able to choose the open floor plan that works best for you.
  2. We recommend installing custom cabinets, because it will enhance the architectural beauty of the space. These cabinets can be installed in every available space to increase the storage and functionality of your kitchen.
  3. Upper cabinets can be used to hide all of your countertop appliances and they can even be built so that the appliance slides out on a shelf.
  4. Adding an island is a wonderful way to add not only storage, but work space and seating as well. We recommend adding a sink to the island for additional convenience when cooking.
  5. New appliances can complete the look of any kitchen and many of the newer models allow you to access them with your smartphone. We know that you will love the convenience of being able to see what is inside your refrigerator from the store or turning on the oven before you arrive home at night.
  6. If you have never had enough outlets in your kitchen, then we recommend that you have under cabinet outlets installed. This will give you more options when you need to plug something in, but the outlets will not distract from the overall design of the kitchen.
  7. Granite and quartz countertops are a nice addition to any kitchen, but you may decide to get a little more extravagant if you bake quite frequently. Marble is a good choice for bakers, because the material is perfect for rolling out pie crusts and cookie dough.
  8. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you may want to consider extending your kitchen outside. A renovation can include the space outside and you can create the outdoor kitchen that fits your needs. There will be no need for you to continuously go in and out of the house while you are entertaining family and friends.

There is no limit as to what your luxury kitchen can look like and we can assist you in turning your dreams into a reality. Call us at 404-378-6962 and we’ll schedule an appointment to begin the kitchen design process with you.

Choosing the Best Countertop for Your Newly Renovated Kitchen

Poncey-Highland Traditional

You have been busy planning your kitchen remodel and while you have made many decisions, there is still at least one more that you need to make. You will need to decide which type of countertop is best for the beautiful kitchen you have designed. This can be a difficult decision, because there are so many different materials and colors available.

Here are 7 of the best countertops for you to choose from:


Granite seems to be the most popular choice when it comes to kitchen counters, because it is available in many different colors and patterns. It is also easy to clean and will not get damaged easily by knifes and heat. You will need to have sturdy cabinets installed to support the weight of the granite and it will need to be sealed at least once a year to avoid getting stained.


Marble countertops add a look of elegance to a kitchen and it will not get damaged from hot pans. However, it will scratch, chip and stain quite easily even with frequent sealing. We recommend installing this in areas that will be used for baking.


Tile countertops can be used in any kitchen and the tiles can survive the abuse of hot pans and knives. These countertops can be difficult to keep clean especially in between the tiles and care must be taken to not let moisture seep underneath. If a few tiles do happen to crack or break over time, they are simple to replace.

Natural Stone

If you are looking for a natural stone option for your countertop, we recommend soapstone. The color of the soapstone is often a medium gray but it darkens to a deeper color with time. This type of counter will need more preventative maintenance than others since it needs to be polished with oil to keep it in excellent condition. It is naturally rough, so dishes and glasses may scratch easily if knocked against it.

Stainless Steel

A nearly destructible option for your kitchen is stainless steel. Stainless steel can easily be wiped free of germs and bacteria, but fingerprints will be noticeable throughout the day. It can also get dented if something heavy gets dropped on it.

Custom Concrete

An industrial option for kitchens is a concrete counter. These counters can be customized with rocks, shells, and fragments of glass for a unique look. Just like granite, you will need sturdy cabinets under the counters and it will need to be sealed often.

Butcher Block

Butcher block counters have a wonderful natural appearance that will change after use and time. Unfortunately, it needs to be disinfected frequently and will need to be oiled to protect the surface.

Making the Decision

One of these countertops will be perfect for your newly renovated kitchen; you just need to decide which one it is. Make sure that you consider what you will use it for not only now, but in the future, so that you can make the best decision possible. We will go through a personalized checklist with you to help you choose the best countertop for your kitchen. Give us a call at 404-378-6962 and we’ll start the design process with you.

7 Items that Every Luxury Bathroom Needs


Your bathroom is one of the rooms that you would love to spend more time in if it looked and felt more like a spa instead of a boring room. We can help you turn that boring space into a luxurious spa-like bathroom that will rival any fancy resort and spa. Here are 7 items that every luxurious bathroom needs:


Lighting is very important in a bathroom, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be boring. You can add some style and flair by hanging a gorgeous chandelier over your bathtub. Imagine sitting in a warm bubble bath under the soft glow of the light. We can even install a dimmer switch for the chandelier, so that you can control how bright the light is.

Towel Warmers

There is nothing better than wrapping up in a warm towel after a shower and this can easily be achieved by installing a towel warming rack or drawer. You can even warm your robe and slippers to ensure you’re wrapped in warmth from head to toe after the shower.

Sink and Vanity

Sinks are available in many different designs and there is no reason why you need to choose one that fits inside the counter of your vanity. You can add elegance and charm by having a white marble vessel sink that sits on top of the vanity installed with the faucet extending out of the wall.

Heated Toilet Seat

We often see cool weather during the winter months here in the north of Atlanta. You will never have to worry about how chilly it is when you use the bathroom at night if you have us install a heated toilet seat.

Heated Flooring

Tile gets cold even in warm weather. The winter months often drop down into the 50s here in the Decatur area, so heated flooring is truly a luxury that should not be overlooked. Heated floors are another option for luxurious bathrooms and you will never have to worry about stepping on cold tiles ever again.

Smart Showers

Imagine being able to turn your shower on from your bed in the morning and having the water at the perfect temperature as you are stepping in. This is possible with newer smart showerheads and most offer a variety of settings whether you need a massaging shower or a relaxing soaking shower.

High End Materials

Create a high-end luxury bathroom with high quality materials and you’re sure to enjoy the lasting results. We always recommend using high quality materials in a luxury bathroom remodeling project because true luxury means a long lasting finished product. Marble, for example, lasts longer and maintains its beauty longer than tile or granite and real wood maintains its value better than cheaper particle board furnishings.

Designing a luxurious bathroom is very easy and we can assist you with the process. Call us at 404-378-6962 to talk about the ideas we mentioned here or to give us your own ideas about luxury bathroom remodeling. We’ll schedule an appointment with you to hash out the details and get started building your perfect bathroom.