Benefits of an Open Floor Plan in Your Home



Your floor plan plays a vital role not just in the look of your home’s interior, but also your comfort. It requires some forethought as it will cost you more to change some aspects of the design. In the past many homes had compartments which became designated spaces. These days, more homeowners are showing a preference for fewer walls and dividers. Here are some good reasons for this.

Better interaction

A warmer, more inviting atmosphere is an immediate benefit of having this type of layout. Even in a large room, family members can interact more freely. Essentially, everyone can be in the same room, but still have plenty of personal space, so it will not feel crowded.

More natural lighting

An open layout allows a lot of natural light to fill the space. It will not be hindered by shadows, and the room can feel like a direct connection to the outdoors. This can be enhanced with the installation of a large window or a window wall.

More suitable for entertainment

If you are one of those people who enjoy entertaining guests, this is probably the best setting for different types of gatherings. A large room free of impediments allows guests to move around and mingle as much as they want to. The guests will not be crowded into one area as the traffic will flow easily.

It makes the interior seem larger

You might not have a home that is as large as you want it to be, but with an open layout it will seem more spacious. This is one of the techniques designers use to give homes a more airy feel. Some contractors remove walls for just this reason.

Safer environment

It is easier keep an eye on children if there are no walls in the way. This type of floor plan leads to a safer environment as there is always a clear line of sight. You can watch the kids even when you are doing something else.

Home Interior Remodeling in Atlanta

An open layout is not the right fit for every home. It is impossible to achieve this effect to a great extent in some homes due to the presence of load bearing walls. If you want to open up your home’s interior, your contractor will tell you if this possible, and which walls can be removed safely.

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