Amazing Master Bathroom Trends to Keep Your Eyes on through 2017

If building a new bathroom or renovating an existing one is on your schedule for 2017, you want to know the trends that are expected to be hot this year. Many are spillovers from last year. So what are the experts saying about bathrooms?

A Mixture of Material

Combining material for an eclectic blend of old and new is quite trendy. Wood and faux wood will be used to create a warm look. Wooden bench or cabinets complement that natural look that modern bathrooms are aiming for design-wise.

A Touch of Nature

Taking a bit of the outdoors inside is still expected to be a popular trend for bathroom makeovers in 2017. A plant or flower is almost a requirement for the modern bathroom.

Dark Colors

Black and other dark colors will play a big role in design. However, the move towards a combination of black and white is expected to make a big combat. Shades of gray and similar shades will also be popular. For a modern palette, combining black, white and gray is also on the horizon. Bronze and gold for fixtures will take the color scheme up a notch.

The Tub and Vanity

The use of freestanding tub was a big hit for the last few years and is showing no sign of slowing down. Expect to see the tub taking center stage in the bathroom without any distracting elements such a step or other piece of furniture close to it. The style, of course, is as wide as the taste of homeowners. Some freestanding tubs are simple, while others are elaborate with heated back rest.

The same free flowing design will be used for vanities. This design will not only create a look of an airy, more spacious bathroom, but also a modern one. The use of floating vanities will give even the smallest bathroom an illusion o size.


The organization is the buzz word for busy people in today’s constantly on the go generation. This means that bathroom cabinets and storage units are designed so that everything is close at hand and easy to locate. Some storage units for the bathroom include shelves that allow the storage of appliances such as blow-dryers right where there are electrical outlets. No need to move anything, just use and replace.

Decorative Tiles

The use of tiles for the focus wall or just to create a look of elegance will also remain. Dimensional tiles will be especially popular due to their ability to give a room a look of style.

Bathroom Remodeling in Atlanta

Of course, functionality will continue to be a major deciding factor when it comes to bathroom design. Of course, you can incorporate your own ideas with these trends for your own stamp of approval. We can work with you to design and build a bathroom that is chic, trendy, and still have your own personal style.

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