10 of the Hottest Trends in Kitchen Backsplash Design

Your kitchen says a lot about your sense of style, and the backsplash is one of the areas that highlights this the most. If you don’t have one, this is a good way to add some life to the kitchen wall. It often becomes a focal point in the space, so take a look at some of these trends if you want to make a big statement.

  1. Wood mosaic. The tones and patterns of mosaic wood tiles offers the perfect balance to stainless steel and marble. You can achieve this look with reclaimed wood to save on your kitchen remodel.
  2. Blue tiles. Blue is a trendy color for kitchens right now, and this applies to the backsplash as well. Blue works well with a variety of different colors and materials and the right shade can add some energy to the space.
  3. Embossed concrete. The elaborate patterns of embossed concrete add a classic touch to the kitchen. It works well in kitchens with a lot of natural wood, and it is perfect for a kitchen with an antique decor.
  4. Tin sheets. This is another pattern rich option that adds character to the space. This was most commonly used for ceilings in the past, but it is becoming a popular backsplash option.
  5. Subway tiles. For decades, people have admired the neat look of subway tiles. White is widely used in the kitchen, but you can experiment with other colors or mix and match them.
  6. Stainless steel. Most people who choose this material appreciate its low maintenance nature. It can add a modern touch to the kitchen, and it strikes a good balance with other materials.
  7. Glass tiles. These can be used in various rooms, and in the kitchen the light bouncing off them creates an interesting visual. Choose iridescent glass tiles for a dazzling effect.
  8. Ceramic tiles. A big advantage of these tiles is that the options are so extensive that you can find something to suit any décor and theme.
  9. The beauty and texture of this material is a great rustic backdrop to natural wood, and in any kitchen with a nature theme.
  10. Translucent agate. This will give the kitchen a distinctive look with its unusual patterns. The eye-catching look is sure to be a conversation piece.

For a daring look you can try mixing different materials in the kitchen. Make sure you choose a material that does not stain easily and is low maintenance. The backsplash was originally designed to be utilitarian over stylish because it protects the paint behind the stove. Give us a call at 404-378-6962 if you plan to add a kitchen backsplash and would like help with the design or choosing the best materials.