Take these Bathroom Design Ideas to Heart when Designing Your New Master Suite

Your master bedroom is your retreat, and for many people, one of the most important rooms in their home. Making the most of your space and creating a sanctuary that fits your needs is especially important in such a personal space. Here are some great ideas for making your master bedroom divine.

Earthy and Natural

Creating a green, earth-friendly space in your home is easier than ever. Begin with a low VOC paint and decorate the space with a mixture of organic fabrics and recycled carpeting or reclaimed wood floors. You can create a peaceful vibe by bringing in lots of natural light and adding potted or hanging plants.

Island Breezy

Why not create a serene space for yourself inspired by luxury spas and island breezes? Light, flowing draperies allow for an airy feel.  Keep the palate light and soft, and add candles and a white noise machine for ultimate relaxation. If you’ve got space, the addition of a beautiful, high end soaking tub can take a spa-like bedroom to the next level.

Shimmer & Shine

If you’re looking for something a bit more decadent, bring some shimmer to your room by incorporating metallic elements. Choose a comforter with shimmer or shine that picks up the light, and accent it with pillows with metallic thread woven in. Bring in mirrors to bounce the light, and add metallic accents with dresser pulls and other hardware.

Timeless Taste

Some master bedrooms have more space than we can figure out what to do with. Why not create a tasteful space that meets whatever needs you have? Adding a sitting area or a desk to your master suite can be the perfect way to utilize the space to the maximum potential. Add custom cabinetry and trim, or a loveseat to curl up and read.

International Inspiration

Get inspired by travel or family heritage and create a space that reflects your international roots. Hand carved wood floors, moldings, and art from the country you’re reminiscing about can create a charming Old World space for you to enjoy.

Master Suite Remodeling in Atlanta

The master suite should flow effortlessly from area to area regardless of the number of individual areas. You may decide you need a library nook for all of those hardback books, a seating area for lounging alone or with your partner, and of course the bedroom, bathroom, and spacious walk-in closet. Let our design experts show you how we can remodel your master suite to create your personal sanctuary.

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