Why Design-Build

Watch our video for an overview of how we work

Design-Build is a team approach to the remodeling process, when one company is responsible for your project’s design and construction. There are many benefits to having your project designed and built by Renewal:

Communication. Renewal  takes care of your project from the very beginning, resulting in a strong relationship and clear understanding of your wants and needs.

Quality. As a result of the exceptional communication and the expertise of our project designers and builders, you receive quality craftsmanship that fits your needs and personal style.

Time and cost savings. A study covering 351 commercial projects showed that the design-build method reduced total project costs by 6% and that delivery time improved by 33%. Your Renewal team works together to make sure your project’s budget and timeline are honored. In addition, working with Renewal allows you the benefit of knowing your project cost throughout the design process, not after the design has been completed.

Convenience. Because your designer and builder are on the same team, you don’t have to juggle multiple companies. For design feedback, change orders, budgeting, or billing, Renewal is your one-stop source for information.

Since 2001 we have completed hundreds of home remodeling projects and earned more than 50 awards for design, craftsmanship and customer service.